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organisers and stressed
However, the organisers stressed that no advertised performers were cut from any line-ups, nor were there any plans to do so.
Though the organisers stressed that the event was well-organised and in accordance with public liability, security and OHS regulations, Brisbane City Council had given in to political pressure from individuals and groups such as the Young Women's Christian Association to stop " Blokesworld Live " from going ahead.

organisers and behaviour
In contrast to the reputations of some sports fans for hooliganism, the Barmy Army organisers actively discourage unsavoury behaviour.
In the post-match interview he was particularly scathing of the crowd and the organisers for not controlling their behaviour, describing the crowd as " a bunch of muppets ".

organisers and during
The organisers have hired two opera singers to sing aria s during the meal for the entertainment of the guests.
The public road is closed during these by the organisers or the police.
The 2010 party was not held on the night of the parade and was later described by the organisers as human error during scheduling.
While the turnout for this march did not match the demonstration of 15 February-Stop the War claimed up to 500, 000, whilst fellow organisers CND claimed between 200, 000 – 300, 000-it was noted that this was the largest anti-war demonstration held during wartime and had been organised with but a week's notice.
The organisers have hired two opera singers to sing aria s during the meal, for the entertainment of the guests.
On 5 July 2010 Biggin Hill Airport Ltd cancelled the 25 year contract with Air Displays International ( the Air Fair organisers ) without warning, a few weeks after the 2010 event, during which the Air Fair had attracted record breaking crowds. Air Displays International
Group A stopped being used in touring car racing in 1994, when the German Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft ( DTM ) switched to a 2. 5 L class 1 formula, while in Japan by that year as the Japanese Touring Car Championship organisers followed suit and switched classes like most other countries who had adopted the British Touring Car Championship-derived Supertouring regulations, many of the redundant Skylines found a new home in the form of the JGTC ( Japanese GT Championship ) with modified aerodynamic devices, showing its competitiveness whilst being up against Group C, former race modified roadcars and specially developed racers, like the Toyota Supras during the earlier years.
In 2003, during an immigration clampdown by the Swedish authorities, Boit Kipketer was refused permission to run in Stockholm where the event organisers had lined him up as one of the main attractions, because he did not have the required visa.
On the 13th of June 2012, during a UEFA Euro 2012 match between Denmark and Portugal, Danish forward Nicklas Bendtner celebrated his second goal by lowering his shorts and lifting his shirt to reveal a pair of Paddy Power underpants, to the disgust of the national team's sponsor Ladbrokes and tournament organisers UEFA.
Additionally, during the period of mergers, the traditional links between members, local organisers, industrial officers, branches and the peak leaderships of unions broke down.
Although the race was again won by two Italian drivers during this time, including a second victory for Varzi, it was only when the organisers decided to run the Coppa to the 1. 5 litre voiturette formula in 1939 that any other manufacturer could stand a realistic chance of winning.
Hamilton was a larger-than-life character, and his account of what followed has passed into motor racing legend: by the time Jaguar team manager Lofty England persuaded the organisers to let them race, both drivers were drunk in a local bar ; when the race was under way the team tried to sober Hamilton up by giving him coffee during the pit stops but he refused it, saying it made his arms twitch ; instead he was given brandy.
Georgi Plekhanov, who was one of the organisers of the demonstration, gave a passionate speech during the demonstration, indicting the autocracy and defending the ideas of Chernyshevsky, who was then in exile.
The demand for fuel economy created by the oil crisis in the early 1970s led the race organisers to adopt a fuel economy formula known as Group C, in which the amount of fuel each car was allowed to use during the race was limited.
At first, it was difficult for the organisers to get the most prestigious courses to agree to host the event, with the exception of Royal Birkdale, which hosted it twice during its early days — in 1982 and 1986.
The popularity of the Filofax personal organiser grew enormously during the early 1980s due to its association with Yuppie Culture, where it was regarded as a " must-have " accessory, in the days before electronic organisers.
His mortification at the acceptance of Lowlanders became a bitter complaint about the prominent role the Celtic Society had in the visit of King George IV to Scotland, and he made several unauthorised and flamboyant appearances during the visit, to the annoyance of his friend Walter Scott and the other organisers, but causing no more than mild amusement to the King.
The sport reached its peak during the German colonial period, when organisers held races annually on 27 January ( the Kaiser's birthday ).
Notable organisers who came to prominence during the strike include Ben Tillett, John Burns, Tom Mann, Will Thorne and the seamen's leader Joseph Havelock Wilson.

