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politics and Fork
A typical Little Mountain Reunion afforded not only a time to renew friendships made at school but the time to catch up on political thinking and the state of politics in the Dutch Fork.

politics and Watershed
For instance, the 2007-08 series was " Diet for a Hungry Planet " that dealt the food and world hunger issues, the 2008-09 had " Watershed " dealing with the politics and issues dealing with water and the 2009-10 had " Work in Progress " which explored issues of labor and employment related issues.

politics and are
He reviews Steele's entrance into politics and finds that his present difficulties are due to his habit of attributing to his own abilities and talents achievements which more properly should be credited to the indulgence of his friends.
Why, oh why, doesn't he stick to preaching the Gospel, instead of meddling in civic affairs, politics, economics, and social issues that are no concern of the Church ''??
Furthermore, Bern decrees that we must do as we are ordered by the Council, preach only the word of God and stop meddling in politics ''!!
The bulk of the preparation had, of course, proceeded under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior, whose officials are barred from party activity and probably generally disinterested in party politics.
and by deriving legitimate decision backward from whatever may conceivably or possibly or probably result, whether by anyone's doing or by accident, it finds itself driven to inaction, to non-political action in politics and non-military action in military affairs, and to the not very surprising discovery that there are now no distinctions on which the defense of justice can possibly be based.
To understand American politics is, simply, to know people, to know the relative weight of names -- who are heroes, who are straw men, who controls, who does not.
He wrote a number of books and papers two of which are of immense importance namely ( 1 ). India in Transition, about the prepartition politics of India and ( 2 ). World Enough & Time-The Memoirs of Sir Sultan Mohammed Shah, Aga Khan III, his autobiography.
The extent to which different markets are free, as well as the rules defining private property, is a matter of politics and policy.
The politics of Croatia are defined by a parliamentary, representative democratic republic framework, where the Prime Minister of Croatia is the head of government in a multi-party system.
In federal Australian politics, the conservative Liberal, National, Country Liberal and Liberal National parties are united in a coalition, known simply as the Coalition.
The most contentious subjects, topics or areas are politics, religion and sex.
Thus, for example, controversies in physics are limited to subject-areas where experiments cannot be carried out yet, whereas Benford's Law implies that controversy is inherent to politics, where communities must frequently decide on courses of action based on insufficient information.
Dilbert portrays corporate culture as a Kafkaesque world of bureaucracy for its own sake and office politics that stand in the way of productivity, where employees ' skills and efforts are not rewarded, and busy work is praised.
In total, there are 54 progress cards: 18 science, 18 politics, and 18 trade.
" Without these questions there is no clear fulcrum on which to balance law, politics, and the practice of arbitration — in fact, no common assumptions of all participants — so the ability to formulate the questions are prior to rights balancing.
Bioethicists are concerned with the ethical questions that arise in the relationships among life sciences, biotechnology, medicine, politics, law, and philosophy.
Religious political parties are not allowed as it would not respect the principle of non-interference of religion in politics and that religion has to remain in the private sphere to respect all beliefs.
According to a March 2004 BBC profile, politics within the country are dominated by tensions between Obiang's son, Teodorin, and other close relatives with powerful positions in the security forces.
Independent local sources of political information on Eritrean domestic politics are scarce ; in September 2001 the government closed down all of the nation's privately owned print media, and outspoken critics of the government have been arrested and held without trial, according to domestic and international observers, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.
Overlordship, for either reason, was a central feature of Anglo-Saxon politics ; it is known to have begun before Æthelberht's time, although the details are unknown, and kings were being described as overlords in this sense, as late as the ninth century.
Some people are skeptical of the environmental movement and feel that it is more deeply rooted in politics than science.
* Centrist evangelicals are described as socially conservative, mostly avoiding politics, who still support much of traditional Christian theology.
They are generally seen as tied to the " young guard " of Fatah politics, organizing young members on the street level, but it is not clear that they form a faction in themselves inside Fatah politics ; rather, different Brigades units may be tied to different Fatah factional leaders.

