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paper and also
Young Morris, who, while attending the University of Pennsylvania, also taught and edited a paper, found time to write Henrietta twenty-page letters on everything that engaged his interest, from the acting of Sarah Bernhardt in Philadelphia to his reactions to the comments of `` Sulamith '' on the Jewish reform movement being promulgated by the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati.
As he made plans for the new Taliesin, Wright also got on paper his conception of a cathedral of steel and glass to house a congregation of all faiths, and the idea for a planetarium with a sloping ramp.
Extruded expandable styrene film or sheet -- claimed to be competitive price-wise with paper -- also showed much potential, particularly for packaging.
Sandwich panels for building utility shelters that consist of kraft paper skins and rigid styrene foam cores also aroused interest in the construction field.
You still have your paper hat and you're wearing it, but then, it is an extraordinary paper hat and, in addition to anything else you may be, you are also the sculptor who created that most peculiar dame out in the back yard.
A Modest Proposal is the name of The University of Texas at Dallas ' Alternative Student Newspaper, the monthly opinion paper of the University ; it was also the name of a regular column in SWIFT Magazine of Harvard University, a satire publication that also takes its name from Jonathan Swift.
Nevertheless, in spite of Rutherford's estimation that gold had a central charge of about 100 ( but was element Z = 79 on the periodic table ), a month after Rutherford's paper appeared, Antonius van den Broek first formally suggested that the central charge and number of electrons in an atom was exactly equal to its place in the periodic table ( also known as element number, atomic number, and symbolized Z ).
Transmission, Gregory Chaitin also presents this theorem in J. ACM – Chaitin's paper was submitted October 1966 and revised in December 1968, and cites both Solomonoff's and Kolmogorov's papers.
Plain also occurs as the p in cap, or the second p in paper.
* 1994: Branko Grünbaum, in his paper Uniform tilings of 3-space, also independently enumerated all 28, after discovering errors in Andreini's publication.
Dots and Boxes ( also known as Boxes, Squares, Paddocks, Square-it, Dots and Dashes, Dots, Smart Dots, Dot Boxing, or, simply, the Dot Game ) is a pencil and paper game for two players ( or sometimes, more than two ) first published in 1889 by Édouard Lucas.
Kaii-Yōkai Denshō Database, citing a 1957 paper, and Mizuki also describe the dream-devouring capacities of the traditional baku.
D. C. Thomson's other publications also suffered, with the Oor Wullie and The Broons annuals falling victim to paper and ink shortages.
Other companies — such as Skyhorse Publishing — also print a paper edition.
The so-called Harvard architecture of the Harvard Mark I, which was completed before EDVAC, also utilized a stored-program design using punched paper tape rather than electronic memory.
Multifunction printers ( MFPs ) include a scanner and can copy paper documents or send a fax ; these are also called multi-function devices ( MFD ), or all-in-one ( AIO ) printers.
further reported on similar structures formed on carbon fiber paper, also for use in supercapacitor applications.
A calendar is also a physical device ( often paper ).
A calendar is also a physical device ( often paper ) ( for example, a desktop calendar or a wall calendar ).
The printing of paper money was also associated with wars, and financing of wars, and therefore regarded as part of maintaining a standing army.
The nature of the event has also been met with criticism outside of Quebec, such as that given by Ottawa Citizen columnist David Warren, who said in 2007: " The Canada of the government-funded paper flag-waving and painted faces — the ' new ' Canada that is celebrated each year on what is now called ' Canada Day '— has nothing controversially Canadian about it.
A comic book or comicbook, also called comic paper or comic magazine ( often shortened to simply comic or comics ) is a magazine made up of " comics "— narrative artwork in the form of separate panels that represent individual scenes, often accompanied by dialog ( usually in word balloons, emblematic of the comic book art form ) as well as including brief descriptive prose.
: In late 1936 Alan Turing's paper ( also proving that the Entscheidungsproblem is unsolvable ) was deliverd orally, but had not yet appeared in print.

