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pope's and ordinary
The names " Holy See " and " Apostolic See " are ecclesiastical terminology for the ordinary jurisdiction of the Bishop of Rome ( including the Roman Curia ); the pope's various honors, powers, and privileges within the Catholic Church and the international community derive from his Episcopate of Rome in lineal succession from the Apostle Saint Peter ( see Apostolic Succession ).
De Lugo had the bark analysed by the pope's physician in ordinary, Gabriele Fonseca, who reported on it very favourably.

pope's and dress
The " Chronicon anonymi Laudunensis Canonici " ( Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores, xxvi, 449 ), states that in 1178 a group of Lombards came to Rome with the intention of obtaining the pope's approval of the rule of life which they had spontaneously chosen ; while continuing to live in their houses in the midst of their families, they wished to lead a more pious existence, abandon oaths and litigation, be content with modest dress and live in a spirit of piety.

pope's and also
Abbreviator, plural Abbreviators in English or Abbreviatores in Latin, also called Breviators, were a body of writers in the papal chancery, whose business was to sketch out and prepare in due form the pope's bulls, briefs and consistorial decrees before these are written out in extenso by the scriptores.
Popes also contended with the cardinals, who sometimes attempted to assert the authority of councils over the pope's.
* " Triregnum ", also called the " tiara " or " triple crown ", represents the pope's three functions as " supreme pastor ", " supreme teacher " and " supreme priest ".
" All this would be in contrast, however, with the pope's insistence on bishops knowing Catholic theology and as being contrary to the Catholic teaching on witchcraft or sorcery as also seen in both the Old and New Testaments and early Church councils ( Catholic Encyclopedia, article " Witchcraft ").
The pope's agents also now sold not simply a vacant benefice but the expectation of one ; and when an expectation had been sold, if another offered a larger sum for it, the pope voided the first sale.
William received confirmation from Pope Agapetus II and also the title of Apostolic Vicar of Germany, a title which made the archbishops of Mainz the pope's deputies in Germany and granted the archdiocese of Mainz the title of Holy See.
Norris also described the pope's position as " calculated and deliberate wickedness " because he " closes down scholarly enquiry " and because he " marginalised all the wonderful people like Oscar Romero, Leonardo Boff, Hans Kung, Charles Curran, all these marvellous people who are the future and the hope of the Church and, instead, put into place these mindless bureaucrats, which is intensely sad.
Theobald had a number of reasons for defying the king: chiefly his obedience to the pope's order commanding his attendance, but also to keep the papacy from favouring the newly elected Archbishop of York, Henry Murdac, in the disputes between York and Canterbury.
He also took up the flute again, and was appointed one of the pope's court musicians.
* The same Pope also placed the kingdom of England under an interdict for five years between 1208 and 1213, after King John refused to accept the pope's appointee Stephen Langton as Archbishop of Canterbury.
The Roman Catholic Church's current official teachings about papal privilege and power that are unacceptable to the Eastern Orthodox churches are the dogma of the pope's infallibility when speaking officially " from the chair of Peter ( ex cathedra Petri )" on matters of faith and morals to be held by the whole Church, so that such definitions are irreformable " of themselves, and not by the consent of the Church " ( ex sese et non ex consensu ecclesiae ) and have a binding character for all ( Catholic ) Christians in the world ; the pope's direct episcopal jurisdiction over all ( Catholic ) Christians in the world ; the pope's authority to appoint ( and so also to depose ) the bishops of all ( Catholic ) Christian churches except in the territory of a patriarchate ; and the affirmation that the legitimacy and authority of all ( Catholic ) Christian bishops in the world derive from their union with the Roman see and its bishop, the Supreme Pontiff, the unique Successor of Peter and Vicar of Christ on earth.
The glass-enclosed rear of the vehicle also has room for two papal aides who can sit in the area in front of the pope's elevated chair.
While most other clergy wear a black cappello romano, the pope's is usually red ( although it may also be white ).
" Cardinal Ratzinger also told of John Paul's life as a bishop, cardinal, and pope, frequently applying scripture to the pope's life.
He also conducted the first book-length interview with Pope John Paul II, published under the pope's authorship with the title Crossing the Threshold of Hope ( 1994 ).
By report, Annibale could not receive Cardinal Scipione Borghese, slipping out of a back door when he came to the studio ; but Antonio was introduced to the pope's Prodatario, Cardinal Tonti, also an avid collector.
His two well-known letters to Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini ( later Pius II ) about the pope's relations to the Council of Basel are printed among the works of Pius II Piccolomini, in his letters, describes Cesarini as unfortunate in war, but he also says the cardinal went straight to heaven upon being martyred by the Turks.
He was also influenced by the pope's anti-communism and anti-atheism.