politics and somewhat
On the campaign trail, St-Laurent's image was developed into somewhat of a ' character ' and what is considered to be the first ' media image ' to be used in Canadian politics.
At any rate, Machiavelli presents a pragmatic and somewhat consequentialist view of politics, whereby good and evil are mere means used to bring about an end, i. e. the secure and powerful state.
A shy and somewhat withdrawn individual, the King hated the day-to-day stresses of Italian politics, though the country's chronic political instability forced him to intervene no less than ten times between 1900 and 1922 to solve parliamentary crises.
His wife Annie ( Diana Hoddinott ) is generally supportive, but is sometimes frustrated by the disruptions caused by her husband's political career and is at times somewhat cynical about her husband's politics.
Loveland has a reputation as being somewhat conservative in its politics, with a large and active population of Evangelical Christians.
At the time of the EP's release this was a somewhat novel concept, as most punk bands in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas focused on politics, social and personal issues in their music.
He wrote well, was a forcible speaker and an acute critic ; but his adoption of the indeterminate eclecticism of Victor Cousin in philosophy and of the somewhat similarly indeterminate liberalism of in politics probably limited his powers, though both no doubt accorded with his critical and unenthusiastic turn of mind.
Thus, there was a global rise of religious nationalism in the wake of the end of the cold war, but also as postcolonial politics ( facing considerable developmental challenges, but also dealing with the reality of colonially-defined – and therefore somewhat artificial borders ) become challenged.
Giovanni was somewhat uninterested in politics, unless the issues pertained to his family or bank.
In 27 BC, Octavian appeared before the Senate and offered to retire from active politics and government ; the Senate not only requested he remain, but increased his powers and made them lifelong, awarding him the title of Augustus ( the elevated or divine one, somewhat less than a god but approaching divinity ).
From this virtually unimpeachable office, unique in the Estonian Constitution, he frequently criticised the government and became somewhat of a popular figure in Estonian politics.
Kazik is an immensely popular and somewhat controversial artist thanks to his famous criticism of politics — Poland's politics in particular.
Although he has not attempted a political comeback, he has remained somewhat active in politics, and his endorsement of various candidates, including Mark J.
In spite of its banning, the Mkhedrioni continues to have a somewhat shadowy existence in Georgian politics.
British architects of Imperial classicism, in a development culminating in Sir Edwin Lutyens's New Delhi government buildings, followed a somewhat more independent course, owing to the cultural politics of the late 19th century.
* Auckland is alleged to dominate in national politics and society, a claim possibly somewhat overstated, as much of the political power is concentrated in Wellington, the country's capital.
As a talk show host, Lapierre was free to speak his mind and some have speculated that he may find the rules of politics to be somewhat constraining, in particular the requirement to stay " on message.
Although similar in some respects to the British Peerage system, it is closer to the people, as almost all ethnic Fijians are somewhat closely related to a Ratu ( chief ), whose power therefore gives the entire clan a direct voice in politics.
Childers's attitude to Britain's establishment and politics was somewhat equivocal at the start of the First World War.
It seems that when it came to politics or diplomacy she was indeed ambitious, but somewhat inept.
There is a somewhat common impression that Oxford is stronger in politics and the humanities, while Cambridge is stronger in the sciences and engineering.
Gaillard is painstaking and impartial in his statement of facts, and his style is correct and elegant, but the unity of his narrative is somewhat destroyed by digressions, and by his method of treating war, politics, civil administration, and ecclesiastical affairs under separate heads.
The requirements for conversions vary somewhat within the different branches of Judaism, so whether or not a conversion is recognized by another denomination is often an issue fraught with religious politics.
Disillusioned by the stern opposition that the UM faced, and with his style of street politics being exposed as somewhat passé, Mosley went into self-imposed exile in Ireland, leaving the UM to languish.

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