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numbers and successes
The great successes, at Boston ( 1776 ), Saratoga ( 1777 ) and Yorktown ( 1781 ), came from trapping the British far from base with much larger numbers of troops.
Refer to the article on Mersenne prime numbers for the complete list of GIMPS successes.
The MP18 was used in significant numbers by the German stormtroopers who, in conjunction with infiltration tactics, achieved some notable successes in the final year of the war.
Later years saw several successes in the format, with Match Game ; Hollywood Squares ; The Gong Show ; Win, Lose or Draw ; Celebrity Sweepstakes ; Password and Pyramid primarily running in the daytime and airing in their greatest numbers during the ' 70s and ' 80s.
Montcalm met with notable successes in 1756, 1757 and 1758 but British mobilisation of large numbers of troops against New France led to military setbacks in 1758 and 1759, culminating in Montcalm's death at the Battle of Quebec.
Appointed to the chief command against the Hungarian revolutionaries under Lajos Kossuth, he gained some early successes and reoccupied Buda and Pest ( January 1849 ), but by his slowness in pursuit he allowed the enemy to rally in superior numbers and to prevent an effective concentration of the Austrian forces.
Although the Southerners gained tactical successes at the Battle of New Hope Church, the Battle of Pickett's Mill, and the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, they were unable to counter Sherman's superior numbers.
Morale was poor and they were untrustworthy but they were superior in numbers and some successes were gained.
However, these cars lose their " sleeper value " due to both their rarity ( this series was highly luxurious ; it was made in limited numbers and examples are very expensive ), and the well publicized successes of Carl Kiekhaefer in NASCAR racing ( 1955 – 1956 ); though the car can be one of the creditors of the creation and popularity of muscle cars.
Reputed to have been funded by his gambling successes, it originally had 52 windows, 13 rooms and four floors ( matching the numbers from a pack of cards ).
which represent the numbers needed to achieve Ordinary, Good, or Amazing successes in an action round respectively.
Mantel was awarded the 2002 Wrestling Observer Newsletter award of Booker of the Year for his dual achievements of drawing huge crowds to IWA big stadium shows ( 12 to 15 thousand fans ) and for his ratings successes on Puerto Rican TV, which equaled prime time numbers, even though the show aired on weekend afternoons.
These repeated successes of the Rajputs, the unexpected valor and good conduct they displayed and their numbers for they are said to have amounted to a 120, 000 horsemen along with their Mewat allies would have been one of the largest armies Babur had ever had to face, even in modern times such a huge army would have disheartened any battle hardened soldier.

numbers and on
Had the situation been reversed, had, for instance, England been the enemy in 1898 because of issues of concern chiefly to New England, there is little doubt that large numbers of Southerners would have happily put on their old Confederate uniforms to fight as allies of Britain.
This problem of the optimum balance in the relative numbers of generalists and specialists can be investigated on a communicative network basis.
In all the bitter in-fighting, the squabbles over election procedures, the complicated numbers game that East and West played on the assistant secretaries' theme, the gentleman from Burma showed himself both as a man of principle and a skilled diplomat.
The flux values are for all particles with masses greater than the given mass and are based on an estimate of the numbers of visual meteors.
The manager sat behind the group so he could see and count the hands that went up, and the director wrote the numbers on the blackboard.
Bursting from the lips of a charging cavalry trooper was the last sound heard on this earth by untold numbers of Cheyennes, Sioux and Apaches, Mexican banditos under Pancho Villa, Japanese in the South Pacific, and Chinese and North Korean Communists in Korea.
I used the alias of Robert C. Richards, gave the first three letters and the first and last figure of the license number on the agency heap, but a couple of phony numbers in between.
A row of mailboxes along the wall had numbers and names on them.
Alec's glance went to a chart of guest names and room numbers hanging on the wall behind the clerk.
Johnny Leighton picked up some new numbers out in Texas which he's springing on the ringsiders in the Rum House at Galt Ocean Mile Hotel.
Whereas the primary meanings of the Lo Shu diagram seemed to have been based on its inner mathematical properties -- and we shall see that even its secondary meanings rested on some mathematical bases -- the urgent desire to place everything into categories of fives led to other groupings based on other numbers, until an exaggerated emphasis on mere numerology pervaded Chinese thought.
In some of the numbers the instrumental parts have even been recorded at different times and then later combined on the master tape to produce special effects.
indeed, there are never fewer than eight of them on stage, and that is only for the more intimate numbers.
It is not simply giving a repetition of the program it gave during its New York engagement earlier this season, but has brought back many of the numbers that were on the bill when it paid us its first visit and won everybody's heart.
The forms on earth, are imperfect imitations ( εικών, ikon: image ) of the celestial world of numbers.
Any decline in amphibian numbers will have an impact on the patterns of predation.
The western terrestrial garter snake ( Thamnophis elegans ) in California is largely aquatic and depends heavily on two species of frog that are diminishing in numbers, the Yosemite toad ( Bufo canorus ) and the mountain yellow-legged frog ( Rana muscosa ), putting the snake's future at risk.
The abacus shows how numbers, letters, and signs can be stored in a binary system on a computer, or via ASCII.
As the Confederate government concentrated efforts on the units in the East, they gave Johnston only small numbers of reinforcements and minimal amounts of arms and material.
** The Vitali theorem on the existence of non-measurable sets which states that there is a subset of the real numbers that is not Lebesgue measurable.
For example, if we abbreviate by BP the claim that every set of real numbers has the property of Baire, then BP is stronger than ¬ AC, which asserts the nonexistence of any choice function on perhaps only a single set of nonempty sets.

