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old and Elmore
For those who have become confused by the meaning of the name, " Wetumpka ", you may observe for yourself that the word, " Wetumpka " means " Rumbling Waters " as is clearing stated on the wall right above the steps that are in the center of the stairways inside the old Elmore County Courthouse in downtown Wetumpka.
James was born Elmore Brooks in the old Richland community in Holmes County, Mississippi ( not to be confused with two other locations of the same name in Mississippi ).
Following the disbanding of her old band, Sarge, Elmore enrolled in law school at Northwestern University.

old and County
Centering around this historic old structure, a group of public-spirited Barbour County citizens have organized and planned a week-long series of events, beginning on May 28th and continuing through June 3rd, to observe most appropriately the centennial of the first land engagement of the Civil War at Philippi.
Further north, Broadway follows the old Bloomingdale Road as the main spine of the Upper West Side, passing the campus of Columbia University at 116th Street in Morningside Heights, in part on the tract that housed the Bloomingdale ( Lunatic ) Asylum from 1808 until it moved to Westchester County in 1894.
The closure of the 156-year-old pit marks the end of the old County Durham coalfield, which had been in operation since the Middle Ages.
Redwoods in old growth forest in Muir Woods National Monument, Marin County, California
Due to this outward expansion, in 1965 the old County of London ( which by now only covered part of the London conurbation ) and the London County Council were abolished, and the much larger area of Greater London was established with a new Greater London Council ( GLC ) to administer it, along with 32 new London boroughs.
Other names seen on old maps include Caterlaugh or Caterlagh, archaic designations of County Carlow, in the days before much of the north of that county was taken into Wicklow in the early 17th century.
A lack of good management and an aging ballpark in old County Stadium, were both becoming stark problems for the Brewers and many fans began to wonder if the Brewers would ever become contenders again.
Although the uniforms were supposed to debut with the opening of Miller Park, an accident involving one of the cranes damaging the new ballpark, which cost the lives of three workers, delayed the opening of Miller Park one year, so the uniforms spent one year at County Stadium, the old ballpark's last year.
In 1969 Ormsby County was dissolved and the consolidated municipality of Carson City was created by the Legislature in its place co-terminous with the old boundaries of Ormsby County.
In 1978, when Ryder was seven years old, she and her family relocated to Rainbow, a commune near Elk, Mendocino County, California, where they lived with seven other families on a plot of land.
* Chaffee is remembered in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, with the Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium, the Roger B. Chaffee Memorial Boulevard in the Grand Rapids suburb of Wyoming ( at the location of the old Kent County Airport ), and the Roger B. Chaffee Scholarship, awarded annually to exceptional students in math and science in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area.
The Dukes of Hazzard follows the adventures of " The Duke Boys ", cousins Bo and Luke Duke, who live in a rural part of the fictional Hazzard County, Georgia with their attractive cousin Daisy and their wise old Uncle Jesse, as they race around in their customized 1969 Dodge Charger stock car, christened ( The ) General Lee, evading crooked county commissioner Boss Hogg and his inept county sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane, and always managing to get caught in the middle of the various escapades and incidents that often occur in the area.
The modern County Arms of Donegal ( dating from the early 1970s ) was influenced by the design of the old O ' Donnell royal arms.
The old court buildings, replaced in 2009 by a new complex designed by HOK on the former Segontium School site in Llanberis Road, are situated inside the castle walls, next door to the Anglesey Arms Hotel and to the Gwynedd County Council Buildings in Pendeitch.
Westchester County has long been associated with " old money " and some of the country's wealthiest families for generations, along with other places such as Greenwich, Connecticut, and Long Island's Gold Coast and Five Towns.
Another important museum is the Lexington History Center in the old Fayette County Courthouse in the heart of downtown.
Orange County was formerly a center for the building of warships, and there is still a large U. S. Navy ghost fleet ( reserve fleet ) in Jefferson County-from which currently, many old warships are being cleaned of water pollution sources and then scrapped for their metals.
The old Tryon County courthouse, later the Montgomery County courthouse, became the Fulton County Courthouse, where it is the oldest operating courthouse in New York.
Although located in the heart of the old County of Hainaut, Saint Waltrude's Collegiate Church ( collégiale Sainte-Waudru in French ) is one of the most characteristic churches and most homogeneous of Brabantine Gothic architecture.
Thus the long and exciting discussion touching the removal of Williams College and the location of a college in some more central town of old Hampshire County at length came to an end, and the contending parties now directed all their energies to building up the institutions of their choice.
Scruggs was born near Shelby, Cleveland County, North Carolina, to Georgia Lula Ruppe and George Elam Scruggs, a farmer and bookkeeper, who played banjo and died when Scruggs was four years old.

