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original and Artistic
The Artistic License refers most commonly to the original Artistic License ( version 1. 0 ), a software license used for certain free and open source software packages, most notably the standard Perl implementation and most CPAN modules, which are dual-licensed under the Artistic License and the GNU General Public License ( GPL ).
Whether or not the original Artistic License is a free software license is largely unsettled.
** The Artistic License ( the original Artistic License 1. 0, the one which is still used by Perl and CPAN )
The six original departments at the Institute were: Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering ; Artistic Crafts ; Domestic Economy and Women's Trades ; Electro-Chemistry ; Horology ( the science of time and art of clock-making ); and Mechanical Engineering and Metal Trades.
Listed as an architectural, urbanistic, landscape and historical heritage for IPHAN-the Institute of National Historic and Artistic Heritage, in 1989, the city has a Historical Center with large, ornate houses and churches of the 18th century, such as: First Church of Our Lady of the Rosary ( 1728 – 1732 ), Churches of Our Lady of the Carmo ( 1750 – 1754 ) and the Church of Our Lord of the Bonfim ( Pirenópolis ) ( 1750 – 1754 ), and buildings such as the Theater of Pirenópolis, a hybrid style between colonial and neo-classic, of 1899, and the Cine-Pireneus, built in the art-deco style, of 1919 and the House of Chamber and Jail constructed in 1919 as an identical restoration of the 1733 original.
The Dance Lab was founded by Jeanne Renaud and the main ( and original ) Artistic Director wasPeter Boneham.
After the early 20th century, primarily after the disbandment of the original Ballets Russes, the title has been used more to describe the master teachers / assistant directors of a ballet company, ( previously known as Second Ballet master ), with the head of a company being referred to as the Artistic Director.
Previous Artistic Directors include Nick Marchand ( 2006 – 2010 ), David Berthold ( 2003 – 06 ), Ros Horin ( 1992 – 2003 ), Ian Watson and the original Artistic Director Peter Kingston.

original and License
The name is a portmanteau of GNU and Nutella, the brand name of an Italian hazelnut flavored spread: supposedly, Frankel and Pepper ate a lot of Nutella working on the original project, and intended to license their finished program under the GNU General Public License.
* Open Publication License ( the original license of the Open Content Project, the Open Content License, did not permit for-profit copying of the licensed work and therefore does not qualify )
The added clause to the license was based on the original BSD license's advertising clause, which was viewed by the Free Software Foundation and Debian as incompatible with the GNU General Public License.
Though the original release was made under a license that did not provide any access to the program's source code, it is now released under the GNU General Public License.
Squeak 4. 0 may be downloaded at no cost, including source code, as a prebuilt virtual machine image licensed under the MIT License, with the exception of some of the original Apple code, which is governed by the Apache License.
The original software behind CDDB was released under the GNU General Public License, and many people submitted CD information thinking the service would also remain free.
Publication of the first version of the Open Audio License spurred the creation of the original Open Music Registry to support the license and provide a directory for finding works released under the license.
On October 29, 2008, ( the tenth anniversary of the purchase of the palimpsest at auction ) all data, including images and transcriptions, were hosted on the Digital Palimpsest Web Page for free use under a Creative Commons License, and processed images of the palimpsest in original page order were posted as a Google Book.
The original page was replaced with a statement claiming that the posting of the software was unauthorized and that no lawful rights to it were held by anyone who had downloaded it, in spite of the original claim that the software was released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
The original game has been licensed under a quirky license based on Bison's license and NetHack License, Stone Soup has contacted every past contributor and relicensed to GPLv2 +.
The original VNC source code and many modern derivatives are open source under the GNU General Public License.
Since 2001 the source code for the original SPITBOL 360 compiler has been made available under the GNU General Public License.
He described the Dominion RPG ’ s original licence as ‘ pseudo-open ’ and said games like Fuzion and FUDGE that ( at the time ) did not allow commercial reuse could come under the open gaming mantle if they adopted liberal terms like the Open Game License.
Transgaming obtained the source to the original Wine project when it was under the MIT License and this license placed no requirements on how Transgaming published their software.

