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one-off and test
He made his test début as a match referee on 1 September 2011 in a one-off test between Zimbabwe and Pakistan at Bulawayo.
He did test a Dale Coyne Champ Car to help prepare Darren Manning for a one-off in the first CART race in Britain at Rockingham, and raced in the British round of the World Rally Championship.
The first hypervisors providing full virtualization, were the test tool, SIMMON, and IBM's one-off research CP-40 system, which began production use in January 1967, and became the first version of IBM's CP / CMS operating system.
This was an initial test to see if it was popular enough to open again for future one-off days.
In October 2011 it hosted a rugby league one-off test match between Australia and New Zealand.
Lockyer was selected for Australia to play in the one-off test match against New Zealand on 8 May 2009.
Despite being written off as underdogs before the Australian tour began, England drew the one-day international series against Australia, two all, and retained the Ashes with a six wicket victory in the one-off test match at Bowral.
He was selected for Australia in the one-off test match against New Zealand on 8 May 2009.
In July 2009, England retained the Ashes after their one-off test at Worcester ended in a draw.
Sinfield was selected to play for England against France in the one-off test in 2010.
She scored 139 runs in the tournament, the third highest total, and took 4 wickets at 14. 5 apiece, before recording an unbeaten half century in the second innings to help England retain the Ashes with a draw in the one-off Ashes test at New Road in Worcester.
He was selected for Australia in the one-off test match against New Zealand on 8 May 2009.
It was first contested in 2004 ( the 10 year anniversary of South African democracy ), in a one-off test.

one-off and 1999
* Dockers ( 1999 one-off TV drama for Channel 4, co-written by Jimmy McGovern )
In 1999, Robinson returned to star in a one-off Blackadder short film to celebrate the millennium, entitled Blackadder: Back & Forth.
Zenon was the UK pioneer of ' Street Magic ', writing and presenting several one-off specials on Channel 4 and ITV including Paul Zenon Turning Tricks ( 1999 ), Paul Zenon's Tricky Christmas, Paul Zenon's Trick or Treat ( shot in Prague in 2000 ) and White Magic with Paul Zenon ( shot in Lapland in 2002 ).
Europe went on hiatus in 1992, reunited temporarily for a one-off performance in Stockholm on New Year's Eve 1999 and announced an official reunion in 2003.
Paice also joined the album's line-up at three one-off performances in September and December 1999, including a show at the famous Cavern Club.
The first series began on 27 September 1990 and continued for seven more, ending on 18 June 1999 and returning with a one-off special on 23 December 2008.
In 1999, the band reformed under their original name for a one-off release entitled Kaka.
* Come on Down and Out: one-off episode ( 1999 ) for Channel 4-total 1 episode.
The band played a one-off reunion show at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 1999, and later reunited in late 2007 for a series of four Montreal shows in support of the re-release of Shiva Space Machine.
An advanced version debuted in a one-off story in JLA # 27 ( March 1999 ), and another appeared in the limited series Hourman, specifically issues # 1, # 5-7, # 17, and # 19-21 ( April 1999 – December 2000 ).
The first show was held in 1999 as a one-off event in an airplane hangar at Reykjavík Airport.
The band split in 1997 and aside from a few one-off reunion gigs in 1998 ( Paradise Garage, Lisbon, Portugal ) and 1999 ( Scotland Rocks for Kosovo charity event ), had not been active as a unit before reforming, with Toby Jepson as guest vocalist, for a Rockradio charity gig in January 2008.
Neron then appeared in New Year's Evil: Rogues ( February 1998 ), part of the New Year's Evil series that ran in nine one-off titles, followed by a two-page vignette featuring Etrigan The Demon in the one-off anthology title DCU Villains Secret Files # 1 ( 1999 ); ending the year with a part in the weekly series Day of Judgement # 1-# 5 ( November 1999 ) and a stand-alone tale by J. M.
Released by Rounder Records, in 2001, Raisins in the Sun was a one-off collaboration with Jules Shear, Harvey Brooks, Paul Q. Kolderie, Jim Dickinson, Sean Slade, and Winston Watson, recorded in May 1999.
* Sean Daly – Bass Guitar and vocals ( 1999 – 2003, 2003 – 2008, one-off show in 2011 )
The last episode of The Great Eastern aired in 1999 and, apart from a 2002 one-off celebrating the life of Guglielmo Marconi, the show never returned to the CBC.
Fourteen series of Towards / Beyond 2000 were produced, with the last being made in 1999 as a one-off, after a production break of about four years.
Headey's performance in a one-off show when she was 17 caught the attention of a casting agent, who took a photo and asked her to audition and eventually she got a supporting role alongside Jeremy Irons and Ethan Hawke in the 1992 British drama film Waterland and went on to appear with higher-profile actors in major films such as The Remains of the Day ( 1993 ), The Jungle Book ( 1994 ), Onegin ( 1999 ) and Aberdeen ( 2000 ).
* The Spells, a one-off collaboration between Mary Timony ( of indie rock band Helium ) and Carrie Brownstein ( of Excuse 17 and later Sleater-Kinney ), recorded a cover version on their EP The Age of Backwards, released in 1999.

