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only and substantial
No longer is the United States the only major industrial country capable of providing substantial amounts of the resources so urgently needed in the newly developed countries.
But the correlation is substantial only among upperclassmen.
Section 7 is designed to arrest in its incipiency not only the substantial lessening of competition from the acquisition by one corporation of the whole or any part of the stock of a competing corporation, but also to arrest in their incipiency restraints or monopolies in a relevant market which, as a reasonable probability, appear at the time of suit likely to result from the acquisition by one corporation of all or any part of the stock of any other corporation.
The Peace Corps can either begin in very low gear, with only preparatory work undertaken between now and when Congress finally appropriates special funds for it -- or it can be launched now and in earnest by executive action, with sufficient funds and made available from existing Mutual Security appropriations to permit a number of substantial projects to start this summer.
if a substantial fraction of the dust is orbiting about the Earth, only about one third the above-mentioned average velocity should be used in deriving the mass.
In the rare case where a corporation's only substantial asset, or its most important one, is a claim for refund, perhaps its transfer should not be permitted, whether the reorganization takes the form of a statutory merger or of the acquisition of assets for stock.
Further, and as an evidence of legislative intent only, the Senate of the United States recently defeated by a substantial majority the `` Holland Amendment '' to the Fair Labor Standards Act, which would have specifically limited the regulatory authority of the Secretary in these matters.
Richard M. Forbes's Paget, which had what seemed to be a substantial lead in the early stages, tired rapidly nearing the wire and was able to save place money only a head in front of Glen T. Hallowell's Milties Miss.
Of the burden of having to contribute to the maintenance of Cerigo and Aegina, both united administratively with the Morea since the peace, the peninsula not only paid all the expenses of administration, but furnished a substantial balance for the naval defence of Venice, in which it was directly interested.
Size, however, is not the only difference: there are also substantial differences in shape.
This discovery has shed much light on the differences between the two versions ; while it was previously maintained that the Greek Septuagint ( the version used by the earliest Christians ) was only a poor translation, professor Emanuel Tov, senior editor of the Dead Sea Scrolls ' publication, wrote that the Masoretic edition either represents a substantial rewriting of the original Hebrew, or there had previously been two different versions of the text.
By the final stages of the war only the Soviet Union was still fielding mounted units in substantial numbers, some in combined mechanized and horse units.
Section 2 of the Act limits the common law presumption that conduct may be treated as contempt regardless of intention: now only cases where there is a substantial risk of serious prejudice to a trial are affected.
The only substantial combat of the first day of the Rising took place at the South Dublin Union where a piquet from the Royal Irish Regiment, encountered an outpost of Éamonn Ceannt's force at the north-western corner of the South Dublin Union.
It was Boccaccio's final effort in literature and one of his last works in Italian, the only other substantial work was Corbaccio ( dated to either 1355 or 1365 ).
It is, though, an intensely personal work with little dramatic power that only succeeds in appealing to readers after substantial editing.
The overall picture of continuity suggests this was not accompanied by any substantial movement of population ; crucially, only a single Hallstatt burial is known from Britain, and even here the evidence is inconclusive.
If we examine only funds that have survived to the present, we will overestimate past returns because many of the worst-performing funds have not survived, and the observed association between fund youth and fund performance suggests that this bias may be substantial.
In the Italian referendums of 1993, voters approved substantial changes, including moving from a proportional to an Additional Member System, which is largely dominated by a majoritarian electoral system and the abolition of some ministries, some of which, however, have been reintroduced with only partly modified names, such as the Ministry of Agriculture reincarnated as the Ministry of Agricultural Resources.
They cultivated only those arts which could add splendor to the nation, to the neglect of those which supported it – They neglected Trade & substantial Manufacture ... but does it follow that a total revolution is necessary that because we have given ourselves up too much to the ornaments of life, we will now have none at all ". When attending a dinner at Holland House, Fox's niece Caroline was sat next to Reynolds and " burst out into glorification of the Revolution – and was grievously chilled and checked by her neighbour's cautious and unsympathetic tone ".
Radcliffe, however, not only wrote little but also took a certain iconoclastic pride in having read little, remarking once of some vials of herbs and a skeleton in his study: “ This is Radcliffe ’ s library .” However, he bequeathed a substantial sum of money to Oxford for the founding of the Radcliffe Library, an endowment which, Samuel Garth quipped, was “ about as logical as if a eunuch should found a seraglio .”
The only substantial shedding occurs as a puppy before the dreadlocks fully form.
The gain medium will amplify any photons passing through it, regardless of direction ; but only the photons in a spatial mode supported by the resonator will pass more than once through the medium and receive substantial amplification.
No animal of any substantial size was found whatsoever and despite high hopes, the scientists involved in the expedition admitted that this essentially proved the Loch Ness monster was only a myth.

only and leading
The complexities of Venetian politics eluded him, but the story of the revolution itself is told in restrained measures, with no superfluous passages and only an occasional overemphasis of the part played by its leading figure.
