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place and is
That place is crawling with Bill Doolin and his gang ''.
Why, in the first place, call himself a liberal if he is against laissez-faire and favors an authoritarian central government with womb-to-tomb controls over everybody??
Isfahan became more of a legend than a place, and now it is for many people simply a name to which they attach their notions of old Persia and sometimes of the East.
The singular uncompromising force of their revolt against the cult of restraint is illustrated by their refusal to dance in a public place.
That this abandonment takes place on a stage, during an ' artistic ' performance, is enough to associate Jacoby with art, and to bring down upon him the punishment for art ; ;
In its place is a passionate consciousness grasped and molded to feelings of positive or negative values even as the actions of one's life are determined by constellations of process in which one is caught.
Leadership is lacking in our society because it has no legitimate place to develop.
he is out of place in our times.
As a means of silencing a discussion which ought to have taken place, the statement is an effective one: we sympathize with the universal confusion which gives rise to such convictions.
we accord it its place there, and in Lawrence's treatment we are given the innocent fantasy of a child, in fact, the form in which oedipal love is expressed in childhood.
`` This is no place for a young girl '', he said.
Third, the United States is pressing forward in the development of large rocket engines to place vehicles of many tons into space for exploration purposes.
The `` conventional '' image of a particular time and place is not necessarily congruent with the image of the facts as established over the years by scholarly and scientific research.
but the possibility of this effort is bound up with that development of historical thought which is the greatest achievement of our civilization in the last two centuries, and it is utterly impossible to people in whom this development has not taken place.
`` History has this in common with every other science: that the historian is not allowed to claim any single piece of knowledge, except where he can justify his claim by exhibiting to himself in the first place, and secondly to any one else who is both able and willing to follow his demonstration, the grounds upon which it is based.
`` Little Rock is a vile, detestable place.
`` Little Rock is, without any flattery, one of the dullest towns in the United States and I would not have remained two hours in the place, if I had not met with some good friends who made me forget its dreariness ''.
We find, in the first place, that the students overwhelmingly approve of higher education, positively evaluate the job their own institution is doing, do not accept most of the criticisms levelled against higher education in the public prints, and, on the whole, approve of the way their university deals with value-problems and value inculcation.

place and inhabited
Jean-Jacques Rousseau of Geneva was the first of many to present the Alps as a place of allure and beauty, banishing the prevalent conception of the mountains as a hellish wasteland inhabited by demons.
Evidence also suggests that a profound change took place in the Ancestral Pueblo area and areas inhabited by their cultural neighbors, the Mogollon.
During the mid-18th century, the area was inhabited by a Native American tribe known as the Potawatomi, who had taken the place of the Miami and Sauk and Fox peoples.
The town is first mentioned in 742 under the name of " Erphesfurt ": in that year, Saint Boniface writes Pope Zachary to tell him that he had established three dioceses in Thuringia, one of which " in a place called Erphesfurt, which for a long time has been inhabited by pagan natives.
The closest inhabited place is Tongareva ( Penrhyn Island ), to the southwest.
The nearest permanently inhabited place is Alert in the Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada, which is located from the Pole.
Dusty in the dry season, a bog in the rains, the place was inhabited by the fierce Querandí tribe that resented having the Spaniards as neighbors.
There are several versions of the birth of the winged stallion and his brother Chrysaor in the far distant place at the edge of Earth, Hesiod's " springs of Oceanus, which encircles the inhabited earth, where Perseus found Medusa:
Apparently, in later times, owing to its sanctity, Ur became a favorite place of sepulchres, so that even after it had ceased to be inhabited, it continued to be used as a necropolis.
The Native Americans who originally inhabited Salem, the Kalapuyans called the area Chemeketa, which means " meeting or resting place " in the Central Kalapuya language ( Santiam ).
The place where the city was founded has been inhabited by the Motu-Koitabu people for centuries.
With an extreme subarctic climate ( Köppen climate classification Dfd ), Yakutsk has the coldest winter temperatures for any city, though not for any inhabited place, on Earth.
* The Land of Zill, a place inhabited by a race of Demons, Animals, and Hybrids called Zillians, who are ruled by the antagonist The Duke of Zill, can be featured in Felix the Cat: The Movie
# A place mentioned only in Nehemiah 11: 34, inhabited by the Benjamites after the Babylonian captivity.
Currently, the most accepted theory is that the name has Celtic roots, from the root red that originated the name redis ( or reddis ), that would approximately mean place in the way / place in the roads, or said alternatively, an inhabited place in a cross-road.
In its place is a long passageway, which leads to a flat identical to her own, inhabited by her Other Mother and Other Father, who are replicas of her real parents.
This fortress was occupied and further built upon until the close of the Parthian period, about AD 250 ; but under the succeeding rule of the Sassanids it in its turn fell into decay, and the ancient sanctuary became, to a considerable extent, a mere place of sepulture, only a small village of mud huts huddled about the ancient ziggurat continuing to be inhabited.
Other place names are also associated with them, including Niflheimr ( land of ice, mist and fog occupied by Hrimthurs or Frost Giants ), Utgarðr ( Jötnar stronghold within the giants ' realm ) and Járnviðr ( A heavily wooded area inhabited by troll-women who bear giants ).
He asks Glaucon to imagine a cave inhabited by prisoners who have been chained and held immobile since childhood: not only are their legs ( but not arms ) held in place, but their necks are also fixed, so they are compelled to gaze at a wall in front of them.
Piraeus, which roughly means ' the place over the passage ', has been inhabited since the 26th century BC.
Some of the wealthiest people in the United States live in Jupiter Island ; it has the second highest per capita income of any inhabited place in the country.
It is the longest continuously inhabited place in the entire country.

