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party and was
Ironically no president we have had would have regretted more than President Eisenhower the possibility to which his own words, in the press conference held at the beginning of August, testified: that unable as he was himself to say his running was best for the country, unconsciously he had placed his party before his nation.
It was here that the terror-stricken Dennis Moon played an unrehearsed role during the children's party.
Governor Alfred E. Smith was the official host at the children's party.
He soon quarreled with all the party leaders in the House, and came to be regarded with detestation by regular Democrats as a professional radical leading a small pack of obedient terriers whose constant snapping was demoralizing to party discipline.
He laughed at a story that he planned to bolt the party if he was not nominated.
On the evening that they were to sail, Lewis himself gave a party, but he was too indisposed to appear at it.
It was a dinner party, Lewis had been drinking during the afternoon, and long before the party really got under way, he was quite drunk, with the result that the party broke up even before dinner was over.
He was a fighter for those of his own party.
The Republican party was not lacking in humanity, but it permitted its extremely partisan leadership to make it appear devoid of any consideration for people in trouble.
We wish the President would remember that `` fiscal responsibility '' was the battle-cry of the party that lost the election.
But it seems that pressures against him are coming from somewhere -- in the first place from China, but perhaps also from that `` China Lobby '' which, I was assured in Moscow nearly two years ago, exists on the quiet inside the party.
He found Elizabeth in the parlor and asked her to make sure everything was in order in the residential hall, and then to take charge of the office while the party was here.
It was at that party that, finally overcoming my timidity, inspired by tales only half-understood and overheard among older boys, I asked Jessie to spend New Year's Eve with me.
The Istiqlal was still firmly united in 1957, but the P.D.I. ( Parti Democratique de l'Independance ), the most important minor party at the time, objected to the Istiqlal's predominance in the civil service and influence in Radio Maroc.

party and co-founded
Then the congress discussed the position of the Jewish Bund, which had co-founded the RSDLP in 1898 but wanted to remain autonomous within the party.
On his return, Deutscher co-founded the first anti-Stalinist group in the Polish Communist Party, protesting the party line that Nazism and Social Democracy were " not antipodes but twins.
Specialising in a frantic brand of party techno and tech-house, the pair co-founded the label Recycled Loops as well as having many popular releases on labels such as Novamute, Primate, Intec and Bassethound Records.
In 1902, he co-founded the Democratic Republican Alliance, the most important center-right party under the Third Republic, becoming Prime Minister in 1912 and President in 1913.
Along with his cousin Jorge Carpio de Leon co-founded the center-right Unity of the National Center ( UCN ) party.
In 1969 he co-founded the Eniaion Komma ( United Party ) a party aligned to and supportive of Makarios.
The CPRF is led by Gennady Zyuganov, who co-founded the party in early 1993 with senior former Soviet politicians Yegor Ligachev and Anatoly Lukyanov among others.
Lau was the first woman to be directly elected into the Legislative Council ( Legco ), in September 1991, and co-founded The Frontier party in 1996.
The Ontario Party of Canada was a political party in Canada that was co-founded in September 2002 by George Burns and Brad Harness of London, Ontario to promote the interests of the Province of Ontario within the Canadian confederation.
After disagreements with party leader J. C. Christensen on the defence budget Zahle broke with his party and co-founded the Social Liberal Party in 1905 and became the first chairman of the new party.
Quigley left the National Party after clashing with its leadership, and later co-founded the ACT New Zealand party.
His party the National-Social Association, co-founded with Rudolph Sohm in 1896, failed in the elections of 1898 and 1903 and was then dissolved into the Freeminded Union.
In 1942, she co-founded Ihud, a political party in Mandate Palestine dedicated to a binational solution.
In 1941 Víctor Paz Estenssoro co-founded ( along with Hernán Siles and others ) the Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario ( English: Revolutionary Nationalist Movement, MNR ), originally a reformist revolutionary movement and later a centrist party.
After the fall of the Mossadegh government, Bazargan co-founded the Liberation Movement of Iran, a party similar in its program to Mossadegh's National Front.
In the 2001 elections, the Thai Nation Party won 41 out of 500 seats and formed a coalition government with the largest party, the populist Thai Rak Thai, formerly led and co-founded by tycoon Thaksin Shinawatra.
After returning to Brazil in 1945, he co-founded a center-left party.
Purged from the union after World War II, he co-founded, along with Narciso Bassols, the political party, " Partido Popular ", later known as the Partido Popular Socialista.
Fiore has since returned to Italy and is active in politics as the leader of the nationalist Forza Nuova party ( a group he co-founded with Morsello ), one of the constituent parts of Alternativa Sociale, allied in the House of Freedoms for the 2006 political elections in Italy.
After leaving the Democratic Party, he co-founded the Alliance for Italy ( ApI ), a centrist, liberal party which ran joint lists with the Union of Christian and Centre Democrats ( UDC ) / Union of the Centre ( UdC ) in most regions in the regional elections of March 2010.
The party was co-founded by John Momis and John Kaputin in the late 1970s.
In 1993, with Ermanno Gorrieri, he co-founded the socialist party Social Christians.