old and House
`` Here are two old men, mad at each other and too proud to pick up the phone '', said a House Democratic leader.
The diagonally divided field in silver and black came from the old crest of the Counts of Abensberg, while the white and blue diamonds came from that of the House of Wittelsbach, the rulers of Bavaria.
He represented the old line of the counts of Barcelona only through women, and was on his father's side descended from the House of Trastamara, the reigning House of Castile.
Ahimelech great-grandson of Eli ; slain by Doeg the Edomite-fulfilling part of the curse on the House of Eli that none of his male descendants would live to old age.
From 1906 to 1909, Attlee worked as manager of Haileybury House, a charitable club for working class boys in Stepney in the East End of London run by his old school.
* The story of Carmilla is illustrated using old antique etchings by Tiffini Elektra X in the book In This House: A Collection of Altered Art Imagery and Collage Techniques.
In July 1991, Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, in the context of the outing of his press aide Pete Williams, dismissed the idea that gays posed a security risk as " a bit of an old chestnut " in testimony before the House Budget Committee.
Zone One is the Historic Center, ( Centro Histórico ), lying in the very heart of the city, the location of many important historic buildings including the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura ( National Palace of Culture ), the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Congress, the Casa Presidencial ( Presidential House ), the National Library and Plaza de la Constitución ( Constitution Plaza, old Central Park ).
The Museum is located near the Casa de Juntas ( old Assembly House ), the Tree of Gernika and surrounded by old gardens now turned into the Parque de los Pueblos de Europa ( Park of the European Nations ).
The power of the explosion was such that the deep concrete walls ( replicating how archives suggest the walls of the old House of Lords were constructed ) were reduced to rubble.
Hatfield House, the home of the Marquess of Salisbury, is the nucleus of the old town.
Henry was born in 1394 in Porto, probably when the royal couple was living in the city's old mint, now called Casa do Infante ( Prince's House ).
As with many sites on the Iowa State University Campus, The Farm House Museum has a few old myths and legends associated with it.
A member of the House of Capet, Louis was twelve years old when his father died on 8 November 1226.
Van Buren entered the White House as a fifty-four year old widower with four sons.
The neo-Classical approach, similar to that of the White House and the federal Capitol in the United States, was popular at the time and had already been used by Soane in his additions to the old palace, but had connotations of revolution and republicanism, whereas Gothic design embodied conservative values.
The original charter was burned when the old Court House was destroyed by fire.
Princess Catherine who was 90 years old at the time, and died in Montevideo Uruguay the following year, was the last member of the Imperial Family to be born before the fall of the dynasty, and was ultimately to become the last surviving uncontested dynast of the Imperial House of Russia.
The old Kew Park ( by then renamed the White House ), was demolished in 1802.
The producer John Hammond Sr. asked Alan Wilson, who was just 22 years old, to teach " Son House how to play like Son House ," because Alan Wilson had such a good knowledge of the blues styles.
" In a 2010 interview, Meyer said that this was a myth, and that the sentiment stemmed from a friend's letter to Meyer ; he suggested the story had origins in editing notes received from the White House during the production, which " may have been a joke, but it wouldn't surprise me, him being an old Hollywood guy ".
The statue remained in a yard for old Soviet memorials at the Central House of Artists, although a smaller bust of Dzerzhinsky in the courtyard of the Moscow police headquarters at Petrovka 38 was restored in November 2005 ( this bust had been removed by the police officers on 22 August 1991 ).

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