paper and usually
Since the difference between the U. S. and International acre is only about a quarter of the size of an A4 sheet of paper ( 0. 016 square metres, 160 square centimetres or 24. 8 square inches ), it is usually not important which one is being discussed.
A book is a set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of ink, paper, parchment, or other materials, usually fastened together to hinge at one side.
These layers of laminations are usually of cellulose paper, cotton fabrics, synthetic yarn fabrics, glass fabrics or unwoven fabrics.
Braille embossers usually need special braille paper which is thicker and more expensive than normal paper.
A codex ( Latin caudex for " trunk of a tree " or block of wood, book ; plural codices ) is a book made up of a number of sheets of paper, vellum, or similar, with hand-written content, usually stacked and bound by fixing one edge and with covers thicker than the sheets, but sometimes continuous and folded concertina-style.
On paper, using classical notation, this is usually done all in one step.
Papers in Nature are usually short ; in 1974, Maynard Smith published a longer paper in the Journal of Theoretical Biology.
They initiated the use of paper currency as a medium for counterculture propaganda, overprinting banknotes, usually with a John Bull printing set.
However, it has been challenged as to whether the measurement of job performance is usually done through pencil / paper tests, job skills tests, on-site hands-on tests, off-site hands-on tests, high-fidelity simulations, symbolic simulations, task ratings and global ratings.
However, Western occult practice mostly includes the use of astrology ( calculating the influence of heavenly bodies ), bibliomancy ( reading random passages from a book, such as Liber Legis or the I Ching ), tarot ( a deck of 78 cards, each with symbolic meaning, usually laid out in a meaningful pattern ), and geomancy ( a method of making random marks on paper or in earth that results in a combination of sixteen patterns ).
As clay-based brick is usually not completely waterproof, the structural wall will often have a water-resistant surface ( usually tar paper ) and weep holes can be left at the base of the brick veneer to drain moisture that accumulates inside the air gap.
For example, the experiments at the PEAR laboratory were criticized in a paper published by the Journal of Parapsychology, in which parapsychologists independent from the PEAR laboratory concluded that these experiments " depart from criteria usually expected in formal scientific experimentation " due to " roblems with regard to randomization, statistical baselines, application of statistical models, agent coding of descriptor lists, feedback to percipients, sensory cues, and precautions against cheating.
Coloured pencils are sometimes used by teachers or editors to correct submitted texts but are more usually regarded as art supplies, especially those with waxy core binders that tend to smear on paper instead of erasing.
However, as already mentioned in the original paper of Franz Wegner, a solid state theorist who introduced 1971 simple gauge invariant lattice models, the high-temperature behaviour of the original model, e. g. the strong decay of correlations at large distances, corresponds to the low-temperature behaviour of the ( usually ordered!
There is no evidence to suggest that legions changed in form before the Tetrarchy, although there is evidence that they were smaller than the paper strengths usually quoted.
Next, the clay is moved from the kiln to a container ( usually a trashcan ), which contains combustible organic materials such as leaves, sawdust, or paper.
Patterns are usually measured by firing at a 30 inch ( 76 cm ) diameter circle on a large sheet of paper placed at varying distances.
Insoles are usually made of cellulosic paper board or synthetic non woven insole board.
However, authors usually credit the result to a 1966 paper by Böhm and Jacopini, possibly because Dijkstra cited this paper himself.
These bells are usually in the shapes of the zodiacal animals: hamaya, which are symbolic arrows for the fight against evil and bad luck ; and Inuhariko, which are paper dogs that are used to induce and to bless good births.
Buffer transfer by capillary action from a region of high water potential to a region of low water potential ( usually filter paper and paper tissues ) is then used to move the DNA from the gel on to the membrane ; ion exchange interactions bind the DNA to the membrane due to the negative charge of the DNA and positive charge of the membrane.

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