original and was
Although he did not attend any celebrated schools or universities, he was a master of Greek and Hebrew and could read the Bible in the original.
For by now the original cause of the quarrel, Philip's seizure of Gascony, was only one strand in the spider web of French interests that overlay all western Europe and that had been so well and closely spun that the lightest movement could set it trembling from one end to the other.
If his circumspection in regard to Philip's sensibilities went so far that he even refused to grant a dispensation for the marriage of Amadee's daughter, Agnes, to the son of the dauphin of Vienne -- a truly peacemaking move according to thirteenth-century ideas, for Savoy and Dauphine were as usual fighting on opposite sides -- for fear that he might seem to be favoring the anti-French coalition, he would certainly never take the far more drastic step of ordering the return of Gascony to Edward, even though, as he admitted to the English ambassadors, he had been advised that the original cession was invalid.
Laudably enough, it is offering classics and off-beat imports, but last week only one U.S. original was on the boards, Robert D. Hock's stunning Civil War work, Borak.
Stowey Rummel was internationally famous, a crafter of a genuine Americana in foreign eyes, an original designer whose inventive childishness with steel and concrete was made even more believably sincere by his personality.
He claims that he was denied due process of law in violation of the Fifth Amendment, because ( 1 ) at a hearing before a hearing officer of the Department of Justice, he was not permitted to rebut statements attributed to him by the local board, and ( 2 ) at the trial, he was denied the right to have the hearing officer's report and the original report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as to his claim.
Petitioner was not entitled, either in the administrative hearing at the Department of Justice or at his trial, to inspect the original report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, since he was furnished a resume of it, did not challenge its accuracy, and showed no particular need for the original report.
He says that he was not permitted to rebut before the hearing officer statements attributed to him by the local board, and, further, that he was denied at trial the right to have the Department of Justice hearing officer's report and the original report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as to his claim -- all in violation of the Fifth Amendment.
That Prokofieff's harmonies and forms sometimes seem professionally routine to our ears, may or may not indicate that he was less of an `` original '' than we prefer to believe.
This original capsule contained a battery and a transistor oscillator and was about 1 cm. in diameter.
when the insoluble fraction was suspended in a volume of saline equal to that of the original serum sample, no complete antibody activity could be detected.
Approximately ten days after the questionnaire was mailed, a follow-up airmail postcard was sent to each of the original names.
In parts a repeated sponging was needed, but everywhere we found that water alone was enough to restore the original brightness.
Down in Concord, New Hampshire, was a flier in the right place at the right time: Robert S. Fogg, a native New Englander, had been a World War 1, flying instructor, barnstormer, and one of the original planners of the Concord Airport.
`` To be creative is to have the ability to cause to exist -- to produce where nothing was before -- to bring forth an original production of human intelligence or power ''.
What remained lacked the original verve but it was at least dignified, as befitting the tragic circumstances.

original and written
Additionally, Sherr points out that this was the original third verse written by Bates:
Every line of written text is a mere reflection of references from any of a multitude of traditions, or, as Barthes puts it, " the text is a tissue of quotations drawn from the innumerable centres of culture "; it is never original.
His remaining secular works in this late period fall into three categories: first, large scale cantatas and one oratorio Habsburg written on patriotic themes or in response to the international political situation, pedagogical works written to aid his students in voice, and finally simple songs, rounds or canons written for home entertainment ; many with original poetry by the composer.
The American Federation of Musicians defines arranging as " the art of preparing and adapting an already written composition for presentation in other than its original form.
The earliest parts of the book are possibly chapters 2 – 11, the story of the conquest ; more certain is that this section was then incorporated into an early form of Joshua that was part of then original Deuteronomistic history, written late in the reign of king Josiah ( reigned 640 – 609 BCE ); it seems clear that the book was not completed until after the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians in 586, and possibly not until after the return from the Babylonian exile late in the 6th century.
There is some uncertainty as to how Deutero-Isaiah and Trito-Isaiah came to be attached to the original Isaiah: the two competing theories are either that Deutero-Isaiah was written as a continuation of Proto-Isaiah, or that it was written separately and became attached to the famous Isaiah later.
Jewish tradition regards it as a redaction by the Great Assembly of an original text written by Mordecai.
The Man Booker Prize for Fiction is a literary prize awarded each year for the best original full-length novel, written in the English language, by a citizen of the Commonwealth of Nations, Ireland, or Zimbabwe.
BJU has taken the position that orthodox Christians of the late 19th and early 20th centuries ( including fundamentalists ) agreed that while the KJV was a substantially accurate translation, only the original manuscripts of the Bible written in Hebrew and Greek were infallible and inerrant.
* In the movie Wag the Dog, the fictitious unit 303 Special Forces has a song created titled " The Men of the 303 " that is played to a deliberately similar but original tune written by Huey Lewis for the film.
The pregroove is not destroyed when the data are written to the CD-R, a point which some copy protection schemes use to distinguish copies from an original CD.
Though the original draft was written in 1761, he made additions to it year after year until his death twenty-three years later.
* ( ــ ٰ ـ ) superscript alif ( also " short " or " dagger alif ": A replacement for an original alif that is dropped in the writing out of some rare words, e. g. لاكن is not written out with the original alif found in the word pronunciation, instead it is written out as ل ٰ كن.
Several appear to have been written originally in Hebrew, but the original text has long been lost.
The Chinese characters in the original versions were probably written in zhuànshū ( seal script ), while later versions were written in lìshū ( clerical script ) and kǎishū ( regular script ) styles.
Many translations are written by people with a foundation in Chinese language and philosophy who are trying to render the original meaning of the text as faithfully as possible into English.
Sources from Dithmarschen, written shortly after the battle of 1500, do mention banners, including the Royal banner, being captured from the Danes, but there is no mention of Dannebrog or the " original " flag.

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