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play and earned
Schaffner earned two more Emmy awards for his work on the 1955 TV adaptation of the Broadway play, The Caine Mutiny Court Martial, shown on the anthology series Ford Star Jubilee.
The Colts finished 0 8 1 in the strike-shortened 1982 season and earned the team the right to select Stanford quarterback John Elway with the first overall pick, but Elway refused to play for Baltimore, and using leverage as a draftee of the New York Yankees baseball club, forced a trade to Denver.
These points typically can only be earned by paying and playing real money hands which in essence is a payment required to play their ' freerolls ' and therefore a loose use of the term ' freeroll '.
This style of play earned him the nickname " Indestructible ".
With the play of their defense, the running attack led by Morris, and Simms ' passing game, the Giants earned a 14 2 regular season record.
Opening on 24 November 1951 on Broadway at the Fulton Theatre, the play ran for 219 performances ( finishing on 31 May 1952 ) and Hepburn's debut on Broadway earned her a Theatre World Award.
Later, they released two singles, " Uncivilized " and " Eternal ", and later earned video play on several programs in Germany and France with the 16mm film clip to " Eternal ".
In the 1720 1721 season, the play earned £ 81 with three performances.
Points are earned when the ball strikes different targets on the play field.
Before each spin, the contestant can choose to either " Press Their Luck " ( play the board ) or " Pass " ( give all of his or her remaining earned spins to another contestant, forcing them to play ).
The film was a success, and Davis's performance as a spoiled Southern belle earned her a second Academy Award, which led to speculation in the press that she would be chosen to play a similar character, Scarlett O ' Hara, in Gone with the Wind.
She earned a Golden Globe nomination for her work in TNT's adaptation of the Wendy Wasserstein play The Heidi Chronicles.
As a result, the team earned three consecutive first overall draft picks, used to select Mats Sundin ( 1989 ), Owen Nolan ( 1990 ) and Eric Lindros ( 1991 ), even though Lindros had made it clear he did not wish to play for the Nordiques.
The team adopted a physical, defense-oriented style of play, which eventually earned them the nickname " Bad Boys.
The first was the inaugural season, in which Dumbarton and Rangers both earned 29 points and had to play off for the title.
But with the slow play, she earned $ 6.
He played the title character in The Scarlet Pimpernel ( 1934 ) and later Professor Henry Higgins in the film version of George Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion ( 1938 ), which earned him another Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.
Each member of Wildcountry eventually had a chance to sing due to the fact that they would play for hours on end, playing for free, taking home only what they earned in tips.
Its Big Creek Golf Course has consistently earned 5 star ratings in Golf Digest magazine and is ranked in its top 10 places to play.
Big Creek Golf Course has consistently earned 5 star ratings in Golf Digest magazine and ranked in the top 10 places to play.
As a sportsman Lynch earned a reputation for decency and fair play, characteristics he brought to political life.
In the 1962 FIFA World Cup, Brazil earned its second title with Garrincha as the star player, a mantle and responsibility bestowed upon him after the regular talisman, Pelé, was injured during the second group match against Czechoslovakia and unable to play for the rest of the tournament.
The play, about the collapse of a blue-collar family, was not a critical success, but Hawke's portrayal of the central character Travis earned positive feedback ; The New York Times said he was " remarkably good at communicating the buried sensitivity beneath Travis's veneer of wary resignation.
The single earned them a last-minute invitation to play at that years Brit Awards ceremony.

play and 49ers
Walsh served as 49ers head coach for ten years, and during his tenure he and his coaching staff perfected the style of play known popularly as the West Coast offense.
Walsh felt that this was because the Cowboys were scheduled to play the Rams the next week in a rare Sunday night game and that showing the highlights of the 49ers ' win would potentially hurt the game's ratings.
In week 2 Dallas traveled to San Francisco to play the 49ers.
Then, the 49ers ran a fake reverse flea flicker play that involved wide receiver Freddie Solomon and ended with Montana completing a 14-yard pass to tight end Charle Young at the 33.
On that play, the 49ers only had 10 players on the field because LB Keena Turner, who was seriously ill with the chicken pox during Super Bowl week, missed a call to enter the game.
On third down, 49ers linebacker Dan Bunz made probably the key defensive play of the game.
Up front, 3 of the 49ers ' 5 starting offensive linemen, Randy Cross, Fred Quillan, and Keith Fahnhorst, had been selected to play in the Pro Bowl.
All 4 of the 49ers ' starting defensive backs, Ronnie Lott, Eric Wright, Carlton Williamson, and Dwight Hicks, were selected to play in the Pro Bowl.
Blackwood quickly recovered the ball and took off for the 49ers end zone, but field judge Bob Lewis blew the play dead, ruling that Solomon's fumble was an incomplete pass.
Five plays later, Craig finished the nine play, 52-yard drive with his second touchdown on a 2-yard run, increasing the 49ers lead to 28-10.
On the first play second half, 49ers defensive end Dwaine Board tackled Nathan for a 1-yard loss.
49ers running back Roger Craig then closed out the scoring with a 1-yard touchdown run on the next play to make the final score of the game 55 10.
Redskins linebacker Matt Millen was bidding to become the first player to play in a Super Bowl victory for three different franchises ( he played in Super Bowl XV and Super Bowl XVIII with the Raiders, and Super Bowl XXIV with the 49ers ).
Then on the third play of the drive, 49ers quarterback Steve Young threw a 44-yard touchdown pass to Jerry Rice.
In addition, the Charlotte 49ers and Davidson Wildcats of the NCAA play annually for the Hornets ' Nest Trophy.
Three of its teams were admitted to the NFL: San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Colts ( not related to the later NFL team that would play in Baltimore from 1953 through 1983, now the Indianapolis Colts ).
Demolition of the stadium is expected to begin soon after the 49ers play their final game of the 2013 season.
Their wide receiver / kick returner Roell Preston ( who previously played for the Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers, and Tennessee Titans ) held the distinction of being the only former Pro Bowler ( 1998 as a Packer ) to play in the XFL.
Taube began looking for new investors when it became apparent that the USFL was going to vote to switch to fall play in 1986, knowing he would be competing directly with the San Francisco 49ers.
On the fifth play of the opening game, he suffered a concussion and was replaced by Bono, who threw two touchdown passes while leading the 49ers to a 31 14 win.
" A week later, however, Garrison Hearst broke his ankle on the 49ers first play from scrimmage.
But Morabito soon began to focus on starting a pro football franchise and Ruffo was enlisted to set up the legal framework for what was to become Morabito's San Francisco 49ers, who began play in the All-America Football Conference ( AAFC ) in 1946.
The venue hosted early-round NCAA Tournament games in 2008 and 2011, and the Charlotte 49ers have tentatively agreed to play several high-profile games there over the next several seasons.
On January 10, 1982, against the Dallas Cowboys, the San Francisco 49ers were trailing 27 21 in the final minute of play to advance to the Super Bowl.

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