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packaging and cover
There are also two different packaging editions for retail, one being in a 4-disc sized jewel case with a simple white cover and the Love Symbol in a colored circle ; the other is all four discs in a round translucent snap jewel case.
Capitol's packaging of Get The Knack included a perceived cover likeness to Meet The Beatles, with the record's center label being the same design and style as The Beatles ' early 1960s LPs.
As with SunDog, the packaging cover art was designed and illustrated by David R. Darrow.
Ethan buys a new set of ovarian cultures anyway as a cover, uses their packaging to relabel the cultures with Janine's genes, and returns with them and Terrence to Athos.
This characterization was even further reinforced with EA's packaging of most of their games in the " album cover " pioneered by EA because Hawkins thought that a record album style would both save costs and convey an artistic feeling.
The packaging cover art and title lettering was designed and illustrated by then illustrator David R. Darrow, who is now a fine artist, painting " Everyday Paintings ".
Although the original license ( Moria / Angband license ) allows distribution of the game, it only does so if " not for profit ", which precludes packaging with many Linux distributions or inclusion within a magazine cover disc.
Often packaging records with a caustic yet subtle sideswipe at consumerism ( for example, the image of a wall of gold discs on the cover of the Mekons ' second single ), Fast Product attempted to show that all aspects of the record business, from musicianship to design to distribution, could be taken out of the hands of the major labels.
The home video packaging and cover art is by Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke, similar to OK Computer-era artwork.
In Europe, Activision's home computer versions were titled Super Wonder Boy in Monster Land on their packaging cover ( although all the versions, except the CPC version, omits the word " Super " from the in-game title ).
Bostock's first appearance is on the original cover art and packaging of the album Thick as a Brick, which is designed to look like a small village periodical ( that actually folds out into a full-length newspaper with 12 pages ), entitled the St. Cleve Chronicle & Linwell Advertiser.
In the end, the original design for the X title and shape of the book were only retained on the back cover ( see below ) and on the accompanying CD and its packaging.
An early mock-up of the packaging showed host Ludden on the later CBS set with the original ABC logo on the front of the desk ( as well as on the spine ), while a slew of celebrities were listed on the bottom of the cover.
The album packaging makes only sparing reference to either the band or the album title: the outer packaging does not make any reference to Godspeed, but mentions them in the liner notes ; the album title is only shown on the spine of the album cover.
Douglas and Goszka wrote and performed the music on the album while Vargo served as executive producer and creative director of the project, as well as writing and performing the vocals and narrations, and designing the cover art and packaging.
Originally recorded between 1985 and 1986 and previously available only on LP format, The World That Summer was reissued on CD digipack packaging complete with varnished cover artwork and a booklet with photos and lyrics in 2000.
Peter Saville, the single's cover designer, claimed to have been inspired by the design of laundry powder packaging.
to create the album packaging, and to choose the unique cover photo taken by Bruce Davidson.
The cover and packaging artwork was done by Doug TenNapel, the visual artist who had previously worked on three other Five Iron Frenzy covers.
The packaging for The End is Near features a red motif for the cover and artwork while the re-release, The End is < s > Near </ s > Here, includes a green layout.
The Japanese rock band B ' z used the island as the location for the filming of the music video for their 2009 single " My Lonely Town " and also shot photos for the CD cover and packaging there.
The back cover was printed with golden ink, and the packaging was, overall, a lot higher quality than all later versions.
The packaging was green, white, and orange, but has been changed to the traditional orange packaging with an evergreen tree on the cover.

