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order and was
she must be poised and proud and unafraid in order to prove to the mountain that she was in earnest.
Jack walked off alone out the road in the searing midday sun, past Robert Allen's three-room, tarpapered house, toward the field where the other boys were playing ball, thinking of what he would do in order to make Miss Langford have him stay in after school -- because this was the day he had decided when he thought he saw the look in her eyes.
It was in order to avoid the stuffy routine of middle class life that Holmes became a detective in the first place.
The problem is to remove the accretions and thereby uncover the order that was always there.
This conference was held despite Stavropoulos' assurance to Adolf Berle, who was leaving the same day for Puerto Rico, that nothing would be done until his return on January 22, except that the Secretary General would probably order the list destroyed.
Modern warfare was born in this campaign -- periscopes, camouflage, booby traps, land mines, extended order, trench raids, foxholes, armored cars, night attacks, flares, sharpshooters in trees, interlaced vines and treetops, which were the forerunners of barbed wire, trip wires to thwart a cavalry charge, which presaged the mine trap, and the general use of anesthetics.
A report of Sr. Edw Grevyles minaces to the Baileefe Aldermen & Burgesses of Stratforde '' tells how Quiney was injured by Greville's men: `` in the tyme Mr. Ryc' Quyney was bayleefe ther came some of them whoe beinge druncke fell to braweling in ther hosts howse wher thei druncke & drewe ther dagers uppon the hoste: att a faier tyme the Baileefe being late abroade to see the towne in order & comminge by in hurley burley came into the howse & commawnded the peace to be kept butt colde nott prevayle & in hys endevor to sticle the brawle had his heade grevouselye brooken by one of hys ( Greville's ) men whom nether hymselfe ( Greville ) punnished nor wolde suffer to be punnished but with a shewe to turne them awaye & enterteyned agayne ''.
In summary, Brooks Adams felt that the nature of history was order and that the order so discovered was as much subject to historical laws as the forces of nature.
He said it was stupid butchery to order men to make a charge like that, no matter who gave the order and what for.
But then, after the little operetta had been given its feeble amateur rendering, everyone insisted that it was too good to be lost forever, and that the Royal Academy of Music must now have the manuscript in order to give it the really first-rate performance it merited.
When I'd delivered myself of that gem there was nothing to do but order up another drink.
He found Elizabeth in the parlor and asked her to make sure everything was in order in the residential hall, and then to take charge of the office while the party was here.
He had thought that the suggestion of taking it himself would tip the colonel in the direction of serving his own order, but the slip of paper was folded and absently thrust into the colonel's belt.
In order to further refine the management of passenger vehicles, on July 1, 1958, the actual title to every vehicle was transferred, by Executive Order, to the Division of Methods, Research and Office Services.
Never rebuilt, the bridge was strengtened in 1938 by two extra piers, a concrete floor, and a walk-way along the upper side in order to care for modern traffic.
Jones relented, he did not order his men to apply the torch -- the drove of livestock was driven up the valley, via Beverly, and across the mountains to feed and serve the Confederate army, while Jones and his raiders turned toward Buckhannon to join forces with Imboden.
Half the manhours you pay for on most jobs are wasted because the job was not planned right, so the right tools were not handy at the right place at the right time, or the right materials were not delivered to the handiest spots or materials were not stacked in the right order for erection, or you bought cheap materials that took too long to fit, or your workmen had to come back twice to finish a job they could have done on one trip.
Ninety per cent of the 153 recorded impacts occurred between midnight and noon, and from day to day the variation of the rate was as much as an order of magnitude.

order and appointed
How embarrassing it would be if the newly appointed Congregationalist missionaries should suddenly switch their own beliefs in order to embrace Baptist teachings!!
if a receiver or trustee for any such partnership or corporation has been duly appointed by a court of competent jurisdiction in the United States and has not been discharged prior to the date of payment, payment shall be made to such receiver or trustee in accordance with the order of the court ; ;
He appointed Claudius his co-consul in 37 in order to emphasize the memory of Caligula's deceased father Germanicus.
This led the Ottoman government to agree to an arrangement whereby the different nahiyes ( districts ) of the Chouf would be granted in iltizam (" fiscal concession ") to one of the region's amirs, or leading chiefs, leaving the maintenance of law and order and the collection of its taxes in the area in the hands of the appointed amir.
Elvin Santos, the vice-president during the start of Zelaya's term, had resigned in order to run for president in the coming elections, and by presidential line of succession the head of Congress, Roberto Micheletti, was appointed president.
Moses ... appointed Nisan ... as the first month for the festivals ... the commencement of the year for everything relating to divine worship, but for selling and buying and other ordinary affairs he preserved the ancient order e. the year beginning with Tishrei.
When a dispute between the capetanei of Laconia and the appointed governor of the province escalated into an armed conflict, he called in Russian troops to restore order, because much of the army was controlled by capetanei who were part of the rebellion.
In 1700 a new pope, Clement XI, summoned Codde to Rome in order to participate in the Jubilee Year, whereupon a second commission was appointed to try Codde.
Henry IV appointed Henry Percy – the famous ‘ Hotspur ’ – to bring the country to order.
The Anglo-Saxon system of maintaining public order since the Norman conquest was a private system of tithings, led by a constable, which was based on a social obligation for the good conduct of the others ; more common was that local lords and nobles were responsible to maintain order in their lands, and often appointed a constable, sometimes unpaid, to enforce the law.
In 1963, Menzies was appointed a Knight of the Order of the Thistle ( KT ), the order being chosen in recognition of his Scottish heritage.
He is the only Australian ever appointed to this order, although three British governors-general of Australia ( Lord Hopetoun ; Sir Ronald Munro Ferguson, later Lord Novar ; and Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester ) were members.
In 1299, William Lamberton, Bishop of St. Andrews, was appointed as a third, neutral Guardian to try to maintain order between Bruce and Comyn.
Stephen also had a personal Augustine confessor appointed to him by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who implemented a penitential regime for him, and Stephen encouraged the new order of Cistercians to form abbeys on his estates, winning him additional allies within the church.
As its first order of business, the Universal House of Justice evaluated the situation caused by the fact that the Guardian had not appointed a successor.
Jefferson had also served on the committee appointed to draw up the rules of order for the Continental Congress in 1776.
Some anatomists such as Robert Grant were influenced by Lamarck and Geoffroy, but most naturalists regarded their ideas of transmutation as a threat to divinely appointed social order.
He was commissioned as a major, then became George Washington's aide-de-camp and, on August 14, 1775 Washington appointed him to become the army's first Quartermaster General under order of Congress.
In order to help Bristow's investigation and clean house, Grant appointed reformer Edwards Pierrepont as U. S. Attorney General.
If the parliament passes a resolution of no confidence, or refuses to pass an important bill such as the budget, then the government must either resign so that a different government can be appointed or seek a parliamentary dissolution so that new general elections may be held in order to re-confirm or deny the government's mandate.
John works through the eunuch Eutropius, who has great power over emperor Arcadius, and within a week an imperial Constitution is issued closing the temples, but the official appointed to execute this order is bribed.
Additionally in recent years Lord Mayors have been appointed Knights of St John ( KStJ ), of which order HM The Queen is Sovereign Head.
Wallace was succeeded by Robert Bruce and John Comyn as joint guardians, with William de Lamberton, Bishop of St Andrews being appointed in 1299 as a third, neutral Guardian to try and maintain order between them.

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