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plan and has
For lawyers, reflecting perhaps their parochial preferences, there has been a special fascination since then in the role played by the Supreme Court in that transformation -- the manner in which its decisions altered in `` the switch in time that saved nine '', President Roosevelt's ill-starred but in effect victorious `` Court-packing plan '', the imprimatur of judicial approval that was finally placed upon social legislation.
But since last fall the United States has been moving toward a pro-neutralist position and now is ready to back the British plan for a cease-fire patrolled by outside observers and followed by a conference of interested powers.
The Nashville plan, incidentally, has become recognized as perhaps the most acceptable and thus the most practical to put into effect in the troubled South.
Since accurate base maps are necessary for any planning program, the first step taken by the planning division to implement the long-range state plan has been to prepare two series of base maps -- one at a scale of 1 inch to a mile, and the second a series of 26 sheets at a scale of 1 inch to 2000 feet, covering the entire state.
With these maps completed, the inventory phase of the plan has been started.
More than one president has found that a long-range plan helps him to attract major gifts.
The controversy of the last few years over whether architects or interior designers should plan the interiors of modern buildings has brought clearly into focus one important difference of opinion.
One or two of the schools have a five year curriculum, but the usual pattern of American education has limited most of them to the four-year plan which seems to be the minimum in acceptable institutions.
and although we have attempted to provide these status symbols, support of the ' dual-ladder ' plan has been half-hearted despite the creation of a salary potential for a research scientist commensurate with that of men in top managerial positions.
As in Maryland, a District court has approved an official plan of school desegregation in Delaware.
Since on the one hand school desegregation has come in Virginia hand-in-glove with pupil assignment, shall we support the plan??
To this point the need for an over-all plan for submarine defense has been demonstrated, the mission has been stated, broad principles delineating its content laid down, and the supporting elements listed.
Time perspective -- the ability to plan for the future and to postpone gratifying immediate wants in order to achieve long-range objectives -- is more easily developed if, from infancy on, the individual has been able to rely on and trust people and the world in which she lives.
Hughes said, `` This is not a plan to conquer space -- but to conserve it '', pointing out the state population has increased 125,000 each year since 1950.
If the church has followed the plan of cultivation of prospects and carried through a program of membership preparation as outlined earlier in this book, the process of assimilation and growth will be well under way.
The contrast between the " careful control against the almost inconceivable perversion of his scheme " and " the ridiculousness of the proposal " create a situation in which the reader has " to consider just what perverted values and assumptions would allow such a diligent, thoughtful, and conventional man to propose so perverse a plan ".
In South Korea, the Ministry of Information and Communication has an ambitious plan to put a robot in every household by 2020.
But there is a hitch in the arrangements, and by the time another escape plan is arranged, Rambert has changed his mind.
Ajaigarh Fort has been sold to Oberoi Group and they plan to develop a tiger resort there.
The scheming Comptroller Schub, tells her that he has a plan to save her administration, and the town, promising “ It's highly unethical .” He tells her to meet him at the rock on the edge of town.
Satisfied with his plan, Pseudolus steals Hysterium's book of potions and has Hero read him the recipe for the sleeping potion ; the only ingredient he lacks is " mare's sweat ," and Pseudolus goes off in search of some.
In the early 2000s ( decade ), the industry ’ s plan for survival has included upgrading products to satisfy Western markets and doing cooperative manufacturing with Russian companies.
Bart now has twenty-four hours to come up with a " brilliant plan to save our town ".
The Greek Hippodamus of Miletus ( c. 407 BC ) has been dubbed the " Father of City Planning " for his design of Miletus ; the Hippodamian, or grid plan, was the basis for subsequent Greek and Roman cities.

plan and brought
A plan must therefore be brought up to date periodically, possibly with the assistance of a permanent planning officer.
The board brought together key stakeholders, including relevant government agencies, representation from private sector, urban specialists and economists, with cooperation from the government of Japan and French private sector, to prepare a master plan for the city in the context of Greater Kabul.
Le Corbusier was brought on to develop the plan of Albert Mayer.
24 June 1225 was finally fixed as the date for the departure of Frederick II, and Honorius III brought about his marriage to Queen Isabella II of Jerusalem with a view to binding him closer to the plan.
During the next major phase of activity, 30 enormous Oligocene-Miocene sarsen stones ( shown grey on the plan ) were brought to the site.
The original plan was to use workers brought in from Europe ; however, there was a poor response to recruitment efforts, and African Americans — free and slave — comprised the majority of the work force.
But increasing foreign resistance brought this plan to a virtual halt.
In the penultimate episode, " Enos and Daisy's Wedding ", the two plan on getting married, only to have Enos call it off at the last minute due to an attack of hives, brought on by the excitement of possibly being married to Daisy.
Darius believed that Intaphernes was planning a rebellion, but when he was brought to the court, there was no proof of any such plan.
On July 17, 2001, multiplayer lead Pat Lipo made a post on his. plan file, revealing that Rich Whitehouse had been brought onto the development team to handle development of the game's multiplayer bots.
The Allied battle plan prior to the war had been based on France and the United Kingdom halting the German armies in the West while the huge Russian armies could be organized and brought to the Eastern front.
The political purpose behind the invasion was somewhat undermined by Ducasse, the governor of Saint-Domingue – today's Haiti – who brought his soldiers with a plan to steal, but ended with pirates and thieves destroying the city.
The legend is that Lazar Kaganovich, Stalin's associate and director of the Moscow reconstruction plan, prepared a special model of Red Square, in which the cathedral could be removed, and brought it to Stalin to show how the cathedral was an obstacle for parades and traffic.
Veterans such as Aaron Ward, Andrew Alberts, and Stephane Yelle were brought in to help drive the team further, but things did not go according to plan.
However, a Sabine defector and prisoners brought in by a Roman cavalry patrol informed Valerius of the enemy plan.
Wright brought his family, five other families and twenty-five labourers and a plan to establish an agriculturally based community to what was then a mosquito-infested wilderness.
Wright brought his family, five other families and twenty-five labourers and a plan to establish an agriculturally based community to what was a mosquito-infested wilderness.
Watt's plan was successful and brought the town the nickname: " Granary of the State " and led to its incorporation in 1854.
The Community Action Committee continued its plan of revitalization and helped establish Lakeview's own free health clinic ( though as of fall 2006, the clinic is in dire need of funds, staff, and supplies ), and brought a police precinct with bicycle mounted policemen to help lower the crime.
Negotiations between the Oliver Mining Company and the village finally brought about a plan whereby the entire village would relocate to a site two miles south near Alice.
A defecting Soviet military officer has brought the Soviet " war plan " to the West.
The Cabinet had long lacked cohesion and mutual trust ( particularly following the Sacheverell affair ) when in the summer the plan to break it up, prepared by Harley, was brought into action by the Queen.
His sympathy and relations with the royal family, to whom he had submitted a plan for a counter-revolution, and his desire to check the violence of the Revolution, brought on him suspicion of treason.

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