pope's and called
Gossip called the boy Julius's " Ganymede ", and the Venetian ambassador reported that Innocenzo shared the pope's bedroom and bed.
His troops were held in reserve until, seeing Humphrey's forces ineffectually charging the pope's centre, he called up his father-in-law's reinforcements and joined the fray, distinguishing himself personally, even being dismounted and remounting again three separate times according to William of Apulia.
Italian merchants, " pope's usurers " as they were called, supplied him with money, at times on the security of the Jewry.
Concerning the role of the clergy, Jewel on the one hand rails against the Roman Catholic practices of sacerdotalism and refutes the pope's claim to be the “ vicar general of Christ ,” but on the other hand maintains a need for specially called clergy.

pope's and ),
* Pope Julius I tries to unite the Western bishops against Arianism by convoking the Council of Sardica ( later Sofia ), which acknowledges the pope's supreme authority and grants him the right to judge cases involving the legal possession of episcopal sees, but only Western and Egyptian bishops attend, and Arianism remains strong.
* Rota ( papal signature ), a sign which makes up part of the pope's signature
The Jubilee was closed by the pope on January 6, 2001, by the closing of the holy door of St. Peter's and the promulgation of the Apostolic Letter Novo Millennio Ineunte ( Upon Entering the New Millennium ), which outlined the pope's vision for the future of the Church.
Archbishop Wichmann ( 1152 – 92 ) was more important as a sovereign and prince of the Holy Roman Empire than as a bishop ; Albrecht II ( 1205 – 32 ) quarrelled with Otto II, Margrave of Brandenburg ( 1198 – 1215 ), because he had pronounced the pope's ban against the latter and this war greatly damaged the archbishopric.
At length ( April 1607 ), a compromise was arranged through the mediation of the king of France, which salvaged the pope's dignity, but conceded the points at issue.
The pope's indecision did not last long, however, for, the following year ( 1291 ), Pope Nicholas, with the support of the Archbishop of Genoa, Jacob de Voragine ( the author of the Golden Legend ), ordered that Munio be removed from his office.
Spada successfully negotiated a truce but when the pope's military leaders became aware that the dukes were massing troops to counter their own ( in case discussions with Spada came to naught ), Urban VIII declared the articles of peace null and void and claimed Spada had negotiated them without his consent.
He completed graduate studies at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, earning an STB ( 1966 ) and an STL ( 1968 ), Bachelor and License in Sacred Theology, and was ordained there at the pope's parish church, St. John Lateran Basilica ( 1967 ).
At that time he was painting the large-sized " Christ absconding from the Jews " ( 1858 ), a commission from Pius IX, and an allegory on the pope's escape 1848 from Rome in disguise as a regular priest, originally on a ceiling in the Quirinal Palace, later covered by the king, and now hanging in front of the Aula delle Benedizione in the Vatican.
The apartments include about ten large rooms including a vestibule, a small studio office for the papal secretary, the pope's private study, the pope's bedroom in the corner of the building, a medical suite ( which includes dental equipment and equipment for emergency surgery ), a dining room, a small living room, and the kitchen.
When Pope Innocent IV deposed Frederick II ( 17 July 1245 ), it was chiefly due to the influence of Konrad that the pope's candidate, Henry Raspe, Landgrave of Thuringia, was elected king ; when Henry died after a short reign of seven months ( 17 February 1247 ), it was again the influence of Konrad that placed the crown on the head of the youthful William of Holland.
The pope conferred on them the fiefs of Sermoneta, Bassiano, Ninfa and San Donato ( 1297, 300 ), and the marquisate of Ancona in 1300, while Charles II of Anjou created the pope's brother count of Caserta.

