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papers and never
Bang-Jensen never explained what the documents or papers were that he had in his possession.
Congress never enacted the resolution or even debated it, the national papers ignored it, and it resulted in a loss of political support for Lincoln in his district.
More recent papers have confirmed this observation, demonstrating that seawater Ca < sup > 2 +</ sup > concentration is not constant, and that the ocean probably never is in “ steady state ” with respect to its calcium input and output.
However, he never again attained the high level of his remarkable papers of 1874 – 84.
In the editorial notes of his compendium Portraits by Sir Joshua Reynolds, Hilles theorizes that " as a corollary one might say that he was somewhat lacking in a capacity for love ", and cites Boswell's notary papers: " He said the reason he would never marry was that every woman whom he liked had grown indifferent to him, and he had been < u > glad </ u > he did not marry her.
Several people might share a pseudonym, as for the mathematician Nicolas Bourbaki who published a number of papers but never actually existed.
His actual date of birth was never officially recorded — Patel entered 31 October as his date of birth on his matriculation examination papers.
In October 2008 Bennett announced that he was donating his entire archive of working papers, unpublished manuscripts, diaries and books to the Bodleian Library, stating that it was a gesture of thanks repaying a debt he felt he owed to the British welfare state that had given him educational opportunities which his humble family background would otherwise never have afforded.
Tschichold's artisan background may help explain why he never worked with handmade papers and custom fonts as many typographers did, preferring instead to use stock fonts on a careful choice from commercial paper stocks.
Although The Metallak itself was never finished, its extensive plans are preserved among the architect's papers at the Maine Historical Society, making the ill-fated Colebrook hotel perhaps the most thoroughly documented design of its type in the White Mountains.
From 1841, Millerite evangelists appeared in Great Britain, also, though he never travelled there himself. In addition to the nearly $ 1000 that Miller and Himes spent supplying literature to enquirers and evangelists in Great Britain ; “ there is evidence that Liverpool, Bristol, and other ports local Millerite pioneers borrowed copies of Miller s works and Adventist magazines from visiting American sea captains and merchants .” As well as utilizing imported American literature, two Millerite papers were published locally in Great Britain: the Second Advent Harbinger in Bristol, and the British Midnight Cry in Liverpool.
* In 1871, Gustave Flaubert buried a box of letters and papers as war approached ; the box was never recovered.
Fromkin has argued that, given what historians have recently seen in Schlieffen's papers, captured by the U. S. Army along with other German war documents, that the memorandum had never been refined into an operational program.
In his autobiography, Franklin refers to his " Quire Book ", which has never been found, but which contained letters and papers concerning his efforts to support the British Government at that pre-revolutionary time.
During his connection with Auteuil, Fauriel's attention turned to philosophy, and he began work on a history of Stoicism, which was never completed, all the papers connected with it having accidentally perished in 1814.
Bagnold's passion for science never left him and he continued to publish scientific papers into his nineties.
The regiment has been referred to as the " Second Regiment of Foot Guards " in Parliamentary state papers, but this term has long fallen into disuse and was never used by the regiment, hence their motto.
Some companies with ties to the government of China never advertise in any papers or magazines owned by Next Media.
After her death in 1833, from the shock of which he never fully recovered, he published memorial volumes containing selections from her papers: Rahel, ein Buch des Andenkens für ihre Freunde ( Rahel, a memorial book for her friends, 3 vols., 1834 ) and Galerie von Bildnissen aus Rahels Umgang ( A gallery of portraits from Rahel's circle, 2 vols., 1836 ).
Throughout the 1940s, facing increasing competition from the Hearst-run papers in Boston and New York and from radio and television news, the paper began a decline from which it never recovered.
About three months since died M. Robert Greene, leaving many papers in sundry booksellers ' hands, among other his Groatsworth of Wit, in which a letter written to divers play-makers is offensively by one or two of them taken, and because on the dead they cannot be avenged, they willfully forge in their conceits a living author [...] With neither of them that take offence was I acquainted, and with one of them I care not if I never be.
M-expressions were used for the original theoretical language in early papers about Lisp, but the first working implementation of Lisp interpreted encodings of M-expressions as S-expressions, and M-expressions were never actually implemented.
He apparently never received any money, but he would be plagued for many years by the papers he had signed.