packaging and art
Trade dress is a legal term of art that generally refers to characteristics of the visual appearance of a product or its packaging ( or even the design of a building ) that signify the source of the product to consumers.
Super 45s band-designed album art and packaging was the first of many customized and limited-edition Duophonic records.
In exchange for prominently displaying the NVIDIA logo on the outside of the game packaging, NVIDIA offered free access to a state of the art test lab in Eastern Europe, that tested against 500 different PC configurations for compatibility.
This knowledge includes the correct operation, maintenance and programming of the machine, grinding and tamping methods, extraction times, water temperature and quality, micro milk frothing, free pouring, latte art, roasting, coffee plant cultivation, drying methods, correct storage, renewable methods of disposal, recycling of the coffee and packaging used.
" Taylor also expressed the impressiveness of the band's " do-it-yourself " work ethic as Dutkiewicz handled all production and D ' Antonio " took the time to give much thought on the album's packaging and art direction.
At its broadest level " art glass " can most easily be defined in opposition to glass for utilitarian purposes where the usability is more important than artistic design: glassware, for dining, drinking, and cooking in the home, and for the catering and hospitality industries, as well as glass packaging, scientific, industrial, and architectural glass are the mundane products against which " art glass " is to be compared and contrasted.
As glass packaging, these bottles would originally have been used and as such would not ordinarily have been considered " art glass ".
The curator will make decisions regarding what objects to collect, oversee their care and documentation, conduct research based on the collection, provide proper packaging of art for transport, and share that research with the public and scholarly community through exhibitions and publications.
In the music field, he has designed promotional art and CD covers and packaging for the heavy metal group Cradle of Filth, Hawkwind and Steven Severin.
The design art created by Criterion for the films packaging makes a departure from the early video releases, featuring a still of Gere's character in the wheat fields, with the mansion in the horizon.
This version's box art features the same render found on the packaging for Sonic R.
Giorgio Davanzo created the packaging and brand identity for the game, and Gary Baseman, creator of the animated series Teacher's Pet, did the art.
Giorgio Davanzo created the packaging and brand identity for the game, and Gary Baseman, creator of the animated series Teacher's Pet, did the art.
His feature film work includes concept and narrative art for Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2, and DVD packaging art for the M. Night Shyamalan film, Unbreakable.
It is useful in the manufacture of optics ( for reflective, anti-reflective coatings or self-cleaning glass, for instance ), electronics ( layers of insulators, semiconductors, and conductors form integrated circuits ), packaging ( i. e., aluminium-coated PET film ), and in contemporary art ( see the work of Larry Bell ).
These products share the same simple packaging art to uphold the image of a no-nonsense, low price brand.
( Early pressings did not list track 13 at all on the packaging or disc art, even though it was included on the CD.

packaging and was
The high price was likely due to the rare documents and packaging offered in the sale in addition to the computer, including the original packaging ( with the return label showing Steve Jobs ' parents ' address, the original Apple Computer Inc ' headquarters ' being their garage ), a personally typed and signed letter from Jobs ( answering technical questions about the computer ), and the original invoice showing ' Steven ' as the salesman.
DiFranco was one of the first independent artists to own her own label, which has allowed her a considerable degree of creative freedom over the years, including, for example, providing all instrumentals and vocals and recording the album herself at her home on an analog 8-track reel to reel, and handling much of the artwork and packaging design for her 2004 album Educated Guess.
Because chip packaging was not available with enough pins, the F8 was instead fabricated as a pair of chips that had to be used together to form a complete CPU.
The PDP-4 was similar to the PDP-1 and used a similar instruction set, but used slower memory and different packaging to lower the price.
The ancestral genome was complex with at least 41 genes including ( 1 ) the replication machinery ( 2 ) up to four RNA polymerase subunits ( 3 ) at least three transcription factors ( 4 ) capping and polyadenylation enzymes ( 5 ) the DNA packaging apparatus ( 6 ) and structural components of an icosahedral capsid and the viral membrane.
Even though Microsoft released a cheap version of Adventure with its initial version of MS-DOS 1. 0 for IBM PCs, Zork I was still a popular seller for the PC, thanks to the superior quality of its writing and packaging.
Overall it was very difficult to configure upgrades to produce the results advertised on the packaging, and upgrades were often less than 100 % stable and / or less than 100 % compatible.
The matter was settled out of court on undisclosed terms that apparently allowed both bands to continue using the Nirvana name and issuing new recordings without any packaging disclaimers or caveats to distinguish one Nirvana from the other.
To sell would-be customers on its technical abilities as a computer-based console, the Odyssey² was marketed with superlative phrases such as " The Ultimate Computer Video Game System ", " Sync-Sound Action ", " True-Reality Synthesization ", " On-Screen Digital Readouts " and " a serious educational tool " on the packaging for the console and its game cartridges.
It was originally called " Red Hat Commercial Linux " It was the first Linux distribution to use the RPM Package Manager as its packaging format, and over time has served as the starting point for several other distributions, such as Mandriva Linux and Yellow Dog Linux.
At PC expositions, extant today, shareware was essentially free ; the cost only covered the disk and minimal packaging.
The packaged chips are retested to ensure that they were not damaged during packaging and that the die-to-pin interconnect operation was performed correctly.
The packaging has the original artwork of the 1958 VB product, but also includes a standard ring pull on each can, something which was lacking on the original can.
OS / 390 was introduced in late 1995 in an effort, led by the late Randy Stelman, to simplify the packaging and ordering for the key, entitled elements needed to complete a fully functional MVS operating system package.
An additional benefit of the OS / 390 packaging concept was to improve reliability, availability and serviceability ( RAS ) for the operating system, as the number of different combinations of elements that a customer could order and run was drastically reduced.
This was renamed from plain " Bitter " and the packaging redesigned in May 2011.
** Rope made from straw was used by thatchers, in the packaging industry and even in iron foundries.
The 160A was particularly notable as it was built as a standard office desk, which was unusual packaging for that era.
At the same time, the QuickBASIC packaging was silently changed so that the disks used the same compression used for BASIC PDS 7. 1.

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