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other and option
Their major objections ( exceptions ) were: firstly, that it was improper for the lay congregation to take any vocal part in prayer ( as in the Litany or Lord's Prayer ), other than to say " Amen "; secondly, that no set prayer should exclude the option of an extempore alternative from the Minister ; thirdly, that the Minister should have the option to omit part of the set liturgy at his discretion ; fourthly, that short Collects should be replaced by longer prayers and exhortations ; and fifthly, that all surviving " Catholic " ceremonial should be removed.
Believing that Britain, France and the United States had little option other than to acquiesce, the Soviet Military Administration in Germany celebrated the beginning of the blockade.
Taking water from existing rivers or springs was an option in some cases, sometimes supplemented by other methods to deal with seasonal variations in flow.
According to the National Psoriasis Foundation and the FDA, coal tar is a valuable, safe and inexpensive treatment option for millions of people with psoriasis and other scalp or skin conditions.
While earlier versions of BIND offered no mechanism to store and retrieve zone data in anything other than flat text files, in 2007 BIND 9. 4 DLZ made available ( as a compile-time option ) zone storage in a variety of database formats including LDAP, Berkeley DB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and ODBC.
While on one hand, in case of a receiver Swaption there is an option wherein you can receive fixed and pay floating, a payer swaption on the other hand is an option to pay fixed and receive floating.
ETC is also a more viable option than other alternatives by definition.
Fourier analysis has many scientific applications – in physics, partial differential equations, number theory, combinatorics, signal processing, imaging, probability theory, statistics, option pricing, cryptography, numerical analysis, acoustics, oceanography, sonar, optics, diffraction, geometry, protein structure analysis and other areas.
On one hand, it was next to impossible for them to overthrow Hitler and the party ; on the other, the Allied demand for an unconditional surrender meant no opportunity for a compromise peace, which left the people no option ( in their eyes ) other than continuing the military struggle.
If the person has a mental illness and it is determined that the mental illness interfered with the person's ability to determine right from wrong ( and other associated criteria a jurisdiction may have ) and if the person is willing to plead guilty or is proven guilty in a court of law, some jurisdictions have an alternative option known as either a Guilty but Mentally Ill ( GBMI ) or a Guilty but Insane verdict.
A challenge for the modern archaeologist is to consider whether in-situ preservation, or recovery and conservation on land is the preferable option ; or to face the fact that preservation in any form, other than as an archaeological record is not feasible.
Viking raiders always had the option to fallback in the face of a superior force or stubborn defence and then reappear to attack other locations or retreat to their bases in what is now Sweden, Denmark, Norway and their Atlantic colonies.
This option is generally only used when a player suspects collusion or some other sort of cheating by other players.
This is only one option for high-low split games ; the other is known as " cards speak ", in which players simply reveal their hands at showdown and award the pot to the highest and lowest hands shown ( possibly subject to qualifications ).
If the latter option were to win, a separate referendum would be held where Puerto Ricans would have been given the option of being admitted as a US State " on equal footing with the other states ", or becoming a " sovereign nation, either fully independent from or in free association with the United States.
* Under Article I, Section 3, Clause 7, upon conviction in impeachment cases, the Senate has the option of disqualifying convicted individuals from holding other federal offices, including the presidency.
If there were no other option.
To execute the latter option, the athlete bends one of his legs and goes down on that knee while the other leg remains only partially bent ; this is presumably to allow for greater mobility in case the " pile driver " does not work.
Another option is called a rocking stitch, where the quilter has one hand, usually with a finger wearing a thimble, on top of the quilt, while the other hand is located beneath the piece to push the needle back up.
For certain severe infections where other antibiotics are not an option, their use can be justified.