organisers and march
In 1964 there was only a one-day march, partly because of the events of 1963 and partly because the logistics of the march, which had grown beyond all expectation, had exhausted the organisers.
The organisers were determined that those attending the meeting at St Peter's Field would be neatly turned out and would march to the event in good order.
Although the organisers had obtained permission, this was revoked, and the march was broken up by the police.
The parade organisers refuse to allow gay people to march under their banner, and there was media speculation that this was the reason for the refusal.
On November 7, 2006 the HaEdah HaCharedis said it was considering placing the curse on the organisers of the gay pride parade scheduled to march in Jerusalem on November 10, 2006.
Hence, an estimated 100, 000 people took part in an anti-war march in Dublin ( the organisers had expected 20, 000 ) with demands being made that the United States be refused permission to use Shannon Airport as a stop over point when flying their soldiers from the United States to countries bordering Iraq.
Some pre march tension was evident and a Parades Commission determination appeared to rule in favour of the residents opposed to the parade based on its size and because they felt they weren't given adequate notice by the organisers of the parade.
Three days before the event the organisers realised the march would be larger than the 60, 000 capacity of Trafalgar Square.
On the day, march organisers turned the march away from the barriers and up to Free Derry Corner, but some youths proceeded to the barrier at William Street and stoned soldiers.
Furthermore, the Live 8 concert's timing, coinciding with the long planned Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh, drew criticism from organisers of the march.
On the day itself, police did call the march off for a time, and there was a level of confusion among the public about whether or not the march would be going ahead, however they eventually relented when the organisers said they would go ahead anyway and when a number of protesters started to head toward Edinburgh as an alternative protest site.
Tarto was one of the organisers of the protest march around the Soviet military base near Tartu on March 8, 1989.
Bamford would later claim that one of the organisers disappeared with the money raised to feed the Blanketeers, leaving them without a means of support on the march.
In Seattle organisers aimed to have 20 to 30 thousand people join a march from Seattle Center following a giant blue planet, the emblem adopted by the march organisers.

organisers and Drummond
However, the festival also welcomes anyone who the organisers believe ' speaks for justice ', and has recently had Anita Roddick, Peter Tatchell, Bill Drummond and Billy Bragg sharing their thoughts.

organisers and was
Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal wrote to organisers of a Swedish book fair to which Singer was invited that " A professor of morals ... who justifies the right to kill handicapped newborns ... is in my opinion unacceptable for representation at your level.
Heydrich was one of the organisers of Kristallnacht, a pogrom against Jews throughout Germany on the night of 9 – 10 November 1938.
One of the organisers of these demonstrations was the well known radical left wing LSE student Tariq Ali.
The United South of England Eleven ( USEE ) had been formed by Edgar Willsher in 1865 but the heyday of the travelling teams was over and their organisers were desperate to feature new attractions.
Despite a falling out between the organisers ( see controversy below ) a successful event was held in Alexandra Palace the next year in 2000.
According to the organisers of a recent Hrabal exhibition in Brno, his biological father was “ probably ” Bohumil Blecha ( b. 1893-d, 1970 ), who was a year older than Marie, a friend from the neighbourhood and the son of a teacher.
In 1997, organisers Ken West and Vivian Lees announced they were taking a year off, causing concern that the festival was coming to an end.
On 21 January 2007 a decision was made by the organisers to discourage Big Day Out patrons in Sydney from bringing and displaying the Australian flag.
The organisers said the decision was a result of recent ethno-religious tensions in Sydney, complaints that the previous year's festival had been marred by roving packs of aggressive flag-draped youths, and recognition that some indigenous Australians take issue with celebrating the start of British settlement.
It is believed that the first occurrence of a trophy being presented to the winner of a race was in 1512 by organisers of a fair in Chester and was a small wooden ball decorated with flowers.
The race was run 48 hours later on the Monday, with the meeting organisers offering 20, 000 tickets with free admission.
Further, municipal event organisers were told that singing of the Royal Anthem was not allowed and the loyal toast to the Queen was to be replaced with a toast to the Governor General, all of which not only disregarded precedent but also grated on prairie sensitivities.
In 2003, the festival organisers responded to claims that the event was becoming too commercialised by implemented a scaled-down, grassroots approach.
As a charity fundraiser, the concert far exceeded its goals: on a television programme in 2001, one of the organisers stated that while initially it had been hoped that Live Aid would raise £ 1 million with the help of Wembley tickets costing £ 25. 00 each, the final figure was £ 150 million ( approx.
The organisers expected an enraged reaction due to the cancellation of the concert, but when Dalida came onstage and explained to her fans that she couldn't perform, she was met with great applause and her name echoed everywhere.

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