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next and most
Now, he was just in the late poems of Holderlin and therefore had most of the nineteenth century before him -- plus next semester's class preparation.
Of all their worldly belongings, next to the oxen and his gun, the seed grain had been the most treasured.
In any social system in which communications have an importance comparable with that of production and other human factors, a point like f in Figure 2 would ( other things being equal ) be the dwelling place for the community leader, while e and h would house the next most important citizens.
He smiled also at a British bloke seated next to me, who asked the most asinine questions.
While this may well be true in general, I believe it is also important to keep in mind that some recent developments suggest that over the next year or so military electronics may be one of the most strongly growing areas in an economy which is not expanding rapidly in other directions.
Religion provides the most attractive rewards, either in this world or the next, for those who not merely abide by its norms, but who engage in good works.
It quite often happens that campaigns go askew, resulting in a most unflattering deterioration of strong hands into played-out hands, just as a member of a former campaign's `` public '' may emerge flatteringly `` right '' the next time.
One of the most intriguing questions is whether the recent departures of the Federal Reserve authorities from confining their open market operations to Treasury bills will spread into longer-term Government securities in the next few months.
He knew instinctively that next to voice and face an actor's hands are his most useful possession -- that in fiction as in the theatre, gesture is an indispensable shorthand for individualizing character and dramatizing action and response.
Any adjustments which are made, Mr. Grenier said earlier this month, will appear on the balance of the tax bill since most of the town's taxpayers take the option of paying quarterly with the balance due next year.
Argon is the third most common gas in the Earth's atmosphere, at 0. 93 % ( 9, 300 ppm ), making it approximately 23. 8 times as abundant as next most common atmospheric gas, carbon dioxide ( 390 ppm ), and more than 500 times as abundant as the next most common noble gas, neon ( 18 ppm ).
His successor Joe Darling won the next three series in 1899, 1901 – 02 and the classic 1902 series, which became one of the most famous in the history of Test cricket.
:( 2 ) Use work slides or some other form of carrier so that when a workman completes his operation, he drops the part always in the same place — which place must always be the most convenient place to his hand — and if possible have gravity carry the part to the next workman for his operation.
Over the next 500 years, most kings of Germany destined to reign over the Holy Roman Empire were crowned in Aachen.
In the next two decades there would be two Persian invasions of Greece, occasioning, thanks to Greek historians, some of the most famous battles in history.
" These criteria for autobiography generally persisted until recent times, and most serious autobiographies of the next three hundred years conformed to them.
The next year Aon sold most of its holdings in Endurance.
p. 838 ), whence some of the most prominent teachers of the next generation issued.
Megiddo is mentioned twelve times in the Old Testament, ten times in reference to the ancient city of Megiddo, and twice with reference to " the plain of Megiddo ", most probably simply meaning " the plain next to the city ".
One of the most popular skiing resorts of Turkey is located at Uludağ just next to the city proper.

next and common
The next definitive historical treatise on the common law is Commentaries on the Laws of England, written by Sir William Blackstone and first published in 1765-1769.
Foreign policy analysts Hachigian and Sutphen in their book The Next American Century suggest all six powers have similar vested interests in stability and terrorism prevention and trade ; if they can find common ground, then the next decades may be marked by peaceful growth and prosperity.
The next generation of common rail diesels is expected to use variable injection geometry, which allows the amount of fuel injected to be varied over a wider range, and variable valve timing ( see Mitsubishi's 4N13 diesel engine ) similar to that on petrol engines.
The character continued to appear over the next 250 years, appearing as Sir Christmas, Lord Christmas or Father Christmas, the last becoming the most common.
So that by the next morning the market-place was cleared, and the common people had an opportunity of seeing the pastime.
The DNA of gorillas is highly similar to that of a human, from 95 – 99 % depending on what is counted, and they are the next closest living relatives to humans after the bonobo and common chimpanzee.
In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the development of the Westrex single-groove stereophonic record cutterhead led to the next wave of home-audio improvement, and in common parlance, stereo displaced hi-fi.
Even if we don't know exactly what is going to come next, we can be fairly certain that, for example, there will be many more e's than z's, or that the combination ' qu ' will be much more common than any other combination with a ' q ' in it and the combination ' th ' will be more common than ' z ', ' q ', or ' qu '.
Clans, the next level of resident social structure, are composed of pods with similar dialects, and common but older maternal heritage.
If an organism lives half as long as others of its species, but has twice as many offspring surviving to adulthood, its genes will become more common in the adult population of the next generation.
There was, consequently, the astonishing spectacle of the definition of murder, still a matter of common law, being the subject of no less than six appeals to the House of Lords within the next 40 years ( Director of Public Prosecutions v. Smith A. C. 290 ; Hyam v. Director of Public Prosecutions A. C. 55 ; Regina v. Cunningham A. C. 566 ; Regina v. Moloney A. C. 905 ; Regina v. Hancock A. C. 455 ; Regina v. Woollin 4 A11 E. R.
A common approximation used is to double the number of outs and add one for the percentage to hit on the next card, or to multiply outs by four for the either-of-two case.
The communal buildings of the area on the north side of Cooper Island ( the only occupied area of the atoll ) consist of a common cooking and dining building next to the only sea dock, and there is a kayak and scuba diving equipment storage building adjacent to this.
During the 15th century the sound of full triads became common, and towards the end of the 16th century the system of church modes began to break down entirely, giving way to the functional tonality which was to dominate western art music for the next three centuries.
It was in the opening decades of the next century that music felt in a tactus ( think of the modern time signature ) of two semibreves-to-a-breve began to be as common as that with three semibreves-to-a-breve, as had prevailed prior to that time.
Since both serializing and deserializing can be driven from common code, ( for example, the Serialize function in Microsoft Foundation Classes ) it is possible for the common code to do both at the same time, and thus 1 ) detect differences between the objects being serialized and their prior copies, and 2 ) provide the input for the next such detection.
In Hardin's example, it is in each herder's interest to put the next ( and succeeding ) cows he acquires onto the land, even if the quality of the common is damaged for all as a result, through overgrazing.

