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plot and original
Agathon introduced certain innovations into the Greek theater: Aristotle tells us in the Poetics that the characters and plot of his Anthos were original and not, following Athenian dramatic orthodoxy, borrowed from mythological subjects.
Here Salieri returned to his collaboration with the young Boccherini who crafted an original plot.
* Many of the parts of the " conspiracy " are based on errors or plot holes identified by fans of the original movie, such as Leon's ability to bring a gun into the Tyrell building, or the reference to the sixth replicant.
The concept of reversed chirality also figured prominently in the plot of James Blish's Star Trek novel Spock Must Die !, where a transporter experiment gone awry ends up creating a duplicate Spock who turns out to be a perfect mirror-image of the original all the way down to the atomic level.
Dating back to 1875, the original plot was full by 1896 but subsequently expanded multiple times.
The original city plot was around current day Ripley and 5th Streets, where Antoine LeClaire had built his house.
Wanting to capitalize on the countries aviation craze, Fox immediately bought Hawks's original story for The Air Circus, a variation of the male friendship plot of A Girl in Every Port about two young pilots.
While presenting several specific differences in their respective translations of the original computer game, all of them constitute essentially the same game with no major changes to level design, plot, or overall delivery.
Orton, at odds with director Peter Wood over the plot, produced 133 pages of new material to replace, or add to, the original 90.
The language appeared intermittently in later films featuring the original cast-for example, in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country ( 1991 ), where translation difficulties served as a plot device.
Yoshiyuki Tomino's original plot for the anime was considerably much more grim, with Amuro dying halfway through the series, and the crew of the White Base having to ally with Char ( who is given a red Gundam ), but finally having to battle him after he takes control of the Principality of Zeon.
* Zachary Mason's The Lost Books of the Odyssey ( 2007 ) is a series of short stories that rework Homer's original plot in a contemporary style reminiscent of Italo Calvino.
The original music is intact, although some songs have been shuffled into better positions in the revised plot.
The original plot and premise of Preacher was spun out of Ennis ' run on Hellblazer, which postulated what would happen if an angel and a demon mated, and the spirit of their offspring ended up in a mortal man.
In recent years, new facilities have been built close to campus, but the bulk of administrative, academic, and residential buildings are still located within the original pentagonal plot of land.
An anime series produced by Gonzo and SKY Perfect Well Think, called Romeo x Juliet, was made in 2007 ; its plot was an edited version of the original story's, and had many new supporting characters whose names were often derived from those of characters in other Shakespeare works.
This change was necessary to support the plot change in which the killing of Kimble's wife was not a senseless murder by a transient during a botched robbery attempt ( as in the original series ) but rather the result of a fiendish plot by an evil drug company executive.
Koenig wrote " The Infinite Vulcan ", which had plot elements of the original Star Trek episode " Space Seed " blended into it.
While briefly acknowledging the events of the preceding two sequels, its plot makes it a virtual remake of the 1974 original.
The remake was based on the original screenplay, but included more gore and a revised plot that portrayed Barbra ( Patricia Tallman ) as a capable and active heroine.
In May 2009 the shooting for the new series was completed with significant plot changes from the original television storyline.
Their quality was largely dependent on their faithfulness to the plot or theme of the original, casting, direction, and production values.
In the creation of an opera or ballet, a scenario is often developed initially to indicate how the original source, if any, is to be adapted and to summarize the aspects of character, staging, plot, etc.
The main plot of the original Time Crisis arcade game release involves an attempted coup in the fictional republic of Sercia.

plot and modules
Two modules also re-created the plot and setting of the movies 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: Odyssey Two.
The plot of each of the three original modules focuses on a particular type of evil giant.
The plot involving the drow continues in four additional modules printed between 1978 and 1980.

