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outcome and trip
However due to the dangerous outcome from his initial trip to the island, the government refused to assist with the expedition.
Almost secondary to the outcome of the game was the fact that the Steeldogs had now earned themselves a trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for a second-round match-up against the top-ranked team in af2.
The trip coincided with the Peace Congress, and it is believed that Vladimirescu followed the treaties ' outcome.
The film ends without showing the final outcome of Dondup's journey-his visa interview and his trip abroad.
It ’ s a one-way trip though, since their timeline along with everyone they know and love will be nullified in the process – an outcome only acceptable since that world is doomed to a fate far worse than extinction anyway.

outcome and Mexico
Given the fact that it was an election year, whose outcome might have changed as a result of a pre-election-day economic downturn, the Bank of Mexico decided to buy Mexican Treasury Securities in order to maintain the monetary base, and thus prevent the interest rates from rising.
The project will compile data for eight countries ( Mexico, Brazil, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Zambia and Tanzania ) and the outcome is expected to be relevant to planning and policy-making on land and forest management.
The project will compile data for eight countries ( Mexico, Brazil, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Zambia and Tanzania ) and the outcome is expected to be relevant to planning and policy-making on land and forest management.
During that period, Derbez also played a key role in the successful outcome of the U. N. International Conference on Financing for Development held in Monterrey, Mexico, where developed nations agreed to contribute 0. 7 % of its GDP in development aid by the year 2015.
In Mexico City it may be used ironically to refer to a fortunate outcome: Te cagaste (" You really shat on yourself ").
The outcome of the whole discussion was the sending of a letter on the subject to the Archbishop of Mexico.

outcome and was
Often it is recognized that all the details of the pattern may not be essential to the outcome but, because the pattern was empirically determined and not developed through theoretical understanding, one is never quite certain which behavior elements are effective, and the whole pattern becomes ritualized.
He gave us a simile to explain his admission that even at the worst period of his second illness it never occurred to him there was any renewed question about his running: as in the Battle of the Bulge, he had no fears about the outcome until he read the American newspapers.
After all, when one has asked whatever became of old Joe and Charlie when one has inquired who it was Sue Brown married and where it is they now live when questions are asked and answered about families and children, and old professors when the game and its probable outcome has been exhausted that does it.
The Republicans some weeks ago served notice through Senator Thruston B. Morton ( R ) of Kentucky, chairman of the Republican National Committee, that the Kennedy administration would be held responsible if the outcome in Laos was a coalition government susceptible of Communist domination.
Mitchell said the closeness of the outcome in last fall's Presidential election did not mean that Eisenhower Republicanism was a dead issue.
The outcome was a decision by the 14th International Botanical Congress in 1987 that Amaryllis should be a conserved name ( i. e. correct regardless of priority ) and ultimately based on a specimen of the South African Amaryllis belladonna from the Clifford Herbarium at the British Museum.
Voting was usually by show of hands ( χειροτονία, kheirotonia, " arm stretching ") with officials judging the outcome by sight.
Another interesting insight into Athenian democracy comes from the law that excluded from decisions of war those citizens who had property close to the city walls-on the basis that they had a personal interest in the outcome of such debates because the practice of an invading army at the time was to destroy the land outside the walls.
Surprisingly, Acts does not record the outcome of Paul's legal troubles — some traditions hold that Paul was ultimately executed in Rome, while other traditions have him surviving the encounter and later traveling to Spain — see Paul-Imprisonment & Death.
Olanzapine was again the only medication to stand out in the outcome measures, although the results did not always reach statistical significance ( which means they were not reliable findings ) due in part to the decrease of power.
Selig later said that this call was " embarrassing " and that he was " tremendously saddened " by the outcome of the game.
The outcome of the controversy was a de facto Nigerian refusal to withdraw its troops from Bakassi and transfer sovereignty.
In his view, the " worst case scenario " of the currency never returning to the country of origin was actually the best possible outcome: the country actually purchased its goods by exchanging them for pieces of cheaply made paper.
Thus the view from Whitehall early in 1916: If defeat was not imminent, neither was victory ; and the outcome of the war of attrition on the Western Front could not be predicted.
One who moved out, but played a big role in the outcome of the War was U. C.
The outcome was closely fought, with the Communists finally prevailing with superior military tactics.
Next came a North Vietnamese attempt to overrun the entire country in March – April 1970, to which U. S. and South Vietnamese forces responded by a limited ground incursion at the end of April ... The outcome in Indochina was not foreordained.
A significant outcome of this case was that necessity was determined to be no defence against a charge of murder.
The main outcome of the US Navy submarine missile project was the SSM-N-8 Regulus missile, based upon the V-1.
For a twentieth century thinker committed to the same ideal, government was an essential tool to the same end ... odern liberalism is instead the logical and sociological outcome of classical liberalism.
The game was won by Tufts 1-0 and a report of the outcome of this game appeared in the Boston Daily Globe of June 5, 1875.

