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organization and relies
If an organization manager relies on a reasoned written opinion of an appropriate professional, his or her participation will ordinarily not be considered knowing.
Since then the PCE does not have an organization in Catalonia, but relies on a regional referent party.
Today this organization relies on community volunteers to maintain and clean these Green Street Projects.
The NEA is a volunteer-based organization that relies upon its members to perform much of the Association's work.
The Danish military has recently restructured its internal organization heavily, and now relies on a more flexible and modern structure than before, geared towards upholding national sovereignty and participating in the international war on terror and international peacekeeping missions under NATO and UN mandate.
The organization relies on its regular volunteer base of over 4, 500 -- as well as its contractors -- to plant and maintain trees throughout Atlanta ( inside I-285 ).
Also organizing and searching data often relies on detecting areas where objects form groups with similar properties ; in high dimensional data however all objects appear to be sparse and dissimilar in many ways which prevents common data organization strategies from being efficient.
The Broad Channel Volunteers, Inc., is a 501 ( C ) 3 not-for-profit organization that relies solely on door to door fundraising, grants from politicians and from the state, and since 1905 has operated 100 % volunteer.
Souder has declined to engage in a debate with SSDP members regarding the Aid Elimination Penalty, and instead relies on ad hominem attacks calling the organization " nonsensical " and " legalizers ".
The organization relies on the Associated Press to perform vote tabulations and contracted with Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International to " make projections and provide exit poll analysis.
To target websites perceived as threats, the organization relies upon its web community to find jihadists, and use a free " whois " service to determine if a US based server hosts them.
Natural authority relies on factors such as charisma, negotiating skills, assertiveness and self confidence rather than law, political position, wealth or standing in an organization.
The progressive media watchdog organization goes on to state that the author " recycles long-debunked claims about the Clintons " and " relies on anonymous sources for much that isn't recycled — more than 70 footnotes refer to unnamed sources ," and that the book has a " reliance on ' convenient rather than complete evidence.
The joint disposition of the organization as defined in its By-Laws: “ NP relies on the engagement, creativity, constructive participation, reliability and nonviolent communication of everyone working with the organization.
Initially intended as a one-time CD launch benefit for Victoria Williams, Sweet Relief has evolved into a charity organization that relies on donations from artists and the public as a general fund to all professional musicians in need.
Since Washington's death, Chicago has returned to the leadership of the Democratic organization led by Richard M. Daley, although it may differ from the previous ward-based organization, as it relies on other groups, such as the Hispanic Democratic Organization.
After studies with René Char, Gustaf Sobin developed a poetic style that relies heavily on assonance and consonance, as well as other methods of the sonic organization of speech.
The organization brings together all of the agencies that our community relies upon each day when a need arises.
Being a volunteer run organization, it relies on cultural / social bonds and enthusiasm from participants for support and staffing rather than monetary incentive.
Currently 70 % of the funding comes from the government while the organization relies on dues from members and donations for the remaining 30 %.

organization and on
The answers derived by these means may determine not only the temporal organization of the dance but also its spatial design, special slips designating the location on the stage where the movement is to be performed.
These assumptions lead to an organization with one man at the top, six directly under him, six under each of these, and so on until there are six levels of personnel.
No organization can carry on like that.
The power of every ecclesiastical organization has always rested on the miracle, and the clergy have always proved their divine commission as did Elijah ''.
A realistic balancing of the need for new forms of international organization on the one hand, and our capacity to achieve them on the other, must be approached through the concept of `` community ''.
Some members of the organization called attention also to the article on hymns of inspiration, the Daily Prayer and Three Minutes A Day, as being very helpful.
I disagree with Mr. Burnham's position on the Common Market ( Nov. 18 ) as a desirable organization for us to join.
It will be transfered on completion to The Industrial Foundation of Rhode Island, a non-profit organization, which will reimburse us for the cost of construction.
The U.N.F.P. learned that its urban organization, which depends heavily on U.M.T. support, was most effective.
The identification of the basic unit of religious organization -- the parish or congregation -- with a residential area is self-defeating in a modern metropolis, for it simply means the closing of an iron trap on the outreach of the Christian fellowship and the transmutation of mission to co-optation.
What goes on in the cage will occupy our attention under the rubric of the organization church.
The report was completed after nearly eighteen months of work on the question of the organization of the United Nations.
The Service announced that taxpayers making such claims may be called on to furnish a statement from the recipient organization showing the date, purpose, amount and other particulars of the contribution.
Rococo music -- a lot of it -- was played in Carnegie Recital Hall on Saturday night in the first of four concerts being sponsored this season by a new organization known as Globe Concert Arts.
" The Rail Candidate "— Lincoln's 1860 candidacy is depicted as held up by the slavery issue — a slave on the left and party organization on the right.
Reference to them is made according to the organization of Immanuel Bekker's Royal Prussian Academy edition ( Aristotelis Opera edidit Academia Regia Borussica, Berlin, 1831 – 1870 ), which in turn is based on ancient classifications of these works.
In the former, the encounter with multiple, distinct cultures, often very different in organization and language from those of Europe, has led to a continuing emphasis on cross-cultural comparison and a receptiveness to certain kinds of cultural relativism.
* Kleiwerks-International organization recognized for their unique contribution to modern earthen and natural building techniques throughout the world, their focus is on education through hands on experience.
The American Film Institute ( AFI ) is an independent non-profit organization created by the National Endowment for the Arts, which was established in 1967 when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities Act.
According to research funded by the USAID CAPS project, Armenia's exceptionally high rate of economic growth during the last decade has been largely dependent on external factors ( e. g., remittances, assistance from international financial and donor organization ).
Although the National Association held on for a few more seasons, it was no longer recognized as the premier organization for professional baseball.
Today its focus is on ethics and it is known as the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, whose mission is to be the voice for ethics in international affairs.

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