next and form
This is brought out in the next to last chapter of the book, `` A Hero's Funeral '', written in the form of an impassioned prose poem.
The form itself is stored in the next available cells of the W-region, beginning in cell Af.
Only paved alleyways tunneled through the walls of those fortresses into the mysterious core of intimacy behind the houses where backyards owned no fences, where one man's property blended with the next to form courtyards in which no one knew privacy.
Nearest and next-nearest neighbors form a distorted octahedral complex, with the three atoms in the same double-layer being slightly closer than the three atoms in the next.
The nearest and next-nearest neighbors form a distorted octahedral complex, with the three atoms in the same double-layer being slightly closer than the three atoms in the next.
) In the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite and in the Anglican Communion, All Souls Day is instead transferred, whenever 2 November falls on a Sunday, to the next day, 3 November.
Christianity's idea of " eternal life " comes from the word for life, zoe, and a form of aeon, which could mean life in the next aeon, the Kingdom of God, or Heaven, just as much as immortality, as in.
It was thought that if the Conservatives were able to secure this piece of legislation, then the newly enfranchised electorate may return their gratitude to the Tories in the form of a Conservative vote at the next general election.
There are no clear boundaries between the dialects because they form a dialect continuum, varying only slightly from one village to the next.
In 1962 and 1963, with his next band, Harmoniler (" The Harmonies "), he recorded cover versions of some of popular American twist songs and rearrangements of Turkish folk songs in rock and roll form, marking the beginning of the Anatolian rock movement, a synthesis of Turkish folk music and rock.
Very abundant hydrogen and helium are products of the Big Bang, but the next three elements are rare since they had little time to form in the Big Bang and are not made in stars ( they are, however, produced in small quantities by breakup of heavier elements in interstellar dust, as a result of impact by cosmic rays ).
The next form of the major conservative party was the Democratic-Liberal Party.
* Scanning: If a is the next symbol in the input stream, for every state in S ( k ) of the form ( X → α • a β, j ), add ( X → α a • β, j ) to S ( k + 1 ).
He was settling into the form of his life which would last for the next seven years ; agile and alert, he was frequently seen making amazing reflex saves and possessed flawless positional sense and reading of attackers ' movements and instincts.
To get the next instance of " the " an alternate form must be used,
However, his next film, 1998's Ronin, starring Robert De Niro, was a return to form, featuring Frankenheimer's now trademark elaborate car chases woven into a labyrinthine espionage plot.
Evidence of his prints for the next few years is sporadic, as he mostly produced illustrations for books of kyoka, literally ' crazy verse ', a parody of the classical waka form.
Under the simplest form, each node is composed of a datum and a reference ( in other words, a link ) to the next node in the sequence ; more complex variants add additional links.
In response she intervenes in his next combat, first in the form of an eel who trips him, then as a wolf who stampedes cattle across the ford, and finally as a white, red-eared heifer leading the stampede, just as she had warned in their previous encounter.
In most Marxist-Leninist states this has taken the form of directly electing representatives to fill positions, though in some states ; such as China, Cuba, and the former Yugoslavia ; this system also included indirect elections such as deputies being elected by deputies as the next lower level of government.
Another German official argued that the Soviets in their current bureaucratic form were harmless, the occupation would not produce a gain for Germany and " why should it not stew next to us in its damp Bolshevism?
Seated in the front, directly across from the ministers on the Treasury Bench, the leaders of the opposition form a " Shadow Government ", complete with a salaried " Shadow Prime Minister ", the Leader of the Opposition, ready to assume office if the government falls or loses the next election.
Seated in the front, the leaders of the opposition form a " Shadow Government ", complete with a salaried " Shadow Prime Minister " ready to assume office if the government falls or loses the next election.
Laura Scudder, an entrepreneur in Monterey Park, California started having her workers take home sheets of wax paper to iron into the form of bags, which were filled with chips at her factory the next day.

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