place and by
Those three other great activities of the Persians, the bath, the teahouse, and the zur khaneh ( the latter a kind of club in which a leader and a group of men in an octagonal pit move through a rite of calisthenics, dance, chanted poetry, and music ), do not take place in buildings to which entrance tickets are sold, but some of them occupy splendid examples of Persian domestic architecture: long, domed, chalk-white rooms with daises of turquoise tile, their end walls cut through to the orchards and the sky by open arches.
Founded August 24, 1690 by Job Charnock of the East India Company, and commonly called `` The City of Palaces '', it seemed a vast and elegant place to Ann Hasseltine Judson.
I managed to do this by the time the great A.B. returned to the place where he last had seen the fierce nihilist.
But fifty years later the trilogy still maintains a firm place in the list of standard works on the unification of Italy, a position cautiously prophesied by the reviewers at the time of publication.
Sherman laid great store by place captures.
The English, relying on a prejudiced arbiter and confronted with superior diplomatic skill, were also hampered in their negotiations by the events that were taking place at home.
The result was that by secret agreement draft machinery was actually ready long before the country knew that the device was to take the place of the volunteering method which Theodore Roosevelt favored.
My discussion with reference to the resolution was that we should commend those citizens who serve as judges of election and who properly discharge their duty and polling place proprietors who make available their private premises, and not by innuendo criticize them.
The United States was engaged in a military attack on a peaceful, orderly people governed by a regime that had proved itself the most pro-Western and anti-Communist within any of the new nations -- the only place in Africa, moreover, where a productive relationship between whites and blacks had apparently been achieved.
A river, wide as the Missouri, where it ran by his place.
For it is such a distinguished place, with such fine works of art and such a big library, that there can be little doubt but that the owner has become depraved by all this culture.
Though this sculpture must take place thirty-three years after her moment of decision, he could not conceive of her as a woman in her mid-fifties, old, wrinkled, broken in body and face by labor or worry.
A dinner and celebration in honor of this piece of engineering took place July 4, 1793, in a tavern erected by the corporation on the island.
The energy received by the `` pill '' causes the resonant circuit to `` ring '' on after the burst and this `` ringing '' takes place at the resonant frequency of the `` pill ''.
Though there is obviously great need for continued experimentation with various types of short-term intervention to further efforts in developing an operational definition of prevention at the secondary -- or perhaps, in some instances, primary -- level, the place of short-term intervention has already been documented by a number of investigators in a wide variety of settings.
The writer began this special class by explaining his background thinking for creating such a section in the first place.
Section 381(a) applies only to a transfer by liquidation of a subsidiary owned to the extent of at least 80 per cent, a statutory merger or consolidation, an acquisition of substantially all a corporation's assets solely in exchange for voting stock, or a change of identity, form, or place of organization.
If such an unlikely transaction were to take place, it would more logically be accomplished by a stock purchase, followed by the prosecution of the claim by the wholly-owned subsidiary, followed by liquidation.

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