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novels and stories
The ingredients of Faulkner's novels and stories are by no means new with him, and most of the problems he takes up have had the attention of authors before him.
And they have done this on a very large scale, with a veritable flood of novels and stories which are either dystopias or narratives of adventure with dystopian elements.
Not all recent science fiction, however, is dystopian, for the optimistic strain is still very much alive in Mission Of Gravity and Childhood's End, as we have seen, as well as in many other recent popular novels and stories like Fred Hoyle's The Black Cloud ( 1957 ) ; ;
Mr. Sansom is English, bearded, formidably cultivated, the versatile author of numerous volumes of short stories, of novels and of pieces that are neither short stories nor travel articles but something midway between.
Best known for his novels including Brave New World and a wide-ranging output of essays, Huxley also edited the magazine Oxford Poetry, and published short stories, poetry, travel writing, film stories and scripts.
His later novels included fixups such as The Beast ( aka Moonbeast ) ( 1963 ), Rogue Ship ( 1965 ), Quest for the Future ( 1970 ) and Supermind ( 1977 ); expanded short stories ( The Darkness on Diamondia ( 1972 ), Future Glitter ( aka Tyranopolis ) ( 1973 ); original novels such as Children of Tomorrow ( 1970 ), The Battle of Forever ( 1971 ) and The Anarchistic Colossus ( 1977 ); plus sequels to his classic works, many of which were promised, but only one of which appeared, Null-A Three ( 1984 ; originally published in French ).
His reception remained warmer in America than Britain, and he continued to publish novels and short stories, but by the late 1930s the audience for Milne's grown-up writing had largely vanished: he observed bitterly in his autobiography that a critic had said that the hero of his latest play (" God help it ") was simply " Christopher Robin grown up ... what an obsession with me children are become!
While accompanying Mallowan on countless archaeological trips ( spending up to 3 – 4 months at a time in Syria and Iraq at excavation sites at Ur, Ninevah, Tell Arpachiyah, Chagar Bazar, Tell Brak, and Nimrud ), Christie not only wrote novels and short stories, but also contributed work to the archaeological sites, more specifically to the archaeological restoration and labeling of ancient exhibits which includes tasks such as cleaning and conserving delicate ivory pieces, reconstructing pottery, developing photos from early excavations which later led to taking photographs of the site and its findings, and taking field notes.
Along with Miss Marple, Poirot is one of Christie's most famous and long-lived characters, appearing in 33 novels, one play, and more than 50 short stories published between 1920 and 1975 and set in the same era.
He becomes Poirot's lifelong friend and appears in many of the novels and stories.
Jane Marple, usually referred to as Miss Marple, is a fictional character appearing in twelve of Agatha Christie's crime novels and in twenty short stories.
In total, more than fifty novels and dozens of short stories featuring the Conan character have been written by authors other than Howard.
* Anne McCaffrey wrote short stories and novels known as The Ship Series ( 1961 -) where otherwise crippled humans live on as the brains of starships and large space stations.
* The genetically engineered and prosthetics-ready warriors of the planet Sauron in the CoDominium series of short stories and novels initiated by Jerry Pournelle and also written by guest authors.
In modern literature, Cockney rhyming slang is used frequently in the novels and short stories of Kim Newman, for instance in the short story collections " The Man from the Diogenes Club " ( 2006 ) and " Secret Files of the Diogenes Club " ( 2007 ), where it is explained at the end of each book.
Perhaps the most extreme example in science fiction is James White's Sector General: a series of novels and short stories about multienvironment hospital for the strangest life-forms imaginable, some of them breathing methane, chlorine, water and sometimes also oxygen.
Stephen Baxter has imagined perhaps some of the most unusual exotic life-forms in his Xeelee series of novels and stories, including supersymmetric photino-based life that congregate in the gravity wells of stars, entities composed of quantum wave functions, and the Qax, who thrive in any form of convection cells, from swamp gas to the atmospheres of gas giants.
His diverse Esperanto writings include instructional books, books for beginners, novels, short stories, poems, articles and non-fiction books.
For nine years after his father died, he worked the night shift wrapping bread at a Los Angeles bakery, attended USC, reviewed some movies, and wrote 88 short stories and six novels that were rejected for publication.
The D & D magic system, in which wizards memorize spells that are used up once cast and must be re-memorized the next day, was heavily influenced by the Dying Earth stories and novels of Jack Vance.
Conan Doyle wrote four novels and fifty-six short stories featuring Holmes, and all but four stories are narrated by Holmes's friend, assistant, and biographer, Dr. John H. Watson.

