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prefix and :"
For instance, when linking to a local file using the " file :" URI scheme, the syntax is of the form "", where "" is the standard prefix, and the third represents the root of the local system.
: Target is the name of the user, IP or IP range, written with the prefix " User :"
When the citation is a hypertext link, it is recommended to embed the link as a URL by concatenating "< nowiki > http :// dx. doi. org /</ nowiki >" to the DOI name, omitting its " doi :" prefix ; e. g., the DOI name < tt > doi: 10. 1000 / 182 </ tt > is linked as < nowiki > http :// dx. doi. org / 10. 1000 / 182 </ nowiki >.
These links have the same < nowiki >...</ nowiki > syntax as wikilinks ( see above ), but take a prefix ": x :" which specifies the target site.
For example, the following declaration maps the " xhtml :" prefix to the XHTML namespace:
Any element or attribute whose name starts with the prefix " xhtml :" is considered to be in the XHTML namespace, if it or an ancestor has the above namespace declaration.

prefix and need
The forwarding of the packet is done based on the contents of the labels, which allows " protocol-independent packet forwarding " that does not need to look at a protocol-dependent routing table and avoids the expensive IP longest prefix match at each hop.
To evaluate order of operations under prefix notation, one does not even need to memorize an operational hierarchy, as with infix notation.
When the value can be expressed without the need for an SI prefix, an ' R ' is used instead of the decimal separator.
Membership might include some benefits such as billing, and dialing the default 00 prefix instead of the need to dial the specific prefix of the company ( as it was done in the past, when Bezeq had a monopoly in this field ).
Nonce words frequently arise through the combination of an existing word with a familiar prefix or suffix, in order to meet a particular need ( or as a joke ).
Communities that now have only one prefix are not likely to need a second prefix other than for local growth.
Reforms included changing the spelling by removing non-Roman letters such as ĉ and re-introducing the k / q dichotomy ; removing a couple of the more obscure phonemic contrasts ( one of which,, has been effectively removed from standard Esperanto ); ending the infinitives in-r and the plurals in-i like Italian ; eliminating adjectival agreement, and removing the need for the accusative case by setting up a fixed default word order ; reducing the amount of inherent gender in the vocabulary, providing a masculine suffix and an epicene third-person singular pronoun ; replacing the pronouns and correlatives with forms more similar to the Romance languages ; adding new roots where Esperanto uses the antonymic prefix mal -; replacing much of Esperanto's other regular derivation with separate roots, which are thought to be easier for Westerners to remember ; and replacing much of the Germanic and Slavic vocabulary with Romance forms, such as navo for English-derived ŝipo.
A universal code should not be confused with universal source coding, in which the data compression method need not be a fixed prefix code and the ratio between actual and optimal expected lengths must approach one.

prefix and be
The two words may be derived from the same Indo-European form * ṇ-mṛ-to-: immortal ( n-: negative prefix equivalent to the prefix a-in both Greek and Sanskrit ; mṛ: zero grade of * mer-: to die ; and-to-: adjectival suffix ).
if a prefix outside the 958 or 959 range is listed as a test exchange, these may be reclaimed and issued as standard numbers at a later date.
( Note that K is the SI unit for temperature ( kelvin ) and should not be confused with k, the SI prefix for kilo.
The genetic material can be ssRNA, dsRNA, ssDNA, or dsDNA (' ss -' or ' ds -' prefix denotes single-strand or double-strand ) along with either circular or linear arrangement.
The prefix can be changed.
The word " existence " comes from the Latin word existere meaning " to appear ", " to arise ", " to become ", or " to be ", but literally, it means " to stand out " ( ex-being the Latin prefix for " out " added to the Latin verb stare, meaning " to stand ").
It should be noted that in these languages the prefix Velik ( Great ) is used in the names of the Holy Week and the three feast days preceding Easter.
The term is derived from the ancient Greek noun (), which means " the abandonment ", " the downfall ", or " the darkening of a heavenly body ", which is derived from the verb () which means " to abandon ", " to darken ", or " to cease to exist ," a combination of prefix (), from preposition (), " out ," and of verb (), " to be absent ".
Subsequent to the resolution of the dispute, the Gibraltar telephone numbering plan has been increased to eight digits for land lines, adding a prefix of 200 to the existing Gibtelecom five digit numbers which is required to be dialled from October 2008.
Gibtelecom numbers are now eight digits beginning with 200 and a second operator CTS Gibraltar Limited has announced it will be providing fixed line services beginning with the prefix 216.
We define the degree of to be the number of universal quantifier blocks, separated by existential quantifier blocks as shown above, in the prefix of.
All GLUT functions start with the prefix ( for example, marks the current window as needing to be redrawn ).
*" Homo -" prefix may be used in organic chemistry trivial names to indicate next higher straight chain homolog i. e. one noncyclic carbon more ( and similarly " dihomo -" meaning two noncyclic carbon more ), and is opposite of the prefix " Nor -" which usually means one noncyclic carbon less.
The endonym Helvetii may be derived from the root elw that is seen in Welsh, meaning " gain " or " profit ," and the Old Irish prefix il -, meaning " many " or " multiple.
The 4D1-prefix continued to be used in official documentation to prefix IRIX release numbers.
Most InterMap implementations simply substitute the interwiki prefix with a full URL prefix, so many non-wiki websites can also be referred to using the system.
It may also be used in the form of a prefix title with scholars of renown.
With IPv6, however, changing the prefix announced by a few routers can in principle renumber an entire network, since the host identifiers ( the least-significant 64 bits of an address ) can be independently self-configured by a host.
Any number of these monomer units may be indicated by the appropriate Greek prefix ; e. g. a decamer is formed from 10 monomers.
If the molecule can be rotated in space so that the directions of those four groups match those of the analog groups in-glyceraldehyde's C2, then the isomer receives the '-' prefix.
The prefix q was introduced to avoid the prefix o being mistaken for a zero, while the prefix 0o was introduced to avoid starting a numerical literal with an alphabetic character ( like o or q ), since these might cause the literal to be confused with a variable name.

prefix and included
When units occur in exponentiation, such as in square and cubic forms, any multiplier prefix is considered part of the unit, and thus included in the exponentiation.
When units occur in exponentiation, for example, in square and cubic forms, any size prefix is considered part of the unit, and thus included in the exponentiation.
A number of the one-panel cartoons published in the comic included the visible prefix ZA, in reference to the originally intended title.
This included a prefix letter or letters that indicated the Department that the specific documentation, followed by a series of numbers of a length defined by the specific department concerned.
Abeir-was added as a prefix to the planet's name so that it would be the first entry in the alphabetical encyclopedia of terms included in the set.
Templates stored in other namespaces are transcluded in the same way, except that the namespace prefix, such as " User :", must be included.
These included the prefix a-(" I am a-walking ") and the infinitive paired with " do " (" I do walk ").
The title screens of all the versions included the prefix " Will Harvey's " ( i. e. Will Harvey's Music Construction Set ), but Harvey had little to do with any version but the original and the follow-up Apple II release.
# Fixed-H layer ( prefix: " f "); contains some or all of the above types of layers except atom connections ; may end with " o " sublayer ; never included in standard InChI
# Reconnected layer ( prefix: " r "); contains the whole InChI of a structure with reconnected metal atoms ; never included in standard InChI

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