plot and Earth
It also claimed that the Dalek / Movellan war ( and indeed most of Dalek history before the destruction of " Skaro ") was actually faked for Davros's benefit ; the Daleks had discovered records of Skaro's destruction during their conquest of Earth, but, unable to change history, had developed an elaborate plot to bring the recorded events about while ensuring Skaro's survival.
At least one work of fiction, the film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, uses Gaia philosophy as a central point to the plot, and may arguably represent a fictional parallel to Sir James Lovelock in the character of Dr. Cid, who is met with skepticism from the scientific and social community when he promotes the idea of a " living Earth ".
The plot centers around a war between Earth and its colonies in space ; however, in contrast to the Universal Century continuity, the Gundam pilots of Gundam Wing are more closely allied to each other than they are to any particular side in the conflict unfolding around them.
* In January – February 1950, Superman journeys to Mars to help actor-director Orson Welles smash a plot by the Martian dictator Martler to " blitzkrieg the solar system " and conquer the Earth ( S No. 62 / 1: " Black Magic on Mars!
In the film's plot, the crew of the USS Enterprise-E travel from the 24th to 21st century to save their future after the cybernetic Borg conquered Earth by changing the timeline.
However, the plot and cameos play second fiddle to the documentary-like look at The Greatest Show On Earth in its last years under canvas.
This is used as a plot element in the episode Time's Arrow where Data's head ( an artifact excavated on Earth from the late 19th century ) is reattached to his body after nearly 500 years.
* Total Recall ( 1990 ) – A science fiction action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, where the plot concerns an apparently unsophisticated construction worker who turns out to be a freedom fighter from Mars and has been relocated to Earth.
* Year of the first Mars revolution and the Third World War on Earth, according to the plot of Kim Stanley Robinson's novel Red Mars.
The film loosely follows the novel ’ s plot, emphasizing the human relationships instead of Lem ’ s astrobiology theories — especially Kelvin ’ s Earth life, before his space travel to the planet.
The elements of repopulating the Earth and the plague were overlooked in this adaptation ; another difference in the plot was that the Earth was blinded by a solar flare.
Set mainly in Paris in 1979, the plot concerns a scheme by an alien, Scaroth, to steal the Mona Lisa to finance experiments in time travel in the hope of averting the accident that marooned him on Earth four hundred million years previously, which also began the existence of life on the planet as well.
Its plot concerns Supergirl, Superman's cousin, leaving her isolated Kryptonian community of Argo City for Earth in an effort to retrieve the unique " Omegahedron ", which has fallen into the hands of the evil witch Selena ( Faye Dunaway ).
* The plot idea of astronauts thinking they had crashed on an unknown planet, only to discover that in fact they had been on Earth all along, would be adapted by Rod Serling in his work on the initial screenplay of Planet of The Apes.
* Near-total depletion of the aquifer figures as a minor plot device contributing to the second Dust Bowl in David Brin's futuristic novel, Earth ( 1990 ).
The plot follows the protagonist, Duncan Makenzie, on a trip to Earth from his home on Titan, ostensibly for a diplomatic visit to the U. S. for its 500th birthday, but really in order to have a clone of himself produced.
As the plot opens in 2276, a number of factors are combining to make a diplomatic visit to the ' mother world ' of Earth a necessity.
* A key plot element of the 1994 science fiction film Without Warning involves an alien race having intercepted Voyager and relaying part of the UN Secretary-General's message back to Earth.
The film's plot is based on the song " Earth Girls Are Easy " from Julie Brown's 1984 mini-album Goddess In Progress.
Other plot lines include Jessica's adopted daughter Corinne courting Father Tim Flotsky, who ended up leaving the priesthood, and the two eventually marrying and having a child who is possessed by the Devil ; Chester being imprisoned for Peter's murder, escaping with his prison roommate Dutch, and being afflicted with amnesia after a failed operation ; Jessica's other daughter, Eunice, sleeps with a married congressman, and then falls in love with Dutch ; Mary's stepson Chuck, a ventriloquist whose hostilities are expressed through his alter ego, a quick-witted dummy named Bob ; Jessica's love affairs with several men, including Donahue, a private investigator hired to find the missing presumed-dead Chester, her psychiatrist, and a Latin American revolutionary known as " El Puerco " (" The Pig "; his friends just call him " El "); Billy Tate's confinement by a cult called the " Sunnies " ( a parody of Sun Myung Moon's Unification Movement, called the " Moonies " by its critics ), and then his affair with his school teacher who becomes unhinged ; Danny and his romantic trials with the daughter of a mobster, a black woman, a prostitute, and Chester's second wife, Annie ; and Burt's confinement to a mental institution, his abduction by aliens while being replaced with an oversexed alien look-a-like on Earth, and getting blackmailed by the Mob after becoming sheriff of their small town.
The overarching plot in both the original and re-imagined Battlestar Galactica is the quest to find Earth, which is thought to be the location of the thirteenth colony of Kobol, the purported true homeworld of humanity.
Within his stories of robotics on Earth and their development by U. S. Robots, Asimov's positronic brain became less of a plot device, and more of a technological item worthy of study.
The game loosely mirrors a portion of the series ' plot, beginning with the impending destruction of Arthur Dent's house and subsequent demolition of the Earth by Vogons.
The plot of Permutation City follows the lives of several people in a near future reality where the Earth is ravaged by the effects of climate change, the economy and culture are largely globalised ( the most commonly used denomination of currency is the ECU, the precursor to the euro in use at the time the book was written ), and civilisation has accumulated vast amounts of cloud computing power and memory which is distributed internationally and is traded in a public market called the QIPS Exchange ( QIPS from MIPS, where the Q is Quadrillions ).

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