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plan and was
The only drawback now to the plan he'd decided on was that someone else might fail to do his work, too, and the teacher would have that person stay late along with Jack.
For lawyers, reflecting perhaps their parochial preferences, there has been a special fascination since then in the role played by the Supreme Court in that transformation -- the manner in which its decisions altered in `` the switch in time that saved nine '', President Roosevelt's ill-starred but in effect victorious `` Court-packing plan '', the imprimatur of judicial approval that was finally placed upon social legislation.
during long weeks the plan for his flight was rehearsed.
Tom was not willing to revise the play according to the plan the man suggested.
But perhaps this was a part of the eternal plan, that man's ambition when linked with God would be a driving, indefatigable force for good in the world.
Counsel for the Government invited Du Pont's views on this proposal before recommending a specific program, but stated that if the court desired, or if counsel for Du Pont thought further discussion would not be profitable, the Government was prepared to submit a plan within thirty days.
In spite of this catastrophe, the bridge was rebuilt on the same plan and opened again on July 17, 1827.
And then Eichmann was quoted as saying, in non-English, that Hitler's plan to exterminate the Jews was nonsense ''.
A titre personnel and a special office was created in the Ministry of the Interior to plan and to conduct the elections.
In other words, the promulgators of the murder plan made clear that physically exterminating the Jews was but an extension of the anti-Semitic measures already operating in every phase of German life, and that the new conspiracy counted on the general anti-Semitism that had made those measures effective, as a readiness for murder.
The plan was supported by Frederick P. Fish, counsel for the National Automobile Chamber of Commerce.
Again the plan was for me to go alone, but they wouldn't let me.
It was not very reasonable to believe that Lucien had procured unprocurable opium and come back to Honotassa with a formed plan to murder her.
At the same time reaction among anti-organization Democratic leaders and in the Liberal party to the Mayor's reported plan was generally favorable.
The resentment among Democratic organization leaders to the reported Wagner plan was directed particularly at the Mayor's efforts to name his own running mates without consulting the leaders.
On Monday, the Hughes concern was formally declared bankrupt after its directors indicated they could not draw up a plan for reorganization.
The plan for eliminating traffic hazards for pedestrians was developed by Dr. Constantinos A. Doxiadis, former Minister of Reconstruction in Greece and a consulting planner for the New Eastwick Corp..
He said the snow plan was put in effect too slowly in December.
During the Han dynasty, another Yin-Yang conception was applied to the Lo Shu, considering the latter as a plan of Ancient China.
Note that by Western standards this plan was `` upside down '', as it put North at the bottom and South at the top, with the other directions correspondingly altered ; ;
Something in the back of his mind was aware that the magnificence of the plan lay in his faith, that the idea would work because he believed in it, since his courage and virility were involved, because it was truly his.
Part of the time saved was spent on a preliminary estimate for a long-distance plan to free bound oxygen in the sands of Mars to make the planet more friendly to future human generations.
Amphibian Ark is an organization that was formed to implement the ex-situ conservation recommendations of this plan, and they have been working with zoos and aquaria around the world encouraging them to create assurance colonies of threatened amphibians.

plan and presented
: When, after the action had thus occurred, his own men returned to each general, Scipio could adopt no fixed plan of proceeding, except that he should form his measures from the plans and undertakings of the enemy: and Hannibal, uncertain whether he should pursue the march he had commenced into Italy, or fight with the Roman army which had first presented itself, the arrival of ambassadors from the Boii, and of a petty prince called Magalus, diverted from an immediate engagement ; who, declaring that they would be the guides of his journey and the companions of his dangers, gave it as their opinion, that Italy ought to be attacked with the entire force of the war, his strength having been nowhere previously impaired.
Air Force General Curtis LeMay presented a pre-invasion bombing plan to Kennedy in September, while spy flights and minor military harassment from US forces at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base were the subject of continual Cuban diplomatic complaints to the US government.
Together, Plunkett and Casement presented a plan which involved a German expeditionary force landing on the west coast of Ireland, while a rising in Dublin diverted the British forces so that the Germans, with the help of local Volunteers, could secure the line of the River Shannon.
A small team of X-Men stopped this plan, badly injuring Magneto in the process ( the original issue presented him as being killed, but New X-Men retconned this ).
A mediation team of diplomats presented a plan to reduce Aristide's power while allowing him to remain in office until the end of his constitutional term.
Dr. Ashkouri has also presented the plan to President Karzai and has received a letter of support from the president and the Minister of Urban Development.
More a proposal than a plan, it was presented vaguely and made little impact in America.
While officials in Washington, D. C. thought the project had merit, and Secretary of State Henry Clay formally presented it to the Congress of the United States in 1826, the plan was not approved.
The International Fixed calendar ( also known as the Cotsworth plan, the Eastman plan, the 13 Month calendar or the Equal Month calendar ) is a solar calendar proposal for calendar reform designed by Moses B. Cotsworth, who presented it in 1902.
On 20 January 1942 Heydrich chaired the Wannsee Conference, at which he presented to the heads of a number of German Government departments a plan for the deportation and transporting of 11 million Jewish people from every country in Europe, to be worked to death or killed outright in extermination camps.
In July 1987, Ze ' evi presented his ideas at a forum in Tel Aviv, describing the plan as a voluntary transfer and the only way to make peace with the Arabs.
Henry showed much interest in the idea when Gardiner and Foxe presented him this plan.
Previously in 2001, Baker had presented his framework plan, called Baker I, where the dispute would be finally solved through an autonomy within Moroccan sovereignty, but Algeria and the Polisario front refused it.
In the course of the meeting, Heydrich presented a plan, presumably approved by Adolf Hitler, for the deportation of the Jewish population of Europe and French North Africa ( Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia ) to German-occupied areas in eastern Europe, and the use of the Jews fit for labour on road-building projects, in the course of which they would eventually die according to the text of the Wannsee Protocol, the surviving remnant to be annihilated after completion of the projects.
His design presented a radial-circular arrangement that overlaid the existing city and incorporated much of its existing street plan.
The French began work on the Maginot line in this year, as a defense against a possible German attack, and on September 5 Briand presented a plan for the United States of Europe.
Cos presented a plan for a counterattack ; cavalry officers believed that they would be surrounded by Texians and refused their orders.
As early as 1850 Oscar I had conceived the plan of a dynastic union of the three Scandinavian kingdoms, but such difficulties presented themselves that the scheme had to be abandoned.
Depending on the amount of funds being raised and the audience to whom the plan is presented, failure to do this may have severe legal consequences.
Before initiating the plan, he presented it to Soviet Premier Nikolai Tikhonov.
Taking advantage of the historic political changes occurring in East Germany, Kohl presented a ten point plan for " Overcoming of the division of Germany and Europe " without consulting his coalition partner, the FDP, or the Western Allies.
Rosenberg had presented Hitler with his plan for the organization of the conquered Eastern territories, suggesting the establishment of new administrative districts, to replace the previously Soviet-controlled territories with new Reichskommissariats.
In September 1940, Raeder first presented his " Mediterranean plan " to Hitler.
In the fall of 1963, Expo's general manager, Andrew Kniewasser, presented the master plan and the preliminary budget of $ 167 million for construction: it would balloon to over $ 439 million by 1967.

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