Under the 1939 Code this item was permitted to survive a tax-free reorganization in the Stanton Brewery case, but only over the dissent of Judge Learned Hand, who wrote the majority opinion in the Sansome case, a leading case requiring carryover of earnings and profits in a non-taxable reorganization.
When he was made a vice president only a year after the new sales job, a leading business magazine ran his photograph with a brief biography in a series on national business leaders of the future.
This meant not only that the king had retained the loyalty of ealdormen, royal reeves and king ’ s thegns ( who were charged with levying and leading these forces ), but that they had maintained their positions of authority in these localities well enough to answer his summons to war.
René, whose possession included now only part of the Abruzzi and Naples, obtained 10, 000 men from the pope, but the cardinal leading them signed a truce with Alfonso.
Over the next few years the kingdom was threatened not only by Saladin and Nur ad-Din, but also by the Hashshashin ; in one episode, the Knights Templar murdered some Hashshashin envoys, leading to further disputes between Amalric and the Templars.
After some thought, they rescinded this order, and only put to death the leading 1000 ringleaders of the revolt, and redistributed the land of the entire island to Athenian shareholders, who were sent out to reside on Lesbos.
Hogarth, for example, thinks that beauty consists of ( 1 ) fitness of the parts to some design ; ( 2 ) variety in as many ways as possible ; ( 3 ) uniformity, regularity or symmetry, which is only beautiful when it helps to preserve the character of fitness ; ( 4 ) simplicity or distinctness, which gives pleasure not in itself, but through its enabling the eye to enjoy variety with ease ; ( 5 ) intricacy, which provides employment for our active energies, leading the eye on " a wanton kind of chase "; and ( 6 ) quantity or magnitude, which draws our attention and produces admiration and awe.
In Gandhi ’ s thought, ahimsa precludes not only the act of inflicting a physical injury, but also mental states like evil thoughts and hatred, unkind behavior such as harsh words, dishonesty and lying, all of which he saw as manifestations of violence incompatible with ahimsa. Gandhi believed ahimsa to be a creative energy force, encompassing all interactions leading one's self to find satya, " Divine Truth ".
Even so, its kill rate was only 13 % in combat in 1972, leading to a practice of ripple-firing all four at once in hopes of increasing kill probability.
In the area, the former seabed is only gently sloped, leading to large areas of land being reclaimed in, geologically speaking, relatively short periods ( decades and centuries ).
Purines are complementary only with pyrimidines: pyrimidine-pyrimidine pairings are energetically unfavorable because the molecules are too far apart for hydrogen bonding to be established ; purine-purine pairings are energetically unfavorable because the molecules are too close, leading to overlap repulsion.
The following year, Robinson won the American League Most Valuable Player award, thus becoming the first ( and so far only ) man to win the MVP in each league ( Robinson won the NL MVP in 1961, leading the Reds to the pennant ).
In the second Beeching report of 1965 only the " major trunk routes " were selected for large-scale investment, leading many to speculate the rest of the network would eventually be closed.
On the other hand, in 1995 he toured in Japan with Kurtalan Ekspres, leading to Live In Japan ( 1996 ), his first and only live album.
Halfway through filming Chaplin fired his leading lady, Virginia Cherrill, only to ask her back a week later.
There are many successful companies today that sell only software products, though there are still many common software licensing problems due to the complexity of designs and poor documentation, leading to patent trolls.
This is a frequent occurrence in sitcoms, where networks may agree to continue a show, but only if a certain character is emphasized, leading other minor characters to become victims of Chuck Cunningham Syndrome, while the emphasized character ( usually a Breakout Character ) ( as in the case of Frasier Crane ) develops a more complete back story that ignores previous, more simplified back stories.
The Kanagawa treaty became a significant causative factor leading to serious internal conflicts within Japan — an upheaval which was only resolved in 1867 with the end of the Tokugawa shogunate and the beginning of the Meiji Restoration.
She was asked to provide information for Defence Secretariat 19 about leading CND personnel but was instructed to include only information from published sources.
Researchers note that developers began to limit seeking input from test users after the test users suggested remedies the developers felt were improbable, leading the developers to believe consulting the test users would only prove to be more work.
While this rivalry was in many ways a holdover from the days when the Commodore 64 had first challenged the Atari 800 ( among others ) in a series of scathing television commercials, the events leading to the launch of the ST and Amiga only served to further alienate fans of each computer, who fought vitriolic holy wars on the question of which platform was superior.
Most Compaq products have been re-branded with the HP nameplate, such as the company's market leading ProLiant server line, while the Compaq brand remains on only some consumer-oriented and budget products, notably Compaq Presario PCs.
Initially Eisenhower planned on serving only one term, but as with other decisions he maintained a position of maximum flexibility in case leading Republicans wanted him to run again.
Much encyclopaedism of the French Renaissance was based upon the notion of not including every fact known to humans, but only that knowledge that was necessary, where necessity was judged by a wide variety of criteria, leading to works of greatly varying sizes.

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