other and is
Even the knowledge that she was losing another boy, as a mother always does when a marriage is made, did not prevent her from having the first carefree, dreamless sleep that she had known since they dropped down the canyon and into Bear Valley, way, way back there when they were crossing those other mountains.
I seized the rack and made a western-style flying-mount just in time, one of my knees mercifully landing on my duffel bag -- and merely wrecking my camera, I was to discover later -- my other knee landing on the slivery truck floor boards and -- but this is no medical report.
It is these other differences between North and South -- other, that is, than those which concern discrimination or social welfare -- which I chiefly discuss herein.
To him, law is the command of the sovereign ( the English monarch ) who personifies the power of the nation, while sovereignty is the power to make law -- i.e., to prevail over internal groups and to be free from the commands of other sovereigns in other nations.
Already accidental war is a silent guest at the discussions within the Kennedy Administration about the urgency of disarmament and nearly all other questions of national security.
The one apparent connection between the two is a score of buildings which somehow or other have survived and which naturally enough are called `` historical monuments ''.
The other variables include the dancer who is to perform the movement and the length of time he is to take in its performance.
For the family is the simplest example of just such a unit, composed of people, which gives us both some immunity from, and a way of dealing with, other people.
In fact the accumulation of the hardware of destruction is day by day increasing our fear of each other.
One is not more true than the other.
Though sex in some form or other enters into all human activity and it was a good thing that Freud emphasized this aspect of human nature, it is fantastic to explain everything in terms of sex.
As Lipton puts it: `` The Eros is felt in the magic circle of marijuana with far greater force, as a unifying principle in human relationships, than at any other time except, perhaps, in the mutual metaphysical orgasms.
it is a spectacle absolutely painful, an epiphany of the suffering flesh unredeemed by spirit, untouched by any spirit other than abasement and humiliation.
But the highroad, according to the description of its traffic, belongs to life as it is lived in unawareness of death, while the way to the churchyard belongs to some other sort of life: a suffering form, an existence wholly comprised in the awareness of death.
Neither is primary experience understood according to the attitude of modern empiricism in which nothing is thought to be received other than signals of sensory qualities producing their responses in the appropriate sense organs.
Whitehead contends that the human way of understanding existence as a unity of interlocking and interdependent processes which constitute each other and which cause each other to be and not to be is possible only because the basic form of such an understanding, for all its vagueness and tendency to mistake the detail, is initially given in the way man feels the world.

other and extreme
On the morning following the Pratt Hall meeting the editor of the Providence Daily Journal wrote that although the meeting was milder and less extreme than those held in other areas for similar purposes, it could have been avoided completely.
The attitudes which the Rebs and Yanks took toward each other were very much the same and ranged over the same gamut of feeling, from friendliness to extreme hatred.
This picture of extreme self-reliant individuation is difficult to reconcile with such Zendo formulas as: `` O you, demons and other spiritual beings, I now offer this to you, and may this food fill up the ten quarters of the world and all the demons and other spiritual beings be fed therewith.
At the other extreme in character was the half-hour excerpt from the Petipa-Minkus ballet `` Bayaderka '', which opened the evening.
One of these days, I'm going to organize a gigantic exhibition that will span everything that's being painted these days, from extreme abstract expressionism to extreme photorealism, and then you'll be able to see at a glance how much artists have in common with each other.
At the other extreme are languages such as English, where the spelling of many words simply has to be memorized as they do not correspond to sounds in a consistent way.
Suggested alternatives include: a community under the pressure of starvation or extreme social stress, dismemberment and cannibalism as religious ritual or in response to religious conflict, the influx of outsiders seeking to drive out a settled agricultural community via calculated atrocity, or an invasion of a settled region by nomadic raiders who practiced cannibalism ; such peoples have existed in other times and places, e. g. the Androphagi of Europe.
Once the Bessemer process began to gain widespread use, other alloys of steel began to follow, such as mangalloy, an alloy of steel and manganese, which exhibits extreme hardness and toughness.
The most basic stressors include: high winds, extreme temperatures, drought, flood, and other natural disasters, such as tornados and wildfires.
Temperature determines metabolic rates, heart rates, and other very important factors within the bodies of animals, so an extreme temperature change can easily distress the animal ’ s body.
But they may substitute energy production or other techniques to avoid diminishing returns in extreme conservation.
This is a list of the extreme points of Botswana, the points that are farther north, south, east or west than any other location.
This is a list of the extreme points of Burkina Faso, the points that are farther north, south, east or west than any other location.
Antipsychotics are not recommended for benzodiazepine withdrawal ( or other CNS depressant withdrawal states ) especially clozapine, olanzapine or low potency phenothiazines e. g. chlorpromazine as they lower the seizure threshold and can worsen withdrawal effects ; if used extreme caution is required.
Black metal was originally used as a term for extreme metal bands with Satanic and anti-Christian lyrics ; today, the most common lyrical theme is opposition to Christianity and other organized religions.
This is a list of the extreme points of Chad, the points that are farther north, south, east or west than any other location.
This is a list of the extreme points of Cameroon, the points that are farther north, south, east or west than any other location.
This is a list of the extreme points of the Central African Republic, the points that are farther north, south, east or west than any other location.
This is a list of the extreme points of Cote d ' Ivoire, the points that are farther north, south, east or west than any other location.
In Evangelium Vitae, Pope John Paul II suggested that capital punishment should be avoided unless it is the only way to defend society from the offender in question, opining that punishment " ought not go to the extreme of executing the offender except in cases of absolute necessity: in other words, when it would not be possible otherwise to defend society.
This is a list of the extreme points of Comoros, the points that are farther north, south, east or west than any other location.
At the other extreme of the spectrum one finds attempts to use coercion altruistically, as a pedagogical device to improve – in some supposedly objective sense – the way other people think, with particular regard to their basic attitudes and values.

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