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pace and change
The best course is to recover his physical excitement by a change of pace that makes him ardent again.
There are the full-bodied, resourceful voices of Robert Weede, Mimi Benzell and Tommy Rall to make the most of Mr. Herman's lilting melodies and, for an occasional change of pace, the bright humor of Molly Picon.
The rapid pace of change in the ironclad period meant that many ships were obsolete as soon as they were complete, and that naval tactics were in a state of flux.
In utilizing this approach, greater motivation is likely to result for both parties as the expert becomes the mentor and trainer and the cross-training team member finds learning new tasks to be an interesting change of pace.
He suggested that " we have to keep in mind the awesome pace of change and realise how little time is left to act, and then each community and nation must find the best use of the resources they have to sustain civilisation for as long as they can ".
Much of the effectiveness of the flipper is attributable to the " pop ", that is, the extra pace and change in trajectory that is imparted to the ball when it is squeezed out of the bowler's hand.
Ultimately though the New Left disintegrated, largely because members of the SDS dissatisfied with the pace of change, incorporated violent tendencies towards social transformation.
The pace of change, however, was sluggish ; the rehabilitation of Stalinist-era victims, such as those convicted in the Slánský trials, may have been considered as early as 1963, but did not take place until 1967.
In addition, the city ’ s colossal pace of change ( compared by some to that of Chicago ), had caused its chief planner, Martin Wagner ( 1885 – 1957 ), to foresee the entire centre being made over totally as often as every 25 years.
In the late nineties, while working on the design for the new headquarters for Universal ( currently Vivendi ), OMA was first exposed to the full pace of change that engulfed the world of media and with it the increasing importance of the virtual domain.
Concern about the rapid pace of technological change crystallized around the concept of the technological singularity, popularized by Vernor Vinge's novel Marooned in Realtime and then taken up by other authors.
The pace of natural selection would depend on variability and change in the environment.
A rapid pace of change across the country, especially in growing cities, combined with new waves of immigration and migration of rural whites and blacks to cities, all contributed to a volatile social environment and the rise of a second Ku Klux Klan ( KKK ) in the South and Midwest after 1915.
However this was to change over the course of her life as the Tudor conquest of Ireland gathered pace.
Due to the rapid pace of change, by the late 1980s, grievances over inflation, limited career prospects for students, and corruption of the party elite were growing rapidly.
In 2009, Andrew Roger and Alastair Simpson emphasized the need for diligence in analyzing new discoveries: " With the current pace of change in our understanding of the eukaryote tree of life, we should proceed with caution.
The PPP also sought to implement its reform program at a rapid pace, which brought the party into confrontation with the governor and with high-ranking civil servants who preferred more gradual change.
* 1972 — Stephen Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge proposed an idea they call " punctuated equilibrium ", which states that the fossil record is an accurate depiction of the pace of evolution, with long periods of " stasis " ( little change ) punctuated by brief periods of rapid change and species formation ( within a lineage ).
Adrien Begrand of PopMatters dismissed the original recording, but praised the re-release, writing " the album blazes on at a furious pace, and being a 1985 metal album, the subject matter, though now a bit dated, is such a refreshing change from the suburban angst that dominates today's nu-metal.
A change of pace about misfits on a Little League baseball team turned out to be a solid hit in 1976 when Matthau starred as coach Morris Buttermaker in the comedy The Bad News Bears
Hitchcock planned the film as a change of pace after his dark romantic thriller Vertigo a year earlier.
The pace of change has been modified somewhat in recent years by man-made barriers, such as dams on the Rhône and sea dykes, but flooding remains a problem across the region.
* The pace of technological change continues to accelerate as the 22nd century nears.

pace and accelerated
Within their confines, moreover, technological and industrial growth has proceeded at an accelerated pace, thus increasing the cornucopia from which material wants can be satisfied.
The pace could now be accelerated, for the inhabitants of the Aegean stood on firm ground.
The accelerated pace of metropolitan changes has accentuated the drive to conformity in congregations of the major denominations.
As the pace of the quadrennial American political festival accelerated, Mr. White took more notes.
Tourism is growing at an accelerated pace and many believe that income from this tourism may soon become the major contributor to the nation's GDP.
His November article in Das Reich was part of his campaign to have the pace of deportation accelerated.
The liberalisation was only relative: arrests and executions continued, and in 1940, as war approached, the pace of the purges again accelerated.
Beginning modestly in mid-year 1999 and continuing at an accelerated pace through May 2002, the company ( under the direction of Ebbers, Scott Sullivan ( CFO ), David Myers ( Comptroller ) and Buford " Buddy " Yates ( Director of General Accounting )) used fraudulent accounting methods to mask its declining earnings by painting a false picture of financial growth and profitability to prop up the price of WorldCom ’ s stock.
It is here where Tolkien intimates that Gríma may even have given Théoden " subtle poisons " that caused him to become frail and age at an accelerated pace.
The pace and scope of senior-level visits has accelerated.
As an educator, Gamow recognized and emphasized fundamental principles that were unlikely to become obsolete, even as the pace of science and technology accelerated.
The rate of growth accelerated in the 1990s and continued at a brisk pace into the first decade of the 21st century.
After the Spanish acquisition of the Philippines, the pace of exchange between China and the West accelerated dramatically.
The ingredients for inventing the photomultiplier were coming together during the 1920s as the pace of vacuum tube technologies accelerated.
Housing was a major policy area under Wilson's Labour government, 1964 to 1970, with an accelerated pace of new building, as there was still a great deal of unfit housing needing replacement.
By April 1997, WebTV had only 56, 000 subscribers, but the pace of subscriber growth accelerated after that, achieving 150, 000 subscribers by Autumn 1997, about 325, 000 subscribers by April 1998 and about 800, 000 subscribers by May 1999.
A number of canals were built through the town and later railways, which greatly accelerated the pace of industrialisation.
The pace of settlement accelerated in the 1950s and 1960s.
The N11 has been gradually upgraded from single to dual carriageway standard from the 1950s to the present, with improvements taking place at an accelerated pace in recent years.
The pace of clearing was accelerated in when it was declared a national defense project, and the last tree was felled on, 1941.
The pace accelerated with the outbreak of World War I and continued through the 1920s.
Manufacture of the French 75 by American industry began in the spring of 1918 and quickly built up to an accelerated pace.
The astonished Peters told the Czech that the pace was " too slow ," in an attempt to slip up Zátopek, at which point Zátopek simply accelerated.
After the introduction of area code 234, assignments of new telephone numbers in the area did not continue at an accelerated pace, and new phone numbers for area code 234 were not assigned until 2003.

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