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port and Hamburg
This might mean that he sailed off from Hamburg or Bremen instead of some port in Baltic Sea, since the later account by Adam of Bremen gives the distance of Scania and Birka to be only 5 days at sea.
The largest port is that of Hamburg.
Situated on the river Elbe, the port of Hamburg is the second largest port in Europe ( after the port of Rotterdam ) and eleventh largest worldwide.
Hamburg experienced its fastest growth during the second half of the 19th century, when its population more than quadrupled to 800, 000 as the growth of the city's Atlantic trade helped make it Europe's third largest port.
Hamburg was the departure port for most Germans and Eastern Europeans to emigrate to the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Since German reunification in 1990, and the accession of some Central European and Baltic States into the European Union in 2004, the Port of Hamburg has restarted ambitions for regaining its position as the region's largest deep-sea port for container shipping and its major commercial and trading centre.
However, after 1591 the Portuguese used an international syndicate of the German Fuggers and Welsers, and Spanish and Italian firms, that used Hamburg as its northern staple port to distribute their goods, thereby cutting Dutch merchants out of the trade.
* Lease on Moldauhafen port lot in Hamburg, Germany, to the Czech Republic is set to expire.
The Cross Canal, or Hamburg Ditch, three miles ( 5 km ) south of the Virginia line, was Gates County's water route to the major port of Norfolk.
It was also during this time that German immigrants, who had been settling in town during most of the century, became the predominant population group in the city, at least partially due to its being a major destination port of the Hamburg America Line, though anti-German sentiment during World War I led to a rapid decline in the German community.
Finally Crusoe arrived at the White Sea port town Arch-Angel ( Archangelsk ) on August 18, sailed into Hamburg ( September 18 ), and Hague.
* Brüder brothers, Director: Werner Hochbaum, Germany 1929 – On the general strike in the port of Hamburg, Germany in 1896 / 97
Their son Georges, who was hiding to avoid execution, was sent to the U. S. She, however, travelled with her two teenage daughters Anastasie and Virginie to Dunkirk and embarked for the Danish port of Altona ( later Altona, Hamburg ) and the adjacent free imperial city of Hamburg.
Since 1980, an annual tugboat ballet has been held in Hamburg harbour on the occasion of the festival commemorating the anniversary of the establishment of a port in Hamburg.
The borough Harburg lies on the southern shores of the river Elbe and covers parts of the port of Hamburg, residential and rural areas and some research institutes.
For example, a container shipment from China to Germany, is loaded onto a ship in China, unloads at a Los Angeles ( California ) port and travels via rail transport to a New York ( New York ) port, and loads on a ship for Hamburg.
Tandy then made his way with three or four companions to the free port of Hamburg but a peremptory demand from the British government to detain the fugitives was acceded to despite a counter-threat from the French Directory.
That year the Elbe River and the port of Hamburg froze, which caused a prolonged halt of navigation and huge commercial losses.
Controls were particularly tight in the port city of Hamburg.

port and is
It was responsible and sometimes dangerous work because the thieving is awful in the port of New York.
A head is a handy thing to have and I installed one under a removable section of the port bunk.
The largest city in the Aegean Region of Turkey is İzmir, which is also the country's third largest city and second largest port after Istanbul.
When the plague hits, the deprivation of this symbol of freedom becomes more pronounced, as the beaches are closed, as is the port.
The anchor needs to hold the vessel in all weathers, including the most severe storm, but only occasionally, or never, needs to be lifted, only, for example, if the vessel is to be towed into port for maintenance.
* 1948 – 1948 Arab-Israeli War: Haifa, a major port of Israel, is captured from Arab forces.
Located on the south shore of the Columbia, the city is served by the Port of Astoria with a deep-water port.
The earliest mention of the island of Abadan, if not the port itself is found in works of the geographer Marcian, who renders the name " Apphadana ".
Abadan is thought to have been further developed into a major port city under the Abbasids ' rule.
Some port wines may contain 20 % ABV or more, which is 15 units of alcohol per bottle.
It is also a historic Mediterranean port.
The port is accessible by the largest ships, but its accommodation is indifferent.
Expansion port connector removed from motherboard but is still etched.
Its chief trade is in grain, dispatched by rail to the Danubian port of Zimnicea, or by river to Giurgiu.
Lake Tanganyika is used for transport, with the major port on the lake being Bujumbura.
The right side ( facing forward ) is starboard and the left side is port.
Bordeaux ( ; Gascon: Bordèu ; ) is a port city on the Garonne River in the Gironde department in southwestern France.
Access to the port from the Atlantic ocean is via the Gironde estuary.
The barge and canal system contended favorably with the railways in the early industrial revolution prior to around the 1850s – 1960s for example, the Erie Canal in New York State is credited by economic historians with giving the growth boost needed for New York City to eclipse Philadelphia as America's largest port and city but such canal systems with their locks, need for maintenance and dredging, pumps and sanitary issues were eventually outcompeted in the carriage of high-value items by the railways due to the higher speed, falling costs, and route flexibility of Rail transport.
He is also credited with the first port of the GNU C compiler to the INTEL 386 architecture, used in the original implementation of the Linux kernel.
Thus, the broadcast domain is the entire inter-connected layer two network, and the segments connected to each switch / bridge port are each a collision domain.
This is achieved by designating one or more " server " or " provider " nodes, either by MAC address or switch port.

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