outcome and sketch
Often sketches are first improvised by the actors and written down based on the outcome of these improv sessions ; however, improvisation is not necessarily involved in all sketch comedy.

outcome and published
Some months later, FitzGerald published his conjecture in Science to explain the baffling outcome of the 1887 ether-wind experiment of Michelson and Morley.
In Méthodologie Historique ( written in 1906 but not published until 1988 ), Bloch rejected the histoire événementielle ( event history ) of his mentors Charles-Victor Langlois and Charles Seignobos to argue for greater analysis of the role of structural and social phenomena in determining the outcome of historical events.
Having found that recalculation showed that global warming was the more likely outcome, he published a retraction of his earlier findings in 1974.
In some early PBM systems, six sided dice rolling was simulated by designating a specific stock and a future date and once that date passed, the players would determine an actions outcome using the sales in hundreds value for specific stocks on a specific date and then dividing the NYSE published sales in hundreds by six, using the remainder as the dice result.
In 2011, the group published an evaluation report titled " Assessing the IFC's Poverty Focus and Results " in which it noted that although the IFC's projects that emphasized inclusive growth patterns performed well and that poverty reduction was an implicit outcome, the IFC neglected to articulate and detail the impacts on poverty of the projects which target economic growth specifically.
On the eve of the election the Democrats widely published a letter — allegedly over Garfield's signature — which favored Chinese immigration, in an attempt to affect the outcome of the election.
After Longstreet's death, his second wife Helen privately published Lee and Longstreet at High Tide in his defense, in which she stated " the South was seditiously taught to believe that the Federal Victory was wholly the fortuitous outcome of the culpable disobedience of General Longstreet.
B. Campbell, in an article published in the journal Sociological Theory, has described the Nanking Massacre as a genocide considering the fact that the residents were still unilaterally killed in masses during the aftermath, despite the successful and certain outcome in battle.
The outcome of his journeys was a map which, despite its numerous errors, was the first published modern map of the southern parts of the Cape Colony.
With the object of testing the capabilities of the method, he took for his first essay the well-known star 61 Cygni, and his results agreed so well with those previously attained that he undertook the systematic measurement of the parallaxes of second-magnitude stars, and published the outcome in the third and fourth volumes of the Publications of the Oxford University Observatory.
In chess games played at the top level, a draw is the most common outcome of a game: of around 22, 000 games published in The Week in Chess played between 1999 and 2002 by players with a FIDE Elo rating of 2500 or above, 55 percent were draws.
Bronstein, in his final book, published just after his death in late 2006, wrote that the Soviet chess leadership favoured Smyslov to win Zurich 1953, and pressured several of the other top Soviets to arrange this outcome, which did in fact occur.
The outcome of this excavation was never formally published, and the only report known is a three-page summary filed by Garstang at the end of the work.
published a paper showing substantial improvement in the outcome of patients ventilated with lower tidal volumes ( V < sub > t </ sub >) ( 6 mL · kg < sup >− 1 </ sup >).
The East India Company was unhappy with the outcome and in 1632 its directors published an exhaustive brochure, comprising all the relevant papers, with extensive comments and rebuttals of the Dutch position.
However, a study published in 2009 suggests that preparation alone is not enough to ensure an intervention-free outcome.
In response to the issue of university funding and higher education, the agreement said that higher education policy would have to await the outcome of the Browne report which had not yet been published.
The book was very popular when published, and was read and enjoyed by Robert Baden-Powell and by the Russian imperial family as they awaited the outcome of the Revolution in 1917.
He was secretary to a committee appointed by the Philological Society to consider the project of a standard English dictionary, a scheme of which the New English Dictionary, published by the Clarendon Press, was the ultimate outcome.
In 1908, Münsterberg published his controversial book, On the Witness Stand ( 1908 ) which is a collection of magazine articles previously published by him where he discuses the many different psychological factors that can change a trial's outcome and pointed the way for rational and scientific means for probing the facts claimed by human witnesses by the application of experimental psychology to the administration of law.
On 27 June 2008 while the change of the guard at the top of the SPÖ was still ongoing, the paper published an open letter by Faymann ( co-signed by Gusenbauer ) to Dichand in which the politicians announced that the party would make Austrian acceptance of EU decisions in " important matters " ( such as a rephrasing of the EU Treaty or the admission of Turkey as a new member ) contingent on the outcome of an Austrian popular referendum on such matters.
In 1982, after the Stanford football team officially lost the Big Game against cross-bay rival University of California at Berkeley (" Cal ") due to what has become known as " The Play ," The Daily published a fake edition of The Daily Californian, Cal's student newspaper, announcing officials had reversed the game's outcome.
A review of a variety of mortality estimates for Iraq was made by a group of scientists and published in 2008 in Conflict and Health, a peer-reviewed journal ; their conclusion is that the Lancet " studies provided the most rigorous methodology as their primary outcome was mortality.

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