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poor and inhabitants
Left with the impression that the inhabitants of the area were poor, he returned to Peru, later to be garotted following defeat by Hernando Pizarro in a Civil War.
However, it remained poor and neglected, particularly in contrast with its western, French neighbor Saint-Domingue, which became the wealthiest colony in the New World and had half a million inhabitants.
At least 90 % of the inhabitants of drylands live in developing nations, where they also suffer from poor economic and social conditions.
Belgian journalist Jo Gérard has claimed that a family manuscript dated 1781 recounts that potatoes were deep-fried prior to 1680 in what was then the Spanish Netherlands and is now present-day Belgium, in the Meuse valley: " The inhabitants of Namur, Andenne, and Dinant, had the custom of fishing in the Meuse for small fish and frying, especially among the poor, but when the river was frozen and fishing became hazardous, they cut potatoes in the form of small fish and put them in a fryer like those here ".
** The village of Gdingen had some 1, 200 inhabitants, and it was not a poor fishing village as it is sometimes described.
They spared a few homes " because Turner believed the poor white inhabitants ' thought no better of themselves than they did of negros.
In 924 Muslim sources describe Pamplona as " not being especially gifted by nature ", with its inhabitants being poor, not eating enough and dedicating to banditry.
Most middle and upper class inhabitants fled the area, leaving the neighborhood open to poor immigrants that began arriving in the early 1820s.
Some were poor artisans and ex-slaves, while others were some of the wealthiest inhabitants of the city.
Pawnal ye first town, poor land – very unpleasant – very uneven – miserable set of inhabitants – no religion, Rhode Island haters of religion – Baptists, quakers, & some Presbyterians – no meeting house.
Critics charge that to achieve the defeat of Shining Path, the Peruvian military engaged in widespread human rights abuses, and that the majority of the victims were poor highland countryside inhabitants caught in the crossfire between the military and insurgents.
Prisons, military barracks, and homeless shelters can be crowded and confined, and poor hygiene practices may proliferate, thus putting inhabitants at increased risk of contracting MRSA.
The Book of Esther begins with a six-month ( 180 day ) drinking feast given by King Ahasuerus, for the army of Persia and Media, for the civil servants and princes in the 127 provinces of his kingdom, at the conclusion of which a seven-day drinking feast for the inhabitants of Shushan ( Susa ), rich and poor, with a separate drinking feast for the women organised by the Queen Vashti in the pavilion of the Royal courtyard.
The earlier new towns, where construction was often rushed and whose inhabitants were generally plucked out of their established communities with little ceremony, rapidly got a poor press reputation as the home of " new town blues ".
Contrary to the belief that the inhabitants of the site were poor monastics, Donceel and Donceel-Voûte suggest that the residents were actually wealthy traders, with connections to the upper class and wealthy in nearby Jerusalem.
The poor section of Southold, with no harbor and little commerce, the town was separated at the behest of its inhabitants, who " represented to the Legislature that their town is so long that it is very inconvenient for them to attend at town meetings, and also to transact the other necessary business of the said town, and have prayed that the same may be divided into two towns ".
For example, the inhabitants of a poor country will be willing to work very cheaply, so entrepreneurs can make great profits by building factories in poor countries.
Until 1931, Chełmek remained a poor village, whose inhabitants would leave it, seeking for work at local coal mines.
The first inhabitants were farm laborers living under poor circumstances.
Many of the " Black poor " were African Americans, who had been promised their freedom for joining the British Army during the American Revolution, but also included other African and Asian inhabitants of London.
The inhabitants are depicted as inbred, uneducated, and very superstitious, while the town itself is described as economically poor with many decrepit and abandoned buildings.
The nickname for inhabitants of Jorwert is " Dweilstikken ", meaning poor people who are dependent of rich ones.
Disease was inevitable and its incubation in these areas was encouraged by the poor lifestyle of the inhabitants.

poor and houses
It was also reported that the incident led to a 300 % increase in sales of croquet equipment at Asda, while the TV Five announced that they would be running a series featuring croquet matches played at country houses pitting " rich " against " poor " players.