These papers argue that, since the very motivation for the axion was to fix a fine-tuning problem, but the existence of very light axion ( s ) creates a different, and larger, fine-tuning problem — and, moreover, since the axion has never been observed — there is no longer any good reason to suspect that axions of mass below μeV scale exist.

papers and mentioned
When Gathmann died in June 1917, he held more patents than any other person alive at that time, and his death was mentioned in papers all over the globe, from the Chicago Tribune, to the New York Times and the Washington Post.
By 1395 the name had been altered to Wynsmerhull and by 1565 the village was known as Wynsmorehyll, becoming Winchmore Hill by the time it was mentioned in state papers in 1586.
His assessment appears to run contrary to the earlier papers mentioned:
Whenever he mentioned her name it was “ with feelings of disgust and horror ,” claiming that their union “ was an artificial marriage … just to satisfy her ; that it was no marriage – for there could be none without a licence or some written document .” Maria was in possession of documents and after their final break Maria s demands for her annuity payments were often accompanied by veiled threats to go public with her papers if she did not receive the funds.
Amongst his economic works may be mentioned Money and the Mechanism of Exchange ( 1875 ), written in a popular style, and descriptive rather than theoretical, but wonderfully fresh and original in treatment and full of suggestiveness, a Primer on Political Economy ( 1878 ), The State in Relation to Labour ( 1882 ), and two works published after his death, namely, Methods of Social Reform and Investigations in Currency and Finance, containing papers that had appeared separately during his lifetime.
Unlike other sarcophagi found at that time, this was not mentioned in the excavation papers.
Many other inquiries conducted by him might be mentioned, and some idea may be gained of his scientific activity from the fact that a selection only from his papers, published by the Cambridge University Press, fills three large volumes.
They mentioned and described Le Sage's theory in their books and papers, which were used by their contemporaries as a secondary source for Le Sage's theory ( because of the lack of published papers by Le Sage himself ).
The Royal Hop Pole, mentioned in ' The Pickwick papers '
* The Salt Lake city system is mentioned in the 1949 court papers.
In an article published in the British Medical Journal in 1979, Dr F. Kräupl Taylor reviewed the literature on penis captivus and concluded that while " almost all the cases mentioned in medical publications and in textbooks are based on hearsay and rumour ", two papers published by nineteenth-century German gynaecologists — Scanzoni ( 1870 ) and Hildebrandt ( 1872 ) — who had personally dealt with cases of the condition " leave no doubt about the reality of this unusual symptom ", which, however, " is so rare that it is often regarded nowadays as no more than a prurient myth ".
A number of astronomical, physical, and mathematical papers written between 1882 and 1912 are mentioned in
Besides the books already mentioned he published papers on the ship-worm, the baobab tree ( whose generic name Adansonia commemorates Adanson ), the origin of the varieties of cultivated plants, and gum-producing trees.
It is interesting to note that in his obituary it was mentioned that John Scott Russell was a very gifted person but did not contribute papers to the Royal Society of London but to other organizations like the Royal Society of Edinburgh, British Association, etc.
Among his prose works may be mentioned the travel papers ( Rhine, 1861 ; Italy, 1857-62 ), Christelijke Overdenkingen (" Thoughts of a Christian ," 1840-52 ), and other religious studies.
The first written record of Woodsetts is in a 13th century quitclaim ( dated 1220 ) held at the Derbyshire Record Office ( Hatfield de Rodes papers ) where a bovate of land ' in the territory of Lyndrick, in Wudsetes ' is mentioned.
Until the original sources that he quotes are more precisely determined, can it be possible to ascribe a firm date for the production of the papers mentioned by Su Yijian.
Author of various papers among which may be mentioned :-
Besides the books already mentioned he was the author of many papers in the Transactions of the Linnean Society, the Zoological Journal and other periodicals ; Strictures on Sir James Smith's Hypothesis respecting the Lilies of the Field of our Saviour and the Acanthus of Virgil ( 1819 ) and Seven Sermons on our Lords Temptations ( 1829 ).
* the above mentioned 1905 papers by Einstein on photons, on brownian motion, on mass – energy equivalence, and on the special theory of relativity,
A lot of time people who enjoy scrapbooking will create their own background papers by using the tools mentioned along with " fancy " textured succors.
The first time Loil was mentioned in official papers was in 1178, although the name was Loel back then.
Neither is it mentioned in Parkes ' discharge papers.

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