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new and Collaborative
The plan has brought about another wave of campus constructions, including the erection the newly renamed Bioscience Research Collaborative building ( intended to foster collaboration with the adjacent Texas Medical Center ), a new recreational center and renovated basketball stadium, and the addition of two new residential colleges, Duncan College and McMurtry College.
Edison opened a new, addition to its campus during 2007, completed by The Collaborative Inc., architects, landscape architects and interior designers in Toledo.
Among the new centers and institutes for applied research established since 1979 were the Irrigation Training and Research Center, the Environmental Biotechnology Institute, the Dairy Products Technology Center, the Collaborative Agent Design ( CAD ) Research Center, and the Brock Institute for Agricultural Communication.
Collaborative filters are expected to increase diversity because they help us discover new products among myriad choices.
The new plaza named Teluscape Exploration Plaza was designed by Reich + Petch Architects and EDA Collaborative.
Collaborative intelligence is a measure of capacity of a group, whether small and co-located or large and distributed, to innovate, solve problems, and achieve new discoveries.
< BR > Collaborative Problem-solving — working together in teams, formal and informal, to complete tasks and develop new knowledge ( such as through Wikipedia, alternative reality gaming, spoiling ).

new and Research
Research indicates that this legend is mostly untrue, and that the new name was a play on the name of the Boston Braves, then known as the " Miracle Braves " after going from last place on July 4 to a sweep in the 1914 World Series.
Engelbart recruited a research team in his new Augmentation Research Center ( ARC, the lab he founded at SRI ), and became the driving force behind the design and development of the oN-Line System ( NLS ).
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ( DARPA ) is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of new technologies for use by the military.
Research in which a parallel phylogeny of bacteria and insects was inferred supports the belief that the primary endosymbionts are transferred only vertically ( i. e. from the mother ), and not horizontally ( i. e. by escaping the host and entering a new host ).
During World War II, he worked for the Admiralty Research Laboratory, from which emerged a group of many notable scientists, including David Bates, Robert Boyd, George Deacon, John Gunn, Harrie Massey, and Nevill Mott ; he worked on the design of magnetic and acoustic mines, and was instrumental in designing a new mine that was effective against German minesweepers.
For example, Graffiti Research Lab has encouraged the use of projected images and magnetic light-emitting diodes as new media for graffiti writers.
* Helen de Vine – A new Research Fellow at Shrewsbury College
While a member of the Institute of Social Research, Marcuse developed a model for critical social theory, created a theory of the new stage of state and monopoly capitalism, described the relationships between philosophy, social theory, and cultural criticism, and provided an analysis and critique of German fascism.
His first major recognition came with the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado ; his new stature led to his selection as chief architect for the John F. Kennedy Library in Massachusetts.
Pei was able to return to hands-on design when he was approached in 1961 by Walter Orr Roberts to design the new Mesa Laboratory for the National Center for Atmospheric Research outside Boulder, Colorado.
( 1982 ) " Geoffrey de Clinton and Roger, earl of Warwick: new men and magnates in the reign of Henry I ," in Historical Research, 60 ( 1982 ).
This new spot was named the HMRG ( Hawaii Mapping Research Group ) Deep, after the group of scientists who discovered it.
While Nintendo's Research & Development 3 division ( R & D3 ) was focused on developing the Nintendo 64, the other two engineering units were free to experiment with new product ideas.
On his return he established a private medical practice and small laboratory in Berlin-Steglitz, and in 1891 received a call from Robert Koch to join the staff at his Berlin Institute of Infectious Diseases, where in 1896 a new institute was established for Ehrlich ’ s specialization, the Institute for Serum Research and Testing ( Institut für Serumforschung und Serumprüfung ), whose director he became.
Five years after the early Able space probe missions ended, NASA Ames Research Center used the Pioneer name for a new series of missions, initially aimed at the inner solar system, before the bold flyby missions to Jupiter and Saturn.
Research and experimental development is formal work undertaken systematically to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of humanity, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications ( OECD ( 2002 ) Frascati Manual: proposed standard practice for surveys on research and experimental development, 6th edition.
The first reliable scholarly reference to rockets in China occurs in the Ko Chieh Ching Yuan ( The Mirror of Research ), which states that in 998 AD a man named Tang Fu invented a rocket of a new kind having an iron head.
In a 1986 press release to the newspapers and leading magazines in Great Britain, Canada and the USA, the SPR retracted the Hodgson report, after a re-examination of the case by the Fortean psychic Dr. Vernon Harrison, past president of The Royal Photographic Society and formerly Research Manager to Thomas De La Rue, an expert on forgery, as follows: " Madame Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society, was unjustly condemned, new study concludes.
Research on this equivalence has led to new insights on quantum chromodynamics, the fundamental theory of the strong nuclear force.
His doctor refers him to the prominent laboratory, the California Medical Research Institute, and after nearly three weeks of numerous sophisticated tests, Scott and his team of new doctors learn that the mist to which he was exposed six months earlier while on the ocean was radioactive.
Research changed qualitatively around the turn of the century, i. e. new methods, scientific theories and forms of practice changed the nature of research.
In June 1914 John D. Rockefeller, Jr. hired him as a Director of the Rockefeller Foundation in New York City, heading their new Department of Industrial Research.

