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name and Charlie
Born Beau De Glen Lipscomb near Navasota, Texas, United States, he as a youth took the name of ' Mance ' from a friend of his oldest brother Charlie (" Mance " being short for emancipation ).
According to Bill Libby's Book, Charlie O and the Angry A's, owner Charlie O. Finley banned the word " Athletics " from the club's name because he felt that name was too closely associated with former Philadelphia Athletics owner Connie Mack, and he wanted the name " Oakland A's " to become just as closely associated with him.
In the Peanuts comic strip from the 1960s and 1970s, Charlie Brown tries to write to a pen pal using a fountain pen but after several literally " botched " attempts, Charlie switches to using a pencil and referring to his penpal as his " pencil-pal ", with his first letter to his " pencil-pal " explaining the reason for the name change.
Guaraldi went on to compose scores for seventeen Peanuts television specials, plus the feature film A Boy Named Charlie Brown as well as the unaired television program of the same name.
He has also acted as Narrator to the AudioNovel version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and Waddlesworth the parrot in 102 Dalmatians and the video game of the same name.
Emilio Estévez and his sister Renee chose not to take their father Martin Sheen ’ s professional name and use their birth names ; however, their brother Carlos chose to use their father's professional name, and took the name Charlie Sheen.
Ramón Estévez changed his name to Martin Sheen because he expected a better reception for an Irish name than a Spanish name ; his sons made divergent choices: Carlos Irwin Estévez is now Charlie Sheen, while Emilio Estévez left his name unchanged.
All but one decided to keep their own names when they began acting – Carlos made the decision to use his father's stage name, and is known as Charlie Sheen.
Charlie Oakley is traveling on the train under the assumed name of Otis.
Other non-Disney films over the years have included Little Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Another Cinderella Story and Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown just to name a few.
" The name " Charlie " also appeared in the lyrics for " Flowers for Charlie " and " No Confidence Man ".
* After Hours ( c. 1941, issued 1973 under Charlie Christian's name )

name and Chaplin
In particular, it wanted MI5 to find out where Chaplin was born and pursue suggestions that his real name was Israel Thornstein.
The original studio of that name was founded in 1919 by D. W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks.
Schenck also formed a separate partnership with Pickford and Chaplin to buy and build theaters under the United Artists name.
Charlie ( who reveals his full name to be Charlie Chaplin, another anachronism because the movie is actually set 2 years prior to Chaplin's birth ) breaks them out, and they go to Queen Victoria's Jubilee Ball, where the Royal Family will be.
He first used City Lights — in homage to the Chaplin film — in 1952 as the title of a magazine, publishing early work by such key Bay Area writers as Philip Lamantia, Pauline Kael, Jack Spicer, Robert Duncan, and Ferlinghetti himself, as “ Lawrence Ferling .” A year later, Martin used the name to establish the first all-paperback bookstore in the U. S., at the time an audacious idea.
In fact, among the young comedians who worked for him were Charlie Chaplin and Arthur Jefferson, who later adopted the name of Stan Laurel.
The film Ahí está el detalle in 1940 made Cantinflas a household name and became known as the " Mexican Charlie Chaplin ".
The name " Slowdive " was inspired by a dream Nick Chaplin experienced.
In his time Hayakawa was as well known and popular as Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks although today his name is mostly unknown to the general public.
In 1910, with the stage name of " Stan Jefferson ", he joined Fred Karno's troupe of actors, which also included a young Charlie Chaplin.
Some early accounts describing the region state that the name " Old Wives Lake " was originally applied to both the lake that currently bears that name and to nearby Chaplin Lake.
Explorer John Rae, who accompanied the expedition, named area lakes in honor of its members: The lake now called Old Wives Lake became Johnstone Lake and Chaplin Lake received the name by which it is still known.
Observer is a hyperintelligent, psychic alien from a planet of fellow aliens confusingly sharing the name " Observer " ( the other two who appeared in the show were played by Michael J. Nelson and Paul Chaplin ).
Years later, it was adapted into a 1969 film of the same name, written and directed by Jerome Epstein and starring Milo O ' Shea, Phyllis Diller, Billie Whitelaw and Sydney Chaplin.
Dryden often concealed this information, preferring to be judged on his own abilities, rather than on his uncle's name He moved to Los Angeles as an infant, when his father went to work as an assistant director for Chaplin.
United Artists Theaters has its roots in the movie studio of the same name founded by Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, and D. W. Griffith, but legally has always been separate from it.
Joseph Schenck was brought in to become UA's president in 1924 ; as part of the deal, Schenck entered into a partnership with Chaplin and Pickford to buy and construct theatres using UA's name.
As late as the 1910s, stars as famous as Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin were not known by name to moviegoers.
The name of " Monsieur Hulot " is believed to echo " Charlot ," the French name for Charlie Chaplin ’ s character The Tramp.
Charlie Chaplin derived A Dog ’ s Life ( 1918 ) from Limehouse Nights, and Burke ’ s book Twinkletoes ( 1926 ) was made into a movie of the same name, starring Colleen Moore, Tully Marshall, Gladys Brockwell, Lucien Littlefield, and Warner Oland, directed by Charles Brabin.
" The band's name may also refer to a Ralph Chaplin quote from " Solidarity Forever ": " What force on Earth can be weaker than the feeble strength of one?
Chaplin accused her of infidelity, and, though he would not name her lover publicly, Alla Nazimova was suspected.

name and was
That girl last night, what was her name??
For a blood-chilling ring of terror to the very sound of his name was the tool he needed for the job he'd promised to do.
No man's name brought more cheers when it was announced in a rodeo.
My lovely caller -- Joyce Holland was her name -- had previously done three filmed commercials for zing, and this evening, the fourth, a super production, had been filmed at the home of Louis Thor.
Her name was L'Turu and she told me many things.
Bill Doolin's ambition, it appeared, was to carve out his name with bullets alongside those of Jesse James and Billy the Kid, and Bill Tilghman had sworn he would stop him.
Miss Langford ( her first name was Evelyn ) was an attractive girl.
The difference came down to this: The Southern States insisted that the United States was, in last analysis, what its name implied -- a Union of States.
I was having lunch not long ago ( apologies to N. V. Peale ) with three distinguished historians ( one specializing in the European Middle Ages, one in American history, and one in the Far East ), and I asked them if they could name instances where the general mores had been radically changed with `` deliberate speed, majestic instancy '' ( Francis Thompson's words for the Hound Of Heaven's Pursuit ) by judicial fiat.
Neither was Henrietta hoydenish like Jo, who frankly wished she were a boy and had deliberately shortened her name, which, like Henrietta's, was the feminine form of a boy's name.
But neither was Lilian her baptismal name.
Though she did not then know its name, this strange new fruit was a banana.
It seems to me now, in a long backward glance, that many of the Hetman's conceits and odd actions -- together with his grim posture when brandishing the hatchet in the name of Mr. Hearst -- were keyed with the tragedy which was to close over him one day.
An accompanying sympathetic letter explained that inside the envelope was a name for Mrs. Coolidge's first granddaughter.
The name inside the envelope was `` Cynthia ''.
Her name was Esther Peter.
Pike was stunned by the first blast against his character, which was published in the March 4th issue of The Gazette under the name `` Vale ''.
Under Fosdick the first executive officer of the CTCA was Richard Byrd, whose name in later years was to become synonymous with activities at the polar antipodes.
I had had my name taken out of the telephone book, and this was partly because of a convict who had been discharged from Sing Sing and who called me night after night.

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