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non-aligned and world
Additionally, many third world non-aligned countries have supported the Polisario Front, and later many reviewed their attitude and withdrew their recognitions of the Polisario's SADR.
This is a vision of non-aligned Ireland taking up its international responsibilities by acting as a bridge between the developed and developing world, and by acting as a world leader in conflict and disasters.
The starship USS Enterprise has been sent to the world of Organia, a non-aligned planet near the Klingon border, in fear that the Klingons will try to annex it.
The MDAA caused both a great deal of friction with the non-aligned countries and opportunities to tighten geopolitical relations with the western free world and especially the United States.
In terms of human needs, humanitarian aid, human rights, and other discourse in the humanities, the world community is akin to the conceptual Global village aimed at the inclusion of non-aligned countries, aboriginal peoples, the Third World into the connected world via the communications infrastructure or at least representative ties to it.
Since Earth was a non-aligned world, anyone could claim it, and the Salusians were desperate to keep it from being used against them.

non-aligned and We
Taraki, in a speech, said " We will defend our non-aligned policy and independence with all valour.

non-aligned and neither
While formerly heading a Comintern liberation movement, after the war Tito broke with Moscow and insisted Yugoslavia was to be non-aligned with neither NATO nor the Warsaw Pact.

non-aligned and East
Tito in return rejected Stalinism and the Eastern bloc, forging a non-aligned position between East and West that developed into the Non-Aligned Movement and the development of an autonomous Marxist-Leninist ideology of Titoism.
The Soviet Intercosmos program included cosmonauts selected from Warsaw Pact members ( from Czechoslovakia, Poland, East Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania ) and later from allies of the USSR ( Cuba, Mongolia, Vietnam ) and non-aligned countries ( India, Syria, Afghanistan ).

non-aligned and West
Cyprus has historically followed a non-aligned foreign policy, although it increasingly identifies with the West in its cultural affinities and trade patterns, and maintains close relations with Greece.
Morocco has been aligned with the United States during the Cold War, whereas Algeria kept a distance from the West, favouring the Soviet Union and later a non-aligned position.
During the Cold War " the West " was often used to refer to the NATO camp as opposed to the Warsaw Pact and non-aligned nations.
Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, believing the Secretary-General to be a US puppet, proposed that the Secretary-General be replaced with a troika, with one member selected by the West, one from the Communist bloc, and one from the non-aligned ( neutral ) states.
Joseph Stalin wanted to bring all of Germany under Soviet influence, but when the West resisted this idea, he sought to create a united Germany which would be non-aligned ( the " Stalin Note ").

non-aligned and ",
He then enrolled in the School of Oriental and African Studies, reading " modern trends in Islam ", before joining the Baghdad Bulletin in July 2003, a start-up, non-aligned Iraqi paper staffed mainly by Oxbridge graduates, especially those from his school, and offering a variety of widely differing viewpoints on recent events.
As the non-aligned peace movement " was constantly under threat of being tarnished by association with avowedly pro-Soviet groups ", many individuals and organizations " studiously avoided contact with Communists and fellow-travellers.
* Dr. Saadoun returned to Iraq in 2003 and established " Iraq Center for Research and Strategic Studies-ICRSS ", which is an independent, Scientific, non-governmental, non-aligned research institution.

non-aligned and political
By 1967, when a military junta had seized power in Greece, the political impetus for enosis had faded, partly as a result of the non-aligned foreign policy of Cypriot President Makarios.
Upon assuming power, the FSLNs political platform included the following: nationalization of property owned by the Somozas and their supporters ; land reform ; improved rural and urban working conditions ; free unionization for all workers, both urban and rural ; price fixing for commodities of basic necessity ; improved public services, housing conditions, education ; abolition of torture, political assassination and the death penalty ; protection of democratic liberties ; equality for women ; non-aligned foreign policy ; formation of a " popular army " under the leadership of the FSLN and Humberto Ortega.
Hunt has stated that the rest of the editorial collective wished to bring to Green Anarchist a more left-wing political approach, while Hunt wanted it to remain non-aligned.
Most moderate or non-aligned political sectors of the population consider that the core objectives of the revolution were achieved.
Although sympathetic to the non-aligned movement, it was critical of dictators from whatever part of the political spectrum and some members were active in Amnesty International.
After the 2006 verdict he said " Organisations like the Arab League, the non-aligned movement and the Islamic Conference said al-Megrahi was a political prisoner and international observers said elements of foreign intelligence were present at the trial ... Nobody asked for his release.
Art critics have their own organisation, a UNESCO non-governmental organisation, called the International Association of Art Critics which has around 76 national sections and a political non-aligned section for refugees and exiles.
The network was formed in March 2004 by several non-aligned members of the Socialist Alliance in England, and has since grown to include left-wing activists from a range of political parties and campaigning organisations, as well as those with no party affiliation.

non-aligned and .
* 1955 – The Bandung Conference ends: 29 non-aligned nations of Asia and Africa finish a meeting that condemns colonialism, racism, and the Cold War.
Chad is officially non-aligned but has close relations with France, the former colonial power.
Egypt's foreign policy operates along a non-aligned level.
In international forums, Afghanistan generally followed the voting patterns of Asian and African non-aligned countries.
However, given that unlike Russia, America refused to give extensive military aid to the country, the government of Daoud Khan developed warmer ties with the USSR while officially remaining non-aligned.
Gabon has followed a non-aligned policy, advocating dialogue in international affairs and recognizing both parts of divided countries.
After independence in 1966, Guyana sought an influential role in international affairs, particularly among Third World and non-aligned nations.
It is one of the group of smaller nations in the EU, and has traditionally followed a non-aligned foreign policy.
Nehru would continue to maintain his commitment to the non-aligned movement despite calls from some to settle down on one permanent ally.
It offered to unify the two German entities into a single, neutral state with its own, non-aligned national army to effect superpower disengagement from Central Europe.
Independent Kenya, although officially non-aligned, adopted a pro-Western stance.
In the 1970s under president Tolbert, Liberia strove for a more non-aligned and independent posture, and established diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, China, Cuba and Eastern bloc countries.
The Burmese government continues to adopt an independent, non-aligned foreign policy.
* The national police forces in several former communist states such as the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact countries, but also in the non-aligned SFR Yugoslavia.
The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal has traditionally maintained a non-aligned policy and enjoys friendly relations with neighboring countries, especially India and China.
Saudi Arabia is a non-aligned state whose foreign policy objectives are to maintain its security and its paramount position on the Arabian Peninsula, defend general Arab and Islamic interests, promote solidarity among Islamic governments, and maintain cooperative relations with other oil-producing and major oil-consuming countries.
Some European countries were part of the non-aligned movement and a few were and are very prosperous, including Switzerland and Austria.
The large diversity of countries that were considered to be part of the Third World, from Indonesia to Afghanistan, ranged widely from economically primitive to economically advanced and from politically non-aligned to Soviet-or Western-leaning.
Since 1814, Sweden has been at peace, adopting a non-aligned foreign policy in peacetime and neutrality in wartime.
Sweden followed a policy of armed neutrality during World War II and currently remains non-aligned.

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