novels and like
Between 1950 and 1960, van Vogt produced collections, notable fixups such as: The Mixed Men ( 1952 ) and The War Against the Rull ( 1959 ), and the two " Clane " novels, Empire of the Atom ( 1957 ) and The Wizard of Linn ( 1962 ), which were inspired ( like Asimov's Foundation series ) by the fall of the Roman Empire, specifically Claudius.
However her novels, like those of her sisters, have become classics of English literature.
Watson wrote a series of didactic novels like Escaped from the Snare: Christian Science, Bewitched by Spiritualism, and The Gilded Lie, as warnings of the dangers posed by cultic groups.
Tolkien's writing has such popularity that in the 1960s and afterwards, elves speaking an elvish language similar to those in Tolkien's novels ( like Quenya, and Sindarin ) became staple non-human characters in high fantasy works and in fantasy role-playing games.
There are three types of epistolary novels: monologic ( giving the letters of only one character, like Letters of a Portuguese Nun ), dialogic ( giving the letters of two characters, like Mme Marie Jeanne Riccoboni's Letters of Fanni Butlerd ( 1757 ), and polylogic ( with three or more letter-writing characters, such as in Bram Stoker's Dracula ).
In addition, a crucial element in polylogic epistolary novels like Clarissa, and Dangerous Liaisons is the dramatic device of ' discrepant awareness ': the simultaneous but separate correspondences of the heroines and the villains creating dramatic tension.
Where Chandler, like Hammett, centered most of his novels and stories on the character of the private eye, Cain featured less heroic protagonists and focused more on psychological exposition than on crime solving ; the Cain approach has come to be identified with a subset of the hardboiled genre dubbed " noir fiction ".
The novels ' fictional backstory is told in successive revelations, flashbacks and people's memories, using tools like internal monologue, unreliable narrators, and the point of view technique.
As female protagonists in novels like Adeline in The Romance of the Forest learn that their superstitious fantasies and terrors are replaced with natural cause and reasonable doubt, the reader may understand the true position of the heroine in the novel:
Critic Georg Lukács points to middling main characters like Ivanhoe in Sir Walter Scott's other novels as one of the primary reasons Scott's historical novels depart from previous historical works and better explore social and cultural history.
Scott treats similar themes to some of his earlier novels, like Rob Roy and The Heart of Midlothian, examining the conflict between heroic ideals and modern society.
It is a tacit assumption in many wuxia novels that the law and order in the actual historical setting were dysfunctional or poor, like the change of dynastic China from Song Dynasty to Yuan Dynasty, to Ming Dynasty and to Qing Dynasty, periods in time correlating to tremendous upheavals and turmoil in the society.
He was appreciated for a number of essay books ( primarily about science ) and for a number of science fiction novels like Rymdväktaren, or " The Space Guardian " and Nyaga.
Intellectual property-non-corporeal things like ideas, plans, orderings and arrangements ( musical compositions, novels, computer programs )-are generally considered valid property to those who support an effort justification, but invalid to those who support a scarcity justification, since they don't have the exclusivity property ( however they may still support other ' intellectual property '- laws such as Copyright, as long as these are a subject of contract instead of government arbitration ).
The tendency toward authorial self-reference begun in Stranger in a Strange Land and Time Enough for Love becomes even more evident in novels such as The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, whose first-person protagonist is a disabled military veteran who becomes a writer, and finds love with a female character who, like many of Heinlein's strong female characters, appears to be based closely on his wife Ginny.
In the non-canonical Voyager relaunch novels, written by Christie Golden, Tom was promoted ( two steps in rank, like many of the Voyager crew ) and is now a lieutenant commander.
Longer stories that cannot be called novels are sometimes considered " novellas ", and, like short stories, may be collected into the more marketable form of " collections ", often containing previously unpublished stories.
In The Saint in New York, Teal's American counterpart, NYPD Inspector John Henry Fernack, was introduced, and he would become, like Teal, an Inspector Lestrade-like foil and pseudo-nemesis in a number of books, notably the American-based World War II novels of the 1940s.
* Clear and Present Danger ( 1988 )-This novel, like all previous novels, refers to POTUS as " the President " instead of giving a name, allowing the materials in the novel to be " inserted " into history.
Publishers met this demand with inexpensive criminal novels called Krimi, which like the film noir of the era ( such as the classic M ), explored methods of scientific detection and psychosexual analysis.
Similarly, the books espouse the use of mind-altering substances to achieve higher states of consciousness, in line with the beliefs of key counterculture figures like Timothy Leary, who is mentioned throughout the three novels.

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