pope's and which
He was next sent by the Pope to the Emperor Sigismund to ask his aid in the pope's efforts to end this Council, which for five years had been encroaching on papal prerogatives.
Aleman was a prominent member of the council of Basel, and, together with Cardinal Julian Cesarini, led the party which maintained the supremacy of general councils over the pope's authority.
He owed his elevation partly to the fact that no one was eager to accept an office the duties of which were at the time so difficult and dangerous, but chiefly to his being the friend and pupil of Bernard of Clairvaux, the most influential ecclesiastic of the Western Church and a strong assertor of the pope's temporal authority.
* 1176: On May 29, Frederick Barbarossa's forces were defeated in the Battle of Legnano by the Lombard League which resulted in the emperor's acknowledgement of the pope's sovereignty over the Papal States and Alexander acknowledging the emperor's overlordship of the imperial Church.
Edmund submitted to the papal demands and, early in 1240 paid to the pope's agents one fifth of his revenue, which had been levied for the pope's war against Emperor Frederick II.
In October 1098, Urban II, who had consecrated the Basilica in 1089, convened the Council of Bari, one of a series of synods convoked with the intention of reconciling the Greeks and Latins on the question of the filioque clause in the Creed, which Anselm ably defended, seated at the pope's side.
The request was granted and the Synod of Tarragona confirmed the nomination of Irenaeus, after which the bishops sought the pope's approval.
Churches designated as papal basilicas, in particular, possess a papal throne and a papal high altar, at which no one may celebrate Mass without the pope's permission.
Walter held a legateship from Pope Celestine III from 1195 to 1198, which enabled him to act with the pope's delegated authority within the English Church.
The papal solution was that Honorius would appoint William papal legate in England and Scotland, which was done in 1126, giving William the position over York, but it was dependent on the will of the pope, and would lapse on the pope's death.
Here he saw Pico della Mirandola, to whose Cabbalistic doctrines he afterwards became heir, and made a friend of the pope's secretary, Jakob Questenberg, which was of service to him in his later troubles.
The closing section consisted of a short datum, mentioning the place it was issued, the day of the month and the year of the pope's pontificate and signatures, near which was attached the seal.
Justin received the pope's letters with great respect, and told the ambassadors to come to an explanation with the patriarch, who at first wished to express his adherence in the form of a letter, but agreed to write a little preface and place after it the words of Hormisdas, which he copied out in his own handwriting.
Dagobert spent Christmas of 1094 with Pope Urban, and then accompanied him on his pastoral tour of Italy and France, including the Council of Piacenza, held to reassert the pope's authority after the Investiture Controversy, and the Council of Clermont, at which the pope launched the First Crusade.
In 1532 he took part in the proceedings of the convocation which decided that the King's marriage was contrary to divine law, and consequently that the pope's dispensation was ultra vires, and which drew up ‘ the articles about religion ,’ of which the original may be seen, with John Bell's name attached, in the Cotton Library.
The pope's reply is not known, but we have the opinion of the theologian to whom the matter was referred, in which the composition of the new litany is praised, but which does not judge it opportune to introduce it into Rome or into church use on the authority of the pope, all the more because Pius V " in reforming the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin completely abolished, among other things, some proper litanies of the Blessed Virgin which existed in the old, and which ( if I remember rightly ) were somewhat similar to these ".

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