party and May
And the dogwood in early May, for Miss Ada's alfresco party ; ;
Mr. and Mrs. Piero De Luise will honor Italian Consul and Mrs. Emilio Bassi at a cocktail party Tuesday, May 2, from 6 to 8 p.m. in their home.
These were rejected in a referendum the following May at the same time as parliamentary elections which left Kocharyan's party in a very powerful position in parliament.
Their party was defeated ( 2 May 1182 ), but Andronikos Komnenos, a first cousin of Emperor Manuel, took advantage of these disorders to aim at the crown, entered Constantinople, where he was received with almost divine honours, and overthrew the government.
In May 1979, while at the album release party for her second album, My Father's Eyes, Grant met Gary Chapman, writer of the title track ( and future husband ).
* Harold Wilson's Prime Minister's Resignation Honours ( known satirically as the " Lavender List ") gives honours to a number of wealthy businessmen whose principles were considered antipathetic to those held by the Labour party ( May 1976 )
The two had disagreed on the issue as early as March – May 1903, but it was not until the Congress that their differences became irreconcilable and split the party.
Bozizé won on the second run-off round on 8 May 2005, defeating Martin Ziguélé, who ran on the ticket of the MLPC, the former ruling party.
It was formed by people who left Cornwall's main nationalist party Mebyon Kernow on 28 May 1975.
The first " cocktail party " ever thrown was allegedly by Mrs. Julius S. Walsh Jr. of St. Louis, Missouri, in May 1917.
On 1 May 1992, the ED ( now largely composed of UK Conservative Party members ) dissolved, and its remaining members were accorded " associated party " status in the EPP group ; that is, being part of the parliamentary group without retaining actual membership in the EPP party organization.
Shortly afterwards, on 15 May 1567, Mary married Bothwell, arousing suspicions that she had been party to the murder of her husband.
Dollfuss was sworn in on May 20, 1932, as head of a coalition government between the Christian-Social Party, the Landbund — a right-wing agrarian partyand Heimatblock, the parliamentary wing of the Heimwehr, a paramilitary ultra-nationalist group.
Writing to The Times, Hayek said, " May one who has devoted a large part of his life to the study of the history and the principles of liberalism point out that a party that keeps a socialist government in power has lost all title to the name ' Liberal '.
Mikhail Saakashvili on May 22, 2008 announced his confident victory for his ruling party in parliamentary polls amid fears of political unrest, and rising tensions between Georgia and Russia.
The General Council of WTO, on 4 May 2010, agreed to establish a working party to examine the request of Syria for WTO membership.
Sullivan had one installed as well, and on 13 May 1883, at a party to celebrate the composer's 41st birthday, the guests, including the Prince of Wales ( later Edward VII ), heard a direct relay of parts of Iolanthe from the Savoy.
The settlement of Yacanagua was burnt to the ground three times in its just over a century long existence as a Spanish settlement, first by French pirates in 1543, again on 27 May 1592 by a 110 strong landing party from a 4 ship English naval squadron led by Christopher Newport in his flagship Golden Dragon, who destroyed all 150 houses in the settlement, and finally by the Spanish themselves in 1605, for reasons set out below.
Following the May 2012 legislative election where the New Democracy party became the largest party in the Hellenic Parliament, Samaras, leader of ND, was asked by Greek President Karolos Papoulias to try to form a government.
Dissent within the ranks of his own Golkar party and the military finally weakened Suharto, and on 21 May he stood down from power.
National elections held on 13 May 2001 returned Berlusconi to power at the head of the five-party center-right " Freedom House " coalition, comprising the prime minister's own party, Forza Italia, the National Alliance, the Northern League, the Christian Democratic Center, and the Democrats ' Center Union.
Eamon Ryan was elected as the new party leader, over party colleagues Phil Kearney and Cllr Malcolm Noonan in a postal ballot election of party members in May 2011.

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