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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 889
from Brown Corpus
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outstanding and example
As this issue goes to press, for example, one manufacturer has announced an epoxy foam with outstanding buoyancy and impact strength ; ;
In one outstanding example, Whirlpool Corp. found that by switching to urethane foam insulation, they could increase the storage capacity of gas refrigerators to make them competitive with electric models.
One outstanding example from ancient times is the Battle of the Trebia river.
The surround to the sacristy doorway is an outstanding example of Manueline decoration.
File: British Museum Royal Gold Cup. jpg | Room 40-Royal Gold Cup or Saint Agnes Cup, c. AD 1370-80 ( generally agreed to be the outstanding surviving example of late medieval French plate )
Perhaps the most outstanding example of this genre is Leabhar na nGenealach / The Great Book of Irish Genealogies, by Dubhaltach MacFhirbhisigh ( d. 1671 ), published in 2004.
:" On the other hand, a goddess of death who represents the horrors of slaughter and decay is something well known elsewhere ; the figure of Kali in India is an outstanding example.
As Francis states, “‘ The Women Men Don ’ t See ’ is an outstanding exampleof the subversive use of genre fiction to produce an unconventional discursive position, the feminist subject ” ( 38 ).
For example, the guardian spirits of the land, occupations, and skills ; spirits of Japanese heroes, men of outstanding deeds or virtues, and those who have contributed to civilization, culture and human welfare ; those who have died for the state or the community ; and the pitiable dead.
Perhaps the outstanding example was John Dryden's English version of the poems of Virgil, published in 1697.
Gros Morne National Park has a reputation as an outstanding example of tectonics at work, and as such has been designated a World Heritage Site.
The deciding committee which evaluates potential candidates described their reasons for choosing Syracuse because " monuments and archeological sites situated in Syracuse are the finest example of outstanding architectural creation spanning several cultural aspects ; Greek, Roman and Baroque ", following on that Ancient Syracuse was " directly linked to events, ideas and literary works of outstanding universal significance ".
An outstanding example of Alma-Tadema's contrasting gleaming white marble against a backdrop of dazzling blue Mediterranean sea.
More's work, and that of contemporary historian Polydore Vergil, reflects a move from mundane medieval chronicles to a dramatic writing style ; for example, the shadowy King Richard is an outstanding, archetypal tyrant drawn from the pages of Sallust, and should be read as a meditation on power and corruption as well as a history of the reign of Richard III.
* San Michele Maggiore ( St. Michael ) is an outstanding example of Lombard-Romanesque church architecture in Lombardy.
* ( viii ) " is an outstanding example representing major stages of Earth's history, including the record of life, significant on-going geological processes in the development of landforms, or significant geomorphic or physiographic features "
* ( ix ) " is an outstanding example representing significant on-going ecological and biological processes in the evolution and development of terrestrial, fresh water, coastal and marine ecosystems, and communities of plants and animals "
Historians consider the Mission's pastoral location in the valley of the San Antonio River along the Santa Lucia Mountains as an outstanding example of early mission life.
Public outcry over the demolishion of Pennsylvania Station structure — an outstanding example of Beaux-Arts architecture — led to the creation of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission.
The work was of " outstanding importance ", being released at a time when the few archaeologists across Europe were amateur and were focused purely on studying the archaeology of their locality ; The Dawn was a rare example of a book that looked at the larger picture across an entire continent.
Created four years before his death, it serves as an outstanding example of the European baroque period of art.
* The title of viscount is less common in Italy (" visconte "), though the noble Visconti family, once rulers of Milan, offers an outstanding example.
The first volume of the Adam brother's Works ( 1773 ) cited Kedleston Hall, designed by Robert in 1761, as an outstanding example of movement in architecture.

outstanding and was
Perhaps the outstanding standard bearer of Mr. Brown's tradition for accuracy was Mr. Oscar J. Beale, whose mechanical genius closely paralleled that of Mr. Brown, and whose particular forte was the development of the exceedingly accurate measuring machinery that enabled Brown & Sharpe to manufacture gages, and therefore its products, with an accuracy exceeding anything then available elsewhere in the world.
Net income was $2,557,111, or $3.11 per share on 821,220 common shares currently outstanding, as compared to $2,323,867 or $2.82 per share in 1959, adjusted to the same number of shares.
The founder of the Junior Showmanship Competition the late Leonard Brumby, Sr. ( for whom the trophy is named after at Westminster ) was an outstanding Handler and believed a Junior should have an opportunity to exhibit in a dog show starting with the Junior Showmanship Division.
Despite the fact that he was regarded as an outstanding engineer, he seemed to be a very poor administrator, although no one quite knew what was wrong with him.
and Inna Zubkovskaya, an excellent Lilac Fairy, were other outstanding members of the cast, but every member of the cast was magnificent.
To Decathlon Man Rafer Johnson ( Time cover, Aug. 29 ), whose gold medal in last summer's Olympic Games was won as much on gumption as talent, went the A.A.U.'s James E. Sullivan Memorial Trophy as the outstanding U.S. amateur athlete of 1960.
The first Academy Awards ceremony was held on May 16, 1929, at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood to honor the outstanding film achievements of the 1927 / 1928 film season.
England had a very strong batting side, with Wally Hammond contributing 905 runs at an average of 113. 12, and Hobbs, Sutcliffe and Patsy Hendren all scoring heavily ; the bowling was more than adequate, without being outstanding.
This use of ATP provided automatic flow control ; each end could only send data to the other end if there was an outstanding ATP request to respond to.
He was considered to be an outstanding politician of his day.
While in the view of most American academics the two were as diametrically opposed as good and evil, Sakharov believed that in this " tragic confrontation of two outstanding people ," both deserved respect, because " each of them was certain he had right on his side and was morally obligated to go to the end in the name of truth.
The ACM Fellows Program was established by Council of the Association for Computing Machinery in 1993 " to recognize and honor outstanding ACM members for their achievements in computer science and information technology and for their significant contributions to the mission of the ACM.
During his youth he was " shaped " by his father and was regarded as an outstanding member of the Bahá ’ í exile community.
At the age of 24, ` Abdu ' l-Bahá was clearly chief-steward to his father and an outstanding member of the Bahá ’ í community.
Despite the outstanding victories, Germany was near defeat, which meant that Bulgaria would be left without its most powerful ally.
The whole operation was an outstanding military achievement.
The manager of a popular auditorium in the LA Basin town of Wilmington, California: " Although Monday night dancing is frankly an experiment it was the only night of the week on which this outstanding band could be secured.
* In 1991, Powell was inducted into the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, which " honors the achievements of outstanding individuals in U. S. society who have succeeded in spite of adversity and of encouraging young people to pursue their dreams through higher education.
In 1999, Barrymore was honored by the Young Artist Foundation with its Former Child Star " Lifetime Achievement " Award commemorating her outstanding achievements within the film industry as a child actress.
Biafra's appeal was denied ; he had to pay the outstanding royalties and punitive damages, and was forced to hand over the rights to the majority of Dead Kennedys ' back catalogue to the Decay Music partnership.

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