The French traveller Laurent d ' Arvieux described the city in 1659 as " now desolate, and consists only of about fifty poor houses, in bad condition ...
Alquosh was abandoned by its Jewish population in 1948, when they were expelled, and the synagogue that purportedly houses the tomb is in a poor structural state, to the extent that the tomb itself is in danger of destruction.
Although targets of exploration vary from one country to another, high-profile abandonments include amusement parks, grain elevators, factories, power plants, missile silos, fallout shelters, hospitals, asylums, schools, poor houses, and sanatoriums.
Compare his condition with the tenants of the poor houses in the more civilized portions of Europe — look at the sick, and the old and infirm slave, on one hand, in the midst of his family and friends, under the kind superintending care of his master and mistress, and compare it with the forlorn and wretched condition of the pauper in the poorhouse ...
In 1871 the town was described as a poor place, with narrow streets, fairly good flat-roofed houses, grass huts, decayed forts and rusty cannon, enclosed by a wall 6 ft. high then recently erected and protected by bastions at intervals.
He opposed social welfare schemes to give away houses to the poor at public expense as unconstitutional.
The New York Times published an enthusiastic review in 1863 noting that the author brought the " old Christmas … of bygone centuries and remote manor houses, into the living rooms of the poor of today " while the North American Review believed Dickens ’ s " fellow feeling with the race is his genius "; and John Greenleaf Whittier thought the book charming, " inwardly and outwardly ".
In 1678 the owners of houses surrounding the Green purchased the land to save it from being built on and in 1690 the land was conveyed to a trust under which it was to be kept open and rent from it used for the benefit of poor people living in the vicinity.
This was the world's first council housing, and brothers Lew Grade and Bernard Delfont were brought up here .< ref >< cite >' Bethnal Green: Building and Social Conditions from 1876 to 1914 ', A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 11: Stepney, Bethnal Green ( 1998 ), pp. 126-32 accessed: 14 November 2006 </ ref > In 1909, the Bethnal Green Estate was built with money left by the philanthropist William Richard Sutton which he left for ' modern dwellings and houses for occupation by the poor of London and other towns and populous places in England '.< ref >< cite >< cite >
"... base tenements and houses of unlawful and disorderly resort ' and the ' great number of dissolute, loose, and insolent people harboured in such and the like noisome and disorderly houses, as namely poor cottages, and habitations of beggars and people without trade, stables, inns, alehouses, taverns, garden-houses converted to dwellings, ordinaries, dicing houses, bowling alleys, and brothel houses.
At present its appearance is that of a poor village, the houses, excepting those of the clergy, being in a ruinous state.
As is common in the rural stretches of eastern North Carolina, many of the houses in and around Centerville are quite old and in poor states of repair, and agriculture is the main use of land.
Ironically, despite the developer-litigants ' claimed interest in allowing poor people to live in Easttown, they only built houses that sold at well over the average value in Pennsylvania.
Exemptions to the tax were granted, to those in receipt of poor relief, those whose houses were worth less than 20 shillings a year and those who paid neither church nor poor rates.
Under Schwarz, BBC SO concerts other than the Proms drew poor houses – as low as 29 per cent of capacity in the 1959 – 60 season.
# There are a variety of dwelling types — usually houses, rowhouses, and apartments — so that younger and older people, singles and families, the poor and the wealthy may find places to live.
That night the crowd, led by a poor man, John Weber, attacked the houses of Moffat and Howard, where they destroyed walls, fences, art, furniture and wine.
Between 1964 and 1970, total enrolment in education increased by 46 %, while around 250, 000 houses were built, mostly for the poor.
Her family was poor, living hand-to-mouth ; she shared a bed with her two siblings in a series of three-room houses without running water.
In 1782, Thomas Gilbert finally succeeded in passing an Act that established poor houses solely for the aged and infirm and introduced a system of outdoor relief for the able-bodied.

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