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offset and part
The decreases, which are largely in construction and in aircraft procurement, are offset in part by increases for research and development and for procurement of other military equipment such as tanks, vehicles, guns, and electronic devices.
The desire to create air portable armoured vehicles that can still take on conventional MBTs has usually resulted ATGM armed light vehicles or in protected / armoured / mobile gun system style vehicles in which a lack of armour protection being in part offset by the provision of a first look / first hit / first kill capability through the mating of a powerful gun to superior targeting electronics, a concept similar in operation to that of the US tank destroyers of WWII.
Odds can also be placed on a don't come-bet just like a pass line bet ; in this case the dealer ( not the player ) places the odds bet on top of the bet in the box, because of limited space, slightly offset to signify that it is an odds bet and not part of the original don't come bet.
In 945, Máel Coluim I annexed Strathclyde as part of a deal with King Edmund of England, where the kings of Alba had probably exercised some authority since the later ninth century, an event offset somewhat by loss of control in Moray.
By continuing production, the firm can offset its variable cost and at least part of its fixed cost, but by stopping completely it would lose the entirety of its fixed cost.
Losses are minimized by not producing at all, since any production would not generate returns significant enough to offset any fixed cost and part of the variable cost.
In light of Reagan's vocal criticism of the MAD doctrine ( Mutually Assured Destruction ) the SDI ( Strategic Defense Initiative ) was an important part of his defense policy intended to offset MAD bias.
In the human body, the heart is usually situated in the middle of the thorax with the largest part of the heart slightly offset to the left, although sometimes it is on the right ( see dextrocardia ), underneath the sternum.
Costlier raw materials are offset by a significant decrease in part weight and in some cases, the elimination of metal end caps and filter housings.
The heating elements ( radiators or vents ) should be located in the coldest part of the room, typically next to the windows, to minimize condensation and offset the convective air current formed in the room due to the air next to the window becoming negatively buoyant due to the cold glass.
This itself forms part of a larger system known as the Southland Syncline, which links to similar formations in Nelson ( offset by the Alpine Fault ) and even in New Caledonia, away.
: This process begins with a roughed part that unevenly approximates the model and cuts to within a fixed offset distance from the model.
With the exception of Texas and Oklahoma ( offset in blue ) -- which are counted as part of the Southern United States | South -- the Southwestern states are also classified as Western United States | West by the U. S. Census Bureau.
This tax, which was only applied to coastal towns during a time of war, was intended to offset the cost of defending that part of the coast, and could be paid in actual ships or the equivalent value.
In part to offset this, race organizers offered large sums of prize money ; in 1969 the purse totaled $ 200, 000 ( with $ 50, 000 for the winner ), and when in 1972 it was raised to $ 275, 000, the Tyrrell team earned a record $ 100, 000.
Her first serve was powerful, but offset by a wandering ball-toss, and her second serve was considered to be the most vulnerable part of her game.
She worked hard, kept up appearances, took her part in town activities, attended her church, and offset his shyness with a gay friendliness.
As of 2009, in order to offset an issue whereby the bib of the fencing mask would cover an unfairly large area of the jacket on smaller fencers, the target area was extended to the lower part of the bib, eliminating bib coverage.
Prior to 1987, passive investors in certain limited partnerships ( such as oil exploration or real estate investment ventures ) were allowed to use the passive losses ( if any ) of the partnership ( i. e., losses generated by partnership operations in which the investor took no material active part ) to offset the investors ' income, lowering the amount of income tax that otherwise would be owed by the investor.
: Lieh (, liè )-Lieh means to separate, to twist or to offset with a spiral motion, often while making immobile another part of the body ( such as a hand or leg ) to split an opponent's body thereby destroying posture and balance.
Though it differs from program to program, for the most part, RMHC Chapters use the money received from recycling the tabs to help offset operational expenses or to sponsor or support programs.
The Government eventually won out in part by supporting the local schools to offset the lost property tax revenue and by adding North Manitou Island to be included in the park.

offset and logical
A logical address consists of a 16-bit segment selector ( supplying 13 + 1 address bits ) and a 16-bit offset.
That is, the segment starting address, the offset, and the final 32-bit address the segmentation unit derives by adding the two are all virtual ( or logical ) addresses when the paging unit is enabled.
For read or write operations, the client then interprets the layout in the logical object volume ( LOV ) layer, which maps the offset and size to one or more objects, each residing on a separate OST.

