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police and pursue
Goldberg's father was a San Francisco police and fire commissioner, who encouraged the young Reuben to pursue a career in engineering.
Early attempts to get into the police force when he was a teenager were unsuccessful on account of his asthma, so when it had been cured, he could then pursue his ambition to become a professional police officer.
However, as he drives away Dolores ' lifeless body flails, causing the police to correctly see that Dolores is not drunk, but dead, and promptly pursue Hfuhruhurr for murder.
The Irish government also refused to allow British and Northern Ireland security units to pursue Republican paramilitaries over the border into the Republic and arrested those soldiers or police who did enter its territory armed.
Filled with rage, Max dons his police leathers and takes a supercharged black Pursuit Special ( Ford XB Falcon ) from the MFP storage to pursue the gang.
When Scorpio kills a young black boy from another rooftop, the police believe the killer will next pursue a Catholic priest.
When police officers visited Ghezali's father he stated that Ghezali had left for Algeria in order to complete his military service ; however, Ghezali had traveled to Portugal, supposedly to pursue a career as a football player.
But the police did not pursue the charge.
However, he dropped out of school again in 1920 intending to pursue a police career.
The foreman and the police pursue and eventually find them, and the police kill Bill.
In some of the games featuring police pursuit, the player can play as either the felon or the cop ; as a felon, the player must elude the police, or if playing as the cop, must pursue and capture the felon.
Tanya does not know he is married, and Reymundo, a police officer in love with Tanya, is working with fellow officer Ángel to pursue the head of the family that blames Johnny for the young man's death.
Israel also continued to pursue Müller: in 1967 two Israeli operatives were caught by West German police attempting to break into the Munich apartment of Müller's wife.
In their appeal, the defense argued that police seized the letter from Spies ’ desk without a warrant, but the appellate judge said he could not pursue the matter because defense lawyers had not objected to the letter ’ s admission during the trial.
When witnesses attempted to pursue the two men, Nathan drove up and told them to call the police while he chased the robbers.
When an event or person offends his extremely strong ( and subjective ) sense of justice, however, he can quickly fly into a homicidal rage ; he has committed a string of murders for which the police pursue him as a serial killer.
All hell breaks loose when Harry and the police pursue Toowoomba to the Sydney Aquarium.
In addition to the cast, veteran character actors Billy Green Bush ( known for playing ill-fated police officers in Electra Glide in Blue and Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday ), Gene Davis ( known for playing the naked psychopathic killer Warren Stacy in 10 to Midnight ), Armin Shimerman ( who would later be the voice of General Skarr in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy ) and Emmy-winner Henry Darrow make cameo appearances as police officers who pursue Jim Halsey.
Bears a striking resembalance to Mujoe, causing Charabom police to pursue Mujoe.
Tom decides to leave the police force and pursue a law degree.

police and THX
Pursued by two police androids on motorcycles, THX in his car flees to the limits of the city's underground road network.
* In the 2009 film Fanboys, the security guards at Skywalker Ranch wear uniforms similar to the police in THX 1138.
A police robot called 23 is included in Star Wars director George Lucas ' first film, THX 1138.

police and up
Such were the incongruities of the situation that the very police assigned to check up on me were drafted into driving me to the Strasbourg Hospital while World Citizen Jean Babel waved adieu from the `` Line ''!!
When Farouk was overthrown, police picked up his personal pimp, Pulley Bey.
Houston police got to know Diane two years ago when the vice squad picked her up for questioning about a call girl ring.
The police car had pulled up behind a small sedan, its headlights still on.
Ultimately a falsehood is made up to tell the police and the 12 perpetrators are allowed to go free.
(“ See What it Gets You ”) As Cora and the police force begin rounding up Cookies, Fay tries to get the key away from the guards in an extended ballet sequence.
Anderson and his associate Brit Hume confirmed that Capp was shown out of town by university police, but that the incident had been hushed up by the university to avoid negative publicity.
Although Beavis and Butt-Head greatly admire him and aspire to join his " gang ," Todd despises the two and frequently beats them up and takes advantage of them when he needs something, such as money, food or a place to hide from other gangs or the police.
Outlawed in England and much of the United States, prizefights were often held at gambling venues and broken up by police.
They soon gained a reputation for brutality, as the RIC campaign against the IRA and Sinn Féin members was stepped up and police reprisals for IRA attacks were condoned by the government.
Since the death of Medellín cartel leader Pablo Escobar in a police shootout during December 1993, indiscriminate acts of violence associated with that organization have abated as the " cartels " have broken up into multiple, smaller and often-competing trafficking organizations.
On 10 April, three suicide bombers blew themselves up during a police raid of their safe house.
Two days later, police set up barricades around the city and detained two more men who had escaped the raid.
The crew is made up of four unique characters: Jet Black, a former ISSP police officer who retired following a mob hit that cost him his arm, Spike Spiegel, a laid-back exiled hitman of the ruthless Red Dragons ' Syndicate, Faye Valentine, a beautiful amnesiac con artist who awakened into the future world after a lengthy period of cryogenic hibernation, and Radical Edward, a hyperactive and barefooted preteen girl with a reputation as a prolific computer hacker.
Children can dress up in various forms ; for example characters from history or fiction like pirates, princesses or cowboys, common jobs like nurses or police officers, or animals such as those seen in zoos or farms.
These included provisions to curb excessive demands on peasants for provisions by the monasteries and tax evasion by the nobles, setting up an independent police force, the abolishment of the death penalty, extension of secular education, and the provision of electricity throughout the city of Lhasa in the 1920s.
Although he doled out offices, money, and titles mainly to Christian highlanders in the hope of co-opting would-be Eritrean opponents in early 1967, the imperial secret police of Ethiopia also set up a wide network of informants in Eritrea and conducted disappearances, intimidations and assassinations among the same populace driving several prominent political figures into exile.
The FDP is opposed to a tightening of the penal code, and instead supports for the recruitment of more police officers, judges, and prosecutors to improve security and speed up trials.
Francis was from his experiences suspicious and set up an extensive network of police spies and censors to monitor dissent ( in this he was following his father's lead, as the Grand Duchy of Tuscany had the most effective secret police in Europe ).
The SS officer Werner Best, onetime head of legal affairs in the Gestapo, summed up this policy by saying, " As long as the police carries out the will of the leadership, it is acting legally.
Iraqi Police | Iraqi police officer s hold up their index fingers marked with purple indelible ink, a security measure to prevent double voting.
During interrogation by police, several of the adults openly admitted to engaging in many forms of sexual activity, up to and including full intercourse, multiple times with the children.
" He claimed that Benjamin Tucker's acceptance of the use of a private police force ( including to break up violent strikes to protect the " employer's ' freedom '") is contradictory to the definition of anarchism as " no government.
A police officer, doctor, nurse or licensed mental health professional may initiate an involuntary examination that lasts for up to 72 hours.

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