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Page "mystery" ¶ 970
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

old and gal
Well, I guess I know enough to turn you inside out, old gal — you sockdologizing old man-trap.
In contrast was the funny old gal, a slapstick role played by a large man in motley clothing and large, flapping shoes.
Although he impresses the new old gal, Homer and Marge think she is a hoochie and only likes Grampa because he can drive.
: Wish you'd call on my gal, now remember, old pal, when you get back home ...

old and stared
She then approached Minokichi to breathe on him, but stared at him for a while, and said, " I thought I was going to kill you, the same as that old man, but I will not, because you are young and beautiful.
I stared for half a day once at an old man sitting on a bench in Arrakeen.

old and at
Our old one blew down in a storm at the time of the pokeneu festival fifteen moons ago.
Or else the North really believes that all Southerners except a few quaint old characters have come around to realizing the errors of their past, and are now at heart sharers of the American Dream, like everybody else.
Something of this can be learned from `` The Way To The Churchyard '' ( 1901 ), an anecdote about an old failure whose fit of anger at a passing cyclist causes him to die of a stroke or seizure.
I saw a piece the other day assailing William Buckley, author of Man And God at Yale and publisher of The National Review, as no conservative at all, but an old liberal.
It was much more fun, reminding the girls of their old carefree days in the Hasseltine frolics room at Bradford.
In The Publick Spirit of the Whigs, it may be noted, Swift himself contemptuously dismissed Steele's reference to his friend at court: `` I suppose by the Style of old Friend, and the like, it must be some Body there of his own Level ; ;
Arlen, too, worked on other projects at the same time with old friend Ted Koehler.
and the young people should not even be permitted to see comedies till they are old enough to drink strong wine and sit at the public tables.
As a naturalist living for two years at the headwaters of the Amazon, he had collected specimens for Mexican museums, and he had taken to the London zoo a live quetzal, the sacred bird of the old Mayans.
and once when he came to see us in New York he walked away in a rainstorm, unwilling to hear of a taxi or even an umbrella, although he was at the time ninety years old.
At the risk of losing my charge-a-plate at Marshall Field and Company, I would like to challenge an old and hallowed stereotype.
The most articulate Republicans are those who, in their desire to get back at Mr. Kennedy, already have created the image of a Republican leadership which is reluctant to assist the distressed and the unemployed, and which is even more unwilling to help old people who need medical care.
Smiling at Warren's protestations, the old monk took his grip from him and led him down a corridor to a small parlor.
Rabbi Melzi smiled at him with infinitely old but merry eyes.
Accounts were garbled at the telegraph office when they sent old George down to Parkersburg for the news.
`` All dey know down dere is it were at Manassas Junction and it were a big fight '', the old man told them.
`` Well, I'm here at last '', she said, addressing the old portraits on the walls.
She stood there, a large old woman, smiling at the things she would say to him in the morning, this big foolish baby of a son.
It was just me and Eileen getting drunk together like we used to in the old days, and me staring at her across the table crazy to get my hands on her partly because I wanted to wring her neck because she was so ornery but mostly because she was so wonderful to touch.
He regaled Claire with an account of the mock mass performed by the cassocked bloods, which he had had at firsthand from old Bud Dodington, one of the leaders of the so-called `` Order ''.
Then she looked at the old woman again, her eyes calm.
His eyes were old and they never saw well, but heated with whisky they'd glare at my noise, growing red and raising up his rage.
She felt the look and looked back because she could not help it, seeing that he was neither as old nor as thick as she had at first believed.
An old gentlemen next to me held a Boy Scout bugle to his lips and blasted away at every fourth step and during the interim shouted out, `` V for Victory ''!!

old and me
If it were not for an old professor who made me read the classics I would have been stymied on what to do, and now I understand why they are classics ; ;
The old woman arose stiffly and led me to a clearing where a small hut stood.
May I say that you have just demonstrated the truth of an old proverb -- the younger Pliny's, if memory serves me -- which, translated freely from the archaic Latin, says, ' The more haste, the less peed ' ''.
`` Baby, I saw a lot of old friends I hadn't seen in a long time '', he told me, his eyes bright.
To the Weston house came once William Allen Neilson, the president of Smith College who had been one of my old professors and who still called me `` Boy '' when I was sixty.
I must have written to say how much I had enjoyed his fine book The Building Of Eternal Rome, and I found he had not regretted giving me the highest mark in his old course on the later Latin poets, although in my final examination I had ignored the questions and filled the bluebook with a comparison of Propertius and Coleridge.
Mr. Burlingham, -- `` C.C.B. '' -- wrote to me once about an old friend of mine, S. K. Ratcliffe, whom I had first met in London in 1914 and who also came out for a week-end in Weston.
When he was in the war, he was in Law or Supplies or something like that, and an old buddy of his told me he would come down on Sundays to the Pentagon and read the citations for medals -- just like the one we sent in for Trig -- and go away with a real glow.
After a minute he went on, `` People must think the curse is on me, seeing you fresh as an apple and me old and gray ''.
All about me there was a hectic interplay of meetings taking place, like abrupt, jerky scenes in old silent movies, joyous greetings and beginnings, huggings and kissings, enthusiastic forays into the festive night.
Fing, a lean, chiseled, impeccable gentleman of the old school who was once mistaken on the street for Sir Cedric Hardwicke, is responsible for the rediscovery of Verdi's earliest, most raucous opera, Nabisco, a sumptuous bout-de-souffle with a haunting leitmotiv that struck me as being highly reminiscent of the Mudugno version of `` Volare ''.
What you were looking for ( unless you make a hobby of collecting old tennis rackets and fly screens ) eludes me, but to judge from phonograph records scattered about a fumed-oak Victrola.
One old man told me that when he was a boy he was kicked in the head by a fractious mule and had his scalp laid back from the entire front of his head.
But you realize, I am sure, how much old deeds incite to new ones, and you must forgive me if I tell you first of the old ones.
Nobody told me you were so old.
The original posters showed Bennett himself ; a kindly looking old man offering guidance and support to would-be students with the phrase " Let me be your father " attached.
In Australia and South Africa, the colloquial term " China " is derived from " mate " rhyming with " China plate " ( the identical form, heard in expressions like " me old China " is also a long-established Cockney idiom ).
This humoristic effect is more difficult to see nowadays, because the reader must me able to distinguish those two old versions of the language, but when the book was published it was very much celebrated.
The thorough rejection stung ; Allen wrote to Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull, " How the old men came to reject me I cannot conceive inasmuch as I saved them from the incroachments of New York.

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