offset and address
An index offset the base address into the larger 128 kWord memory.
For example, a jump instruction can reference an absolute address or an offset from the current location, and the offset could be expressed with different lengths depending on the distance to the target.
Every instruction consists of a 9-bit opcode, a 4-bit register code, and a 23-bit effective address field, which consists in turn of a 1-bit indirect bit, a 4-bit register code, and an 18-bit offset.
It adds the contents of the given register ( if non-zero ) to the offset ; then, if the indirect bit is 1, fetches the word at the calculated address and repeats the effective address calculation until an effective address with a zero indirect bit is reached.
A displacement was encoded in 12 bits, thus allowing a 4096-byte displacement ( 0-4095 ), as the offset from the address put in a base register.
A virtual address here consists of a segment number and an offset within the segment.
The unresolved pointer contains an indication of the name of the segment to which the pointer refers and an offset within the segment ; the handler for the trap maps the segment into the address space, puts the segment number into the pointer, changes the tag field in the pointer so that it no longer causes a trap, and returns to the code where the trap occurred, re-executing the instruction that caused the trap.
Referencing memory by an address and an offset is represented directly in computer hardware on virtually all computer architectures, so this design detail in C makes compilation easier, at the cost of some human factors.
A few interpreters, such as the PBASIC interpreter, achieve even higher levels of program compaction by using a bit-oriented rather than a byte-oriented program memory structure, where commands tokens occupy perhaps 5 bits, nominally " 16-bit " constants are stored in a variable-length code requiring 3, 6, 10, or 18 bits, and address operands include a " bit offset ".
This scheme shifts a 16-bit segment number left four bits ( making a 20-bit number with four least-significant zeros ) before adding to it a 16-bit address offset ; the maximum sum occurs when both the segment and offset are hexadecimal FFFF, yielding FFFF0h + FFFFh
Therefore, for the segment FFFFh and offset greater than 000Fh, the 80286 would actually make an access into the beginning of the second mebibyte of memory, whereas the 80186 and earlier would access an address equal to-10h ( =-16 decimal ), which is at the beginning of the first mebibyte.
The segment address is always added with a 16-bit offset to yield a linear address, which is the same as physical address in this mode.
For instance, the segmented address 06EFh: 1234h has a segment selector of 06EFh, representing a segment address of 06EF0h, to which we add the offset, yielding the linear address 06EF0h + 1234h = 08124h ( hexadecimal ).
Because of the way the segment address and offset are added, a single linear address can be mapped to up to 4096 distinct segment: offset pairs.

offset and contains
The undesired signals are removed by the IF bandpass filter, leaving only the desired offset IF signal at f < small >< sub > IF </ sub ></ small > which contains the original modulation ( transmitted information ) as the received radio signal had at f < small >< sub > d </ sub ></ small >.
The Sync Channel Message contains information about the network, including the PN offset used by the BTS sector.
If the base register contains the address of a composite type ( a record or structure ), the offset can be used to select a field from that record ( most records / structures are less than 32 kB in size ).
The 8-seat configuration contains a 2 / 1 split swiveling bench seat in the middle row, while the 7-seat configurations contain either two independently swiveling captain's chairs ( referred to as " Quad Seating "), in the middle row or a two seat bench offset towards the driver's side.
A " Secondary " volume descriptor with type 2 contains the same information as the Primary one ( sector 16 offset 40 bytes ), but in UCS-2 in sector 17, offset 40 bytes.
The non-clustered index tree contains the index keys in sorted order, with the leaf level of the index containing the pointer to the record ( page and the row number in the data page in page-organized engines ; row offset in file-organized engines ).
The upper level of the station is currently in use and contains four tracks and two offset island platforms.
Though Pacific Mall itself contains an underground garage facility, that was the only new parking added to the area, and it was not enough to offset the significant increase in demand to the area's already busy lots.
The field is 13 bits long, and contains the offset of the data in the current IP fragment, in the original IP packet.
Such a portfolio typically contains options and their corresponding underlying securities such that positive and negative delta components offset, resulting in the portfolio's value being relatively insensitive to changes in the value of the underlying security.
* Fish oil: This contains n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that are known to offset oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction.

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