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parameters and each
There are four basic types ( and several variants ) which each have a set of parameters describing the connection.
It was developed by Tony Brooker and Derrick Morris as a variant of the ALGOL programming language, removing some Algol features such as " passing parameters by name " ( which in Algol 60 means passing the address of a short subroutine to recalculate the parameter each time it was mentioned ).
Depending on various parameters, each individual sprite can use from 1 to 12 colors, with 3 colors ( plus a 4th " transparency " color ) being the most common.
Each of these methods contributes useful priors for " regular " one-parameter problems, and each prior can handle some challenging statistical models ( with " irregularity " or several parameters ).
So the parameters are: a — distance from center C to either vertex b — length of a perpendicular segment from each vertex to the asymptotes c — distance from center C to either Focus point, F < sub > 1 </ sub > and F < sub > 2 </ sub >, and θ — angle formed by each asymptote with the transverse axis.
If there were a large ( possibly infinite ) number of universes, each with possibly different physical laws ( or different fundamental physical constants ), some of these universes, even if very few, would have the combination of laws and fundamental parameters that are suitable for the development of matter, astronomical structures, elemental diversity, stars, and planets that can exist long enough for life to emerge and evolve.
In the first approximation op-amps can be used as if they were ideal differential gain blocks ; at a later stage limits can be placed on the acceptable range of parameters for each op-amp.
These parameters each describe some aspect of the response curve seen as a whole, over all frequencies.
In probability theory, one may describe the distribution of a random variable as belonging to a family of probability distributions, distinguished from each other by the values of a finite number of parameters.
A parametric model is a collection of distributions, each of which is indexed by a unique finite-dimensional parameter:, where is a parameter and is the feasible region of parameters, which is a subset of d-dimensional Euclidean space.
A Steiner system with parameters t, k, n, written S ( t, k, n ), is an n-element set S together with a set of k-element subsets of S ( called blocks ) with the property that each t-element subset of S is contained in exactly one block.
" by establishing several possible parameters for examining speed in objective studies ( how many triples each man hit, how many bases each man stole, how many times he was caught stealing ) and then reaching a tentative conclusion on the basis of these individual studies.
where a, b and c are called the Steinhart-Hart parameters, and must be specified for each device.
Because multipath propagation behaves differently in each kind of wire, G. hn uses different OFDM parameters ( OFDM symbol duration, Guard Interval duration ) for each media.
In such simulations, the model behaviour will change each simulation according to the set of initial parameters assumed for the environment.
Nevertheless, Le Verrier continued to tinker with Vulcan ’ s orbital parameters as each new reported sighting reached him.
Since the font shapes are defined by equations rather than directly coded numbers, it is possible to treat parameters such as aspect ratio, font slant, stroke width, serif size, and so forth as input parameters in each glyph definition ( which then define not a single font, but a meta-font ).
In the case of distinguishing between two models, each of which has no unknown parameters, use of the likelihood ratio test can be justified by the Neyman – Pearson lemma, which demonstrates that such a test has the highest power among all competitors.
Depending on the specific parameters unique to each patient's diagnostic plan, samples collected for analysis can range from whole blood, urine, plasma, serum, to even packed red blood cells.
Typically, each combination of parameter choices is checked using cross validation, and the parameters with best cross-validation accuracy are picked.

