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proclamation and which
His actions provoked a riot, which resulted in the deposition of Andronikos I and the proclamation of Isaac as Emperor.
The 1937 British Methodist Conference located the " true continuity " with the Church of past ages in " the continuity of Christian experience, the fellowship in the gift of the one Spirit ; in the continuity in the allegiance to one Lord, the continued proclamation of the message ; the continued acceptance of the mission ;..." a long chain which goes back to the " the first disciples in the company of the Lord Himself ...
:" When the day for the assembly which was held in the town of Birka drew near, in accordance with their national custom the king caused a proclamation to be made to the people by the voice of a herald, in order that they might be informed concerning the object of their mission.
But, by the publication of Antony's will, which had been put into his hands by the traitor Plancus, and by carefully letting it be known at Rome what preparations were going on at Samos, and how entirely Antony was acting as the agent of Cleopatra, Octavian produced such a violent outburst of feeling that he easily obtained Antony's deposition from the consulship of 31, for which he had been designated, and a vote for a proclamation of war against Cleopatra, well understood to mean against Antony, though he was not named.
Pope Benedict XVI said of both Ignatius of Loyola and Francis Xavier: " not only their history which was interwoven for many years from Paris and Rome, but a unique desire — a unique passion, it could be said — moved and sustained them through different human events: the passion to give to God-Trinity a glory always greater and to work for the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ to the peoples who had been ignored.
* 1572 – Elizabeth I of England issues a proclamation which revokes all commissions on account of the frauds which they had fostered.
This effectively led to Bonaparte's dictatorship and eventually ( in 1804 ) to his proclamation as Empereur ( emperor ), which brought to a close the specifically republican phase of the French Revolution.
An alternative choice to commemorate the reunification could have been the day the Berlin Wall came down — November 9, 1989, which coincided with the anniversary of the proclamation of the German Republic in 1918 and the defeat of Hitler's first coup in 1923.
On May 14, 1948, on the day in which the British Mandate over Palestine expired, the Jewish People's Council gathered at the Tel Aviv Museum, and approved a proclamation declaring the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel.
Similar to Edward's proclamation was the Galway Statute enacted in Ireland in 1527, which banned certain types of ball games, including hockey.
By imperial proclamation at the wedding, Gustav was given the additional surname " Krupp ," which was to be inherited by primogeniture along with the company.
Andrew Jackson issued a proclamation against the doctrine of nullification, stating: " I consider … the power to annul a law of the United States, assumed by one State, incompatible with the existence of the Union, contradicted expressly by the letter of the Constitution, unauthorized by its spirit, inconsistent with every principle on which it was founded, and destructive of the great object for which it was formed.
On 2 December, the Soviet issued a proclamation which included the following statement about the Tsarist government and its foreign debts:
On 19 November, a few weeks after the proclamation of soviet power in Petrograd, they escaped from their confinement ( eased by the fact that the jail was guarded by Kornilov's supporters ) and made their way to the Don region, which was controlled by the Don Cossacks.
* 1861 – American Civil War: Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom issues a " proclamation of neutrality " which recognizes the breakaway states as having belligerent rights.
At the time of the proclamation, only 38 years had elapsed since the previous Jubilee, which was celebrated under Clement VI.
Andries Hendrik Potgieter, after the flight of the Ndebele, issued a proclamation in which he declared the country which Mzilikazi had abandoned and forfeited to the emigrant farmers, but also denying land rights to the Sotho-Tswana who had saved him and assisted in the defeat of Mzilikazi and the Ndebele.
The validity of a ratification that a state first grants and then later purports to rescind, and of the subsequent ratification of an amendment which that state previously rejected and then later assented to, was addressed by Congress in 1868 when Secretary of State William H. Seward issued a proclamation that what we know today as the Fourteenth Amendment was properly ratified and a part of the Constitution.

proclamation and established
Upon many suggestions, the date of the Emperor's proclamation on January 18th would be established as day of remembrance.
The proclamation established a Sheriff and a military commander for the county, and five surveyors charged with laying out a highway to serve the county.
However, the proclamation established the important precedent that the indigenous population had certain rights to the lands they occupied — in the past, by contrast, the Crown had granted lands without regard to native claims.
After five days, Aguinaldo issued a proclamation in which he assumed command of all Philippine forces and established a dictatorial government with himself as dictator.
The insurgent First Philippine Republic was formally established with the proclamation of the Malolos Constitution on January 21, 1899 in Malolos, Bulacan and endured until the capture of Emilio Aguinaldo by the American forces on March 23, 1901 in Palanan, Isabela, which effectively dissolved the First Republic.
The office of the President of Turkey was established with the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey on October 29, 1923.
The insurgent First Philippine Republic was formally established with the proclamation of the Malolos Constitution on January 23, 1899.
In 1937, a national forest was established containing within its proclamation boundary.
The Alexander Archipelago Forest Reserve was established by Theodore Roosevelt in a presidential proclamation of 20 August 1902.
On 3 December 1975, a government proclamation by Governor Sir Stanley Burbury, and endorsed by Premier Bill Neilson established it as the official Tasmanian flag, although it had technically already been ' officially ' adopted when it was gazetted in 1876.
The presidential system was established in 1889, upon the proclamation of the republic in a military coup d ' état against the Emperor Dom Pedro II.
In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation that officially established June 14 as Flag Day ; in August 1949, National Flag Day was established by an Act of Congress.
It was established on 16 March 1939 by proclamation of Adolf Hitler from Prague Castle following the declaration of establishment of the independent Slovak Republic on 14 March 1939.
Prior the proclamation of an East German state, the Soviets established in 1948 the German Economic Commission ( DWK ) as a de facto government in their occupation zone.
By proclamation of acting governor and territorial secretary Winthrop Sargent, the " first " Wayne County was established August 15, 1796, from Knox and Hamilton counties, and included most of the area that later became the Michigan Territory, as well as portions of what are now Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and wisconsin.
The presidential office was established following two military coups in 1987 that led to the proclamation of a republic on 7 October, ending the Fijian monarchy.
The proclamation renamed Canada " The Province of Quebec ", redefined its borders, and established a British appointed colonial government.
In 1939, after intense lobbying by Frederick Russell Burnham and the Arizona Boy Scouts, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a proclamation that established two desert areas in southwestern Arizona to help preserve the desert bighorn sheep: Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge and the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge In 1941, the San Andres National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico was added.
The National Bank of Ethiopia was established by imperial proclamation 207 of 27 July 1963 and began operation on 1 January 1964.
A royal proclamation issued on 31 January 1957 established the last Monday before 25 May as the Sovereign's Birthday ( in French: fête du souverain ), the date on which the reigning Canadian monarch's official birthday would be celebrated.
The Republic was governed by four distinct presidents — Estanislao Figueras, Pi i Margall, Nicolás Salmerón, Emilio Castelar — until, only eleven months after its proclamation, General Manuel Pavía led a coup d ' état and established a unified republic dominated by Francisco Serrano.
The DAP had been renamed German National Socialist Workers ' Party on 5 May 1918 and upon the proclamation of Czechoslovakia claimed the right of self-determination in the predominantly German-settled Sudetenland and German Bohemian territories, demanding the affiliation with the newly established Republic of German-Austria.
Khao Yai National Park was then established on September 18, 1962, declared by royal proclamation in the Government Gazette ( Book 79, Section 89 ) as the first National Park in Thailand.

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