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Page "fiction" ¶ 308
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

next and morning
He had his chance the very next morning, for exactly the same thing happened again.
Now, the next morning, they were anchored at The Elbow and the boat was riding directly over the underwater ledge where the green water turned to deepest blue and the cliff dropped straight down 600 fathoms, with the weighted line beside it ; ;
That night he dreamed a dream violent with passion, in which he and the Woman, now the teacher, did everything except engage in the act ( and this probably only because he had never engaged in the act in reality ), and when he awoke the next morning his heart was afire.
After making a short statement about human rights, and the freedom to travel, I told them I would be going to the Kehl bridge the next morning in order to cross the Rhine into Germany.
As I got off the trolley at Kehl bridge the next morning, I was met by what looked like 5,000 students, some of whom were carrying sticks apparently for the coming `` battle '' with the police.
Slocum made his reconnaissanace the next morning, found the town empty, accepted the surrender of the mayor and occupied the city a little before noon.
Would he meet him in Baltimore in Drawing Room A, Car Three on the train leaving Washington at nine o'clock next morning??
Blackman was to be in New York by February 2, because they were sailing at 12:01 next morning.
They held the funeral the next morning from the crossroads church and buried the little box in the quiet family plot.
Without further discussion he appeared the next morning with a pile of boards sticking over the end of his light truck and proceeded with the paneling, which he then stained and waxed according to his taste.
Early the next morning, a Mexican telephoned Pels that Celso Chavez, one of the posse members, was surrounded by ten Mexicans at his father's home on the upper Vermejo.
The next morning he summoned a group of top Democrats to his private office and broke the news: he would lead the fight to oust Colmer, whom he is said to regard as `` an inferior man ''.
Then Via called to say they had decided to cremate her -- as they had Ellen, the thought leaped to my mind -- and did I want to meet her at the funeral home the next morning.
They met next morning and all the mornings thereafter.
The next morning a little cognac made me feel better -- but what can you do in Paris on Sunday morning??
As for Cousin Alexander Carraway, the only thing Theresa could remember at the moment about him ( except his paper knife ) was that he had had exceptionally long hands and feet and one night about one o'clock in the morning the whole Stubblefield family had been aroused to go next door at Cousin Emma's call -- first Papa, then Mother, then Theresa and George.
By the next morning, she had turned the paper over.
And the next morning, not sure of why he went, he took the train to Fudomae and walked to Ryusenji.
He seemed to have picked up a virus that day, because the next morning he had a small cough and felt a bit hot.
The cold lingered, making sleep difficult that night, and he remained in bed still the next morning, now unable to keep from thinking about the inexplicable sight of burning metal, the wretched sound, the unbearable feeling of having been to a remote Tokyo temple at some earlier time in his life.
The next morning, while Dolores was out of the room, he went to her bureau drawer, took out a pair of nylon lace pants, and tenderly dropped them next to his shorts.
But heavy rain fell overnight and next morning the two slow left-arm bowlers, Peel and Johnny Briggs, were all but unplayable.

next and clock
Likewise, if the clock starts at 12: 00 ( noon ) and 21 hours elapse, then the time will be 9: 00 the next day, rather than 33: 00.
After Gerry Mullins recovered Dallas ' onside kick attempt, the Steelers then tried to run out the clock on the next drive with four straight running plays, but the Cowboys defense stopped them on fourth down at their 39-yard line, giving Dallas one more chance to win.
In digital circuits, a shift register is a cascade of flip flops, sharing the same clock, in which the output of each flip-flop is connected to the " data " input of the next flip-flop in the chain, resulting in a circuit that shifts by one position the " bit array " stored in it, shifting in the data present at its input and shifting out the last bit in the array, at each transition of the clock input.
The building of the museum, along with the clock tower next to it, is one of the few buildings of the port and arsenal which survived Allied bombardments during World War II.
This was done both to reduce costs, and because access to CP memory required 10 PP clock cycles: when a PP accesses CP memory, the data is available next time the PP receives its slot time.
He uses a similar device in his next two Christmas books, titling the four divisions of The Chimes, " quarters ", after the quarter-hour tolling of clock chimes, and naming the parts of The Cricket on the Hearth " chirps ".
At each cycle, the next state is determined by the current state and the value of the input signals when the clock pulse occurs.
The interval between clock pulses must be long enough so that all the logic gates have time to respond to the changes and their outputs " settle " to stable logic values, before the next clock pulse occurs.
So logic paths that complete their calculations quickly are idle much of the time, waiting for the next clock pulse.
The interval between clock signals is designed to be long enough to allow the outputs of the memory elements to " settle " so they are not changing when the next clock comes.
The next day, Wallace and Gromit are cleaning the clock tower outside Wendolene's shop, and Wallace pays Wendolene another visit.
The next generation of microprocessors incorporated the clock generation on chip.
As long as the minimum and maximum clock times are respected, the time between clock edges can vary widely from one edge to the next and back again.
Throughout the next decade, Woodburn Hall underwent several renovations and additions, including the construction of the south wing and east tower ( in 1930 ) housing the Seth Thomas clock.
Minakata usually woke at 11 am and worked at home from sometime in the afternoon till 5 o ’ clock next morning sorting specimens, drawing pictures, conducting research, reading and writing.
If the next clock pulse comes before that, the results will be incorrect.
, the Guinness Record for Fastest CPU is by AMD with a Bulldozer based FX chip " overclocked " to 8. 308GHz however it has now been superseded by the next generation of AMD's Bulldozer based FX chips with a clock rate of 8. 429GHz.
The short-term scheduler ( also known as the CPU scheduler ) decides which of the ready, in-memory processes are to be executed ( allocated a CPU ) next following a clock interrupt, an I / O interrupt, an operating system call or another form of signal.
Due to the minimum time needed to convert the field, a baseball game that ran long in clock time had to be suspended, and concluded the next day.
" Al Mashieh " which is one of the oldest parks in Tripoli, is located next to The clock tower and is a very popular attraction.

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