one-off and between
The last place in the finals was contested between the United States and Mexico only three days before the start of the tournament in a one-off match in Rome, which the United States won.
* Black Diamond Brigade – a one-off collaboration between Knut " Euroboy " Schreiner, Billy Gould ( Faith No More ), Sigurd " Satyr " Wongraven ( Satyricon ), Torgny Amdam ( Amulet ) and Tarjei Strom ( Ralph Myerz ).
There was a one-off competition between the four highest scoring viewers.
Carpooling is commonly implemented for commuting but is increasingly popular for longer one-off journeys, with the formality and regularity of arrangements varying between schemes and journeys.
Returning to a one-off match between both League champions for a 1998 World Club Challenge as a show-piece fixture at Ellis Park in Johannesburg was mooted.
In 1994, between series of The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer, the pair hosted a one-off hour long show on BBC Radio 1 entitled Radio Reeves & Mortimer.
The one-off game would be a departure from the usual three-match series, additionally the contest would be between England, rather than Great Britain, and Australia.
Woodfull scored 118 in a one-off match between his XI and Richardson's XI, which ended in a draw.
The game can be played as one-off, or as a repetitive one, between the same or different sets of players, to distinguish between a general propensity to trust and trust within particular relationships.
Eiht would hop between record labels and one-off releases in the next years, moving between independent labels Half-Ounce, D3 Entertainment, and Lookin ' Up Entertainment from 2001 to 2003.
In between the two, there was a one-off television movie co-produced with Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox Television, screened on the Fox Network in the United States in 1996.
The first competition was held in 1892, as a one-off championship game between the Racing Club de France and Stade Français.
The penultimate episode of Pop Quiz in 1984 featured a face-off between pop bands Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran, and in 1994 he returned to host a one-off special of the show for the anniversary of Top Of The Pops.
A total of thirty episodes were produced between 1981 and 1984, followed by a one-off special ( which was twice the length of the other episodes ), Tenko Reunion, in 1985.
* April 25-Anglo-Irish Trade Agreement, signed between the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland in London, settles the Anglo-Irish Trade War and agrees to the Royal Navy abandoning the British sovereign bases at the Irish Treaty Ports in return for a one-off payment of £ 10 million.
Ray made a one-off appearance on The Footy Show in 2005 as part of a forum to discuss brawling and antagonism between Bulldogs supporters at Telstra Stadium during a game against the Brisbane Broncos.
The Coronation Cup was a one-off football tournament to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, between four English and four Scottish clubs, held in Glasgow in May 1953.
Cole played the role of the stern, officious yet kindly doctor over three series and a one-off special between 1981 and 1985.
Employers need to distinguish between one-off lapses and dishonesty.
The distinction between the Duo and Event awards is that the former is presented to two artists who normally perform together, while the latter was specifically created to honor one-off collaborations.

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