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new and worker
After another two weeks, the first young emerge, four to eight small daughters that begin to play the role of worker bees, collecting pollen and nectar in the field and caring for the new young generation while the queen retires to a life of egg laying.
Follow-up visits of the nurse and social worker indicated continued success in the care of the new babies as well as a marked improvement in the family's day-to-day mental health and social functioning.
Much of the agricultural workforce was uprooted from the countryside and moved into large urban centres of production, as the steam-based production factories could undercut the traditional cottage industries, because of economies of scale and the increased output per worker made possible by the new technologies.
Participants in debates on immigration in the early twenty-first century called for increasing enforcement of existing laws governing illegal immigration to the United States, building a barrier along some or all of the U. S .- Mexico border, or creating a new guest worker program.
If 12 individuals each take one month before they start a new job, the aggregate unemployment statistics will record this as a single unemployed worker.
As for the non-German speaking Polish population of Silesia, they were reduced to a lower worker class status and were oftentimes severely mistreated by their new German overlords.
The new wax scales are initially glass-clear and colorless ( see illustration ), becoming opaque after mastication by the worker bee.
Union shops, still permitted, require new recruits to join the union within a certain amount of time, but only as part of a collective bargaining agreement and only if the contract allows the worker at least thirty days after the date of hire or the effective date of the contract to join the union.
Once they arrive, they immediately construct a new wax comb and begin to raise new worker brood.
Also, stingless bees will start new nests with large numbers of worker bees, but the nest is constructed before a queen is escorted to the site, and this worker force is not a true " swarm ".
The next morning, the factory worker reads about a new factory and lands a job there.
Kee MacFarlane, a social worker employed by the Children's Institute International, developed a new way to interrogate children with anatomically correct dolls and used them in an effort to assist disclosures of abuse with the McMartin children.
Business and employment cooperatives ( BECs ) are a subset of worker cooperatives that represent a new approach to providing support to the creation of new businesses.
It tells the story of an African American itinerant worker who encounters a group of East German nuns, who believe he has been sent to them by God to build them a new chapel.
Hopkins passed on information about the workers, including the car license number of a new civil rights worker to the commission.
A worker digging a new city water well in 1889 found that his tools could pick up nails.
A small portion of the workers leave the swarm to search out new nest sites, and each worker assesses the quality of the cavity it finds.
* In restaurants and other facilities with cold storage for food, it is not uncommon for a new worker to be asked to fill garbage bags with hot air and place them in the freezer in order to " prevent freezer burn.
Finally, the writer has ventured to propose new terms only because he feels that certain new terms will be of distinct advantage in some specialized types of ichthyological work, and that the general biologist and fishery worker will seldom or never have to bother his head about them.
Hopkins passed on information about the workers, including the car license number of a new civil rights worker, to the commission.

new and housing
He is basing his guess on new government statistics that show business has broadened its stride -- a new record high in personal income, an increase in housing starts, a spurt in retail sales and a gain in orders for durable goods.
The share of the new housing market enjoyed by apartments, which began about six years ago, has more than tripled within that span of time.
Trouble-free, long-life, quality components will play an increasingly important part in the merchandising of new housing in 1960 '', Pantas predicted.
The Kennedy administration's new housing and urban renewal proposals, particularly their effect on the Federal Housing Administration, came under fire in Dallas last week.
Realtors in attendance at the colloquium expressed interest, for example, in Connecticut's new housing law as setting standards of equity that they would like `` to have to obey '', but in support of which none had been willing to go on public record.
, the construction rate of new housing units was 6. 5 new units per 1000 residents.
The project received approval from state environmental agencies in 1991, after satisfying concerns including release of toxins by the excavation and the possibility of disrupting the homes of millions of rats, causing them to roam the streets of Boston in search of new housing.
, the construction rate of new housing units was 2. 6 new units per 1000 residents.
The new government also started several large building projects, including state-sponsored housing, more rebuilding efforts to enable refugee return, and the building of the A1 highway.
The coming of the railroad to North Cambridge and Northwest Cambridge then led to three major changes in the city: the development of massive brickyards and brickworks between Massachusetts Ave., Concord Ave. and Alewife Brook ; the ice-cutting industry launched by Frederic Tudor on Fresh Pond ; and the carving up of the last estates into residential subdivisions to provide housing to the thousands of immigrants that arrived to work in the new industries.
Although the Attlee Government failed to meet its targets, primarily due to economic constraints, over a million new homes were built between 1945 and 1951 ( a significant achievement under the circumstances ) which ensured that decent, affordable housing was available to many low-income families for the first time ever.
Several years after his death, a street on a new housing development in Tividale, West Midlands, was named Attlee Close in his memory.
The mid-and late first decade of the 21st century have also seen extensive campus construction, with the erection of two new housing complexes, full renovation of two dormitories, and a forthcoming dining hall, life sciences center, and visual arts center.
In 1920, the five neighbouring municipalities of Woensel ( to the north ), Tongelre ( northeast and east ), Stratum ( southeast ), Gestel en Blaarthem ( southwest ) and Strijp ( west ), which already bore the brunt of the housing needs and related problems, were incorporated into the new Groot-Eindhoven (" Greater Eindhoven ") municipality.
At the turn of the 20th to 21st century, a whole new housing development called Meerhoven was constructed at the site of the old airport of Welschap, west of Eindhoven.
the value of the property, after new housing had been built on it, was estimated at £ 20, 000.
, the construction rate of new housing units was 1. 3 new units per 1000 residents.
In 1986 the university's governing body, the Board of Visitors, approved a new master plan for the year based on an enrollment of 20, 000 full-time students with housing for 5, 000 students by 1995.
From the late 1920s he was concerned with social housing, inexpensive production methods, new materials, prefabrication and standardisation.
In the US and Canada, many new houses are built in housing tracts, which provide homeowners a sense of " belonging " and the feeling they have " made the best use " of their money.
In a bid to reduce the number of people living in overcrowded housing, a policy was introduced of encouraging people to move into newly built new towns surrounding London.

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