parameters and show
Using the probabilistic method it is easy to show that extractor graphs with really good parameters exist.
For instance, beginning at ( approximately 3. 83 ) there is a range of parameters r which show oscillation among three values, and for slightly higher values of r oscillation among 6 values, then 12 etc.
These linguists argue that the concept of a Language Acquisition Device ( LAD ) is unsupported by evolutionary anthropology, which tends to show a gradual adaptation of the human brain and vocal cords to the use of language, rather than a sudden appearance of a complete set of binary parameters delineating the whole spectrum of possible grammars ever to have existed and ever to exist.
show how to use statistical tools to discover parameters that affect this distribution.
Other theoretical work contends that, " A sharp interface between quark matter and the vacuum would have very different properties from the surface of a neutron star "; and, addressing key parameters like surface tension and electrical forces that were neglected in the original study, the results show that as long as the surface tension is below a low critical value, the large strangelets are indeed unstable to fragmentation and strange stars naturally come with complex strangelet crusts, analogous to those of neutron stars.
( Graphs which show just the length of the rule in the two dynasties are the most widely known ; however, Fomenko's conclusions are also based on other parameters, as described above.
Experimental results show that most surge energies occur at under 100 Joules, so exceeding the SM design parameters is unlikely, but it provides no contingency should rare events induce energies that exceed it.
Recently, Roman Jakobson's and Andrey Zaliznyak's analyses show that the passages of Zadonschina with counterparts in Slovo differ from the rest of the text by a number of linguistic parameters, whereas this is not so for Igor's Tale.
They estimate a representative-agent DSGE model on the basis of the aggregate data implied by their heterogeneous-agent economy, and show that the estimated coefficients are inconsistent with the true parameters of the heterogeneous economy.
Security Level 2 improves upon the physical security mechanisms of a Security Level 1 cryptographic module by requiring features that show evidence of tampering, including tamper-evident coatings or seals that must be broken to attain physical access to the plaintext cryptographic keys and critical security parameters ( CSPs ) within the module, or pick-resistant locks on covers or doors to protect against unauthorized physical access.
Bipolar devices on silicon tend to show changes in electrical parameters at levels of 10 < sup > 10 </ sup > to 10 < sup > 11 </ sup > neutrons / cm², CMOS devices aren't affected until 10 < sup > 15 </ sup > neutrons / cm².
The first results of the experiment were published in Nature in January 2005 and show that with only slight changes to the parameters within plausible ranges, the models can show climate sensitivities ranging from less than 2 ° C to more than 11 ° C ( see and explanation ).
By satirizing the head of the nation, SNL redefined the parameters of acceptable television content, and became, according to NBC executive Dick Ebersol, " the first television show to speak the language of the time ".
Often, the probability distribution may be derived from physical models that explicitly show how the measured data depends on the parameters to be estimated, and how the data is corrupted by random errors or noise.
) It was a controversial open problem for many years to show that these six equations really were irreducible for generic values of the parameters ( they are sometimes reducible for special parameter values ; see below ), but this was finally proved by and.

parameters and must
In considering BW defense, it must be recognized that a number of critical meterological parameters must be met for an aerosol to exhibit optimum effect.
There are several different stability factors, such as the Stern stability factor and the Linvil stability factor, which specify a condition that must be met for the absolute stability of an amplifier in terms of its two-port parameters.
This brass alloy must be produced with great care, with special attention placed on a balanced composition and proper production temperatures and parameters to avoid long-term failures.
The wheels can be any regular polygon except a triangle, but the catenary must have parameters corresponding to the shape and dimensions of the wheels.
To use ECC all parties must agree on all the elements defining the elliptic curve, that is, the domain parameters of the scheme.
The specification must be linear in its parameters.
In order for an improvised scene to be successful, the improvisers involved must work together responsively to define the parameters and action of the scene, in a process of co-creation.
The main changes are: explicit numeric conversion functions ( e. g. FLOOR and FLT ) must be used, the LOOP and EXIT statements have been eliminated, WHILE statements have been extended, RETURN statements can only be connected to the end of a function, imported variables and structured value parameters are read-only and arrays can be assigned without using COPY.
The theory must be characterized by a choice of finitely many parameters, which could, in principle, be set by experiment.
Any meaningful theory of quantum gravity that makes sense and is predictive at all energy scales must have some deep principle that reduces the infinitely many unknown parameters to a finite number that can then be measured.
Since the scattering angle is uniquely determined for a given and, the number of particles scattered into an angle between and must be the same as the number of particles with associated impact parameters between and.
Many different levels with a number of different weightings are in current use, and care must be taken to ensure that the proper parameters are stated.
In the simplest case, an initial context must be created using the specific implementation and extra parameters required by the implementation.
This form is simple, but may have overheads because the thread consists only of machine addresses, so all further parameters must be loaded indirectly from memory.
An orbit for the pair has since been computed using interferometric measurements, but as only approximately a quarter of the orbit has been observed, the orbital parameters must be regarded as preliminary.
As can be seen, even knowing the size and density of the satellite leaves many parameters that must be estimated ( especially w, Q, and ), so that any calculated locking times obtained are expected to be inaccurate, to even factors of ten.
More recent innovations have included encrypted firing parameters, which must be decrypted to properly detonate the warhead, plus anti-tamper systems which intentionally mis-detonate the weapon, destroying it without giving rise to a useful nuclear explosion.
The ESD determines the external parameters such as acceleration curve, temperature and pressure and only activates the weapon when these external effects occur in the correct order and must fall within specific parameters.
The mechanisms that drive them must therefore be programmed with the parameters of the analemma.
To estimate the parameters for a feature's distribution, one must assume a distribution or generate nonparametric models for the features from the training set.
Plug-in parameters can be stored on the computer hard disk, whereas parameter details on an analog unit must be written down or otherwise recorded if the unit needs to be reused.

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