new and Center
Demonstrations of new and projected training aids were conducted at the Medical Service Instructor's Conference, Brooke Army Medical Center, Texas.
The new interchange among the four Los Angeles freeways, including the grade-constructed accesses, occupies by itself no less than eighty acres of downtown land, one-eighth of a square mile, an area about the size of Rockefeller Center in New York.
So Gilruth was given authority to grow his organization into a new NASA center, the Manned Spacecraft Center ( MSC ).
It was also clear NASA would soon outgrow its practice of controlling missions from its Cape Canaveral Air Force Station launch facilities in Florida, so a new Mission Control Center would be included in the MSC.
Plans were also made for a new retractable-roof ballpark, Bank One Ballpark, nicknamed the BOB, ( renamed in 2005 to Chase Field ) to be built in an industrial / warehouse district on the southeast edge of downtown Phoenix, one block from the Suns ' America West Arena ( now US Airways Center ).
* 2006 – Construction begins on the Freedom Tower for the new World Trade Center in New York City.
At the southwest corner of Central Park, Broadway crosses Eighth Avenue at West 59th Street ; on the site of the former New York Coliseum convention center is the new shopping center at the foot of the Time Warner Center, headquarters of Time Warner.
The new Annenberg Center for Information Science and Technology
Graham Allison, the director of Harvard University ’ s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, points out,The Soviet Union could right the nuclear imbalance by deploying new ICBMs on its own soil.
Rogers continued teaching at University of Wisconsin until 1963, when he became a resident at the new Center for Studies of the Person in La Jolla.
In 2010 the Space Needle Corporation submitted a proposal for an exhibition of Chihuly's work at a site in the Seattle Center, in competition with proposals for other uses from several other groups. The project, which sees the new Chihuly exhibition hall occupy the site of the former Fun Forest amusement park in the Seattle Center park and entertainment complex, received the final green light from the Seattle City Council on April 25, 2011. Divisive Dale Chihuly Glass-Art " Museum " Approved for Former Seattle Amusement Park ARTINFO. com It opened May 21, 2012. Chihuly Garden and Glass Opens with Dedication Ceremony on Monday, May 21 prnewswire. comDale Chihuly's ' Glass House ' shines in Seattle publicbroadcasting. net
The 1980s saw the university expand with a new building being added on each year, including the Patriot Center.
There was little or no violence, but the new Catholic Center Party won a fourth of the seats in the Reichstag ( Imperial Parliament ), and its middle position on most issues allowed it to play a decisive role in the formation of majorities.
In December 2004, the City of Indianapolis and Jim Irsay agreed to a new stadium deal at an estimated cost of $ 1 billion ( Including Indianapolis Convention Center upgrades ).
In 2006, the Board of Visitors approved the invocation of eminent domain against a neighboring business, a funeral parlor, to make way for the school's new Performing Arts Center.
Critics, including the Center of Biological Diversity and New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, were concerned the jaguar was being sacrificed for the government's new border fence, which is to be built along many of the cat's typical crossings between the United States and Mexico.
Downtown, the center of the city, is currently undergoing major redevelopment with new condos, apartments, offices and The Power & Light District ( shopping / entertainment development ) complete with bars, restaurants, a grocery store with a roof-top pool club called The Jones, a performing arts center, and The Sprint Center.
The four Industrial art works atop the support towers of the Kansas City Convention Center ( Bartle Hall ) were once the subject of ridicule but now define the night skyline near the new Sprint Center along with One Kansas City Place ( the tallest office tower structure in Missouri ), the KCTV-Tower with its hundreds of lit bulbs ( the tallest freestanding structure in Missouri ), and the Liberty Memorial, a WWI memorial and museum, which flaunts simulated flames and smoke billowing into the night skyline.
The symphony currently is located at the new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.
The Irish community includes a large number of bands, multiple newspapers, the numerous Irish stores, including Browne's Irish Market, and the Irish Museum and Cultural Center is the new center of the community.

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