numbers and five
In repeated sets of five shots his numbers of bull's-eyes vary.
While the particular limits of these groupings may seem artificially arbitrary, they do fairly express a corresponding grouping of more variable material, and they eventuate also in five classes, along a similar scale, containing approximately equal numbers of cases, namely 19, 14, 15, 11, 12 in Athabascan.
While most casts have five toes — like all known apes — some casts of alleged Bigfoot tracks have had numbers ranging from two to six.
Issued annually, five numbers 2003-2008.
The player character faces them in large numbers, with the number generally increased when the higher of the game's five difficulty levels is chosen when starting a new game.
If implemented using remainders of Euclidean division rather than subtractions, Euclid's algorithm computes the GCD of large numbers efficiently: it never requires more division steps than five times the number of digits ( base 10 ) of the smaller integer.
In the 1970s there were three generations of automatic telephone exchange equipment in use with four and five digit numbers.
Subsequent to the resolution of the dispute, the Gibraltar telephone numbering plan has been increased to eight digits for land lines, adding a prefix of 200 to the existing Gibtelecom five digit numbers which is required to be dialled from October 2008.
Gygax later looked for innovative ways to generate random numbers, and he used not only common, six-sided dice, but dice of all five platonic solid shapes, which he discovered in a school supply catalog.
quine " five winning numbers ", L. quini " five each "), but by all accounts the game originated in China.
While there are no official numbers, LDS Family Services estimates that there are on average four or five members per LDS ward who experience same-sex attraction.
It was fully inflected with five grammatical cases ( nominative, accusative, genitive, dative, and instrumental ), three grammatical numbers ( singular, plural, and dual ) and three grammatical genders ( masculine, feminine, and neuter ).
He takes the slip to the shopkeeper, who opens the drawer marked ' apples ', then he looks up the word ' red ' in a table and finds a colour sample opposite it ; then he says the series of cardinal numbers — I assume that he knows them by heart — up to the word ' five ' and for each number he takes an apple of the same colour as the sample out of the drawer .— It is in this and similar ways that one operates with words —" But how does he know where and how he is to look up the word ' red ' and what he is to do with the word ' five '?
Of the six players with retired numbers, five were retired for their play with the Phillies and one, 42, was universally retired by Major League Baseball when they honored the fiftieth anniversary of Jackie Robinson's breaking the color barrier.
There are five Platonic solids ; their names are derived from their numbers of faces.
The five largest religious groups by population, estimated to account for between 5 and 7 billion people, are Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism ( with the relative numbers for Buddhism and Hinduism dependent on the extent of syncretism ) and Chinese folk religion.
The applause of the audience on the first night resulted in five numbers being encored, seven on 8 May.
Another is his " Inflationary Language ", where he incremented numbers embedded in words, whether they are visible or not (" once upon a time " becomes " twice upon a time ", " wonderful " becomes " twoderful ", " forehead " becomes " fivehead ", " tennis " becomes " elevennis ", " I ate a tenderloin with my fork and so on and so forth " becomes "' I nine an elevenderloin with my five ' k ' and so on and so fifth ").
Their activities were regularly reported in leading newspapers, and their numbers included five future U. S. presidents, from Chester A. Arthur to Theodore Roosevelt.
In traditional computers the program would loop over all million numbers, adding five, thereby executing a million instructions saying.
Decimal fractions had been employed for the extraction of square roots some five centuries before his time, but nobody used decimal numbers in daily life.
Since the late 1990s increasing numbers of women have taken up weight training, influenced by programs like Body for Life ; currently nearly one in five U. S. women engages in weight training on a regular basis.

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