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project and became
Adam Bosworth initiated and headed up the Quattro project until moving to Microsoft later in 1990 to take over the project which eventually became Access.
That plan became complicated when Governor Nelson Rockefeller announced his desire to redevelop a part of the area as a separate project.
Chaplin's first major project after A King in New York, his memoirs My Autobiography ( 1964 ), also became a bestseller despite receiving mixed reviews.
In the late 1940s Alston became involved in a mural project commissioned by Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company which asked the artists to create work involving African American contributions to the settling of California.
In 1920 he proposed explicitly a research project ( in metamathematics, as it was then termed ) that became known as Hilbert's program.
The project became more formalized with the creation of a website in 1993, and followed up by a series of books starting in 2000, authored by Wendy Northcutt.
He was at first impressed with Heidegger and began a book on him, but broke off the project when Heidegger became involved with the Nazis.
In 2006 ( with the release of version 3 ), Euphoria became open source and the openEuphoria Group continues to administer and develop the project.
A third grade project growing out of the day to day life of the nearby Hudson river became one of the most celebrated units of the school, a unit on boats, which under the guidance of its legendary teacher Miss Curtis, became an entrée into history, geography, reading, writing, arithmetic, science, art and literature.
The 1billionhungry project became the EndingHunger campaign in April 2011.
At least $ 100 million ( and much more by some estimates ) was spent on the project, which never became operational.
The next year, Phage Φ-X174, with only 5386 base pairs, became the first DNA-genome project to be completed, by Fred Sanger.
In 2007, the Hudson's Bay Company Archives became part of the United Nations " Memory of the World " project, under UNESCO.
After intensive campaign the project became widely hated as a symbol of the old communist regime.
General Dynamics of the United States became its licensee, and the Pentagon awarded its first R & D naval research project in the field of supercavitation.
His persistent cough and difficulty eating became too serious to ignore and he dropped the project.
In the early 1980s, Jarmusch was part of a revolving lineup of musicians in Robin Crutchfield's Dark Day project, and later became the keyboardist and one of two vocalists for The Del-Byzanteens, a No Wave band whose sole LP Lies to Live By was a minor underground hit in the United States and Britain in 1982.
However, it soon became apparent that the Slipstream project had the potential to be much more than a peripheral.
The project quickly became a team project.
The Mud Institute ( TMI ) was an LPMud opened in February 1992 as a gathering place for people interested in developing LPMud and teaching LPC after it became clear that Lars Pensjö had lost interest in the project.
Ideas from this project later became a part of his Theory of the Consumption Function.

project and badge
The Fiesta was originally developed under the project name " Bobcat " ( later to be used on a badge engineered version of the Ford Pinto called the Mercury Bobcat ) and approved for development by Henry Ford II in September 1972.
The possibility briefly existed in the early 1980s for a revival of the Monaro badge based on a combination of the Holden VH Commodore and the Opel Monza with serious exploration of the concept and a Monza was shipped to Australia by Peter Brock but the project was shelved as it was a busy time at Holden with engineering work being done of Statesman and Gemini revamps and the launch of the JB Camira.
" Badge Designer: When he designed a badge for the 101st Abn Div in Vietnam in 1971, Maj. Jack R. Rickman thought that was the end of a project assigned by the division operations officer.
They might include: earning a patch or badge verifying that they improved skills in a certain area, playing a variety of games, having a traditional bonfire with skits and snacks, and doing a community service project.
The 107 was developed by the B-Zero project of PSA Peugeot Citroën in a joint-venture with Toyota ; the Citroën C1 and Toyota Aygo are badge engineered versions of the same car, although the Aygo has more detail differences than the C1.
The prototype was the only car to carry the " Cizeta-Moroder " badge, as Giorgio Moroder pulled out of the Cizeta project in 1990.

project and for
Examples are in public utilities, making military aircraft and accessories, or where the investment and risk for a proprietorship would be too great for a much needed project impossible to achieve by any means other than the corporate form, e.g. constructing major airports or dams.
It can project long-range goals for itself.
In spite of the disaster, Wright completed during this period plans for the Lake Tahoe resort, in which he suggested the shapes of American Indian tepees -- a project of great and appropriate charm, that came to nothing.
For a time it appeared that a common European army might be created, but the project for a European Defense Community was rejected by the French National Assembly in 1954.
The City of Miami recently yielded a prior claim of $8.5 million on the Graves Tract to clear the way for the project.
RCA Victor has an ambitious and useful project in a stereo series called `` Adventures In Music '', which is an instructional record library for elementary schools.
When the detective left, Andrus phoned his secretary to cancel his work and to advise the network to get a substitute director for his current project.
In his sculpture therefore it would not be possible for him to project anything of what Jesus felt for his mother ; ;
At the other end of the spectrum, where the more advanced countries can be relied upon to make well thought through decisions as to project priorities within a consistent program, we should be prepared to depart substantially from detailed project approval as the basis for granting assistance and to move toward long-term support, in cooperation with other developed countries, of the essential foreign exchange requirements of the country's development program.
The Peace Corps should not pay the expenses of a wife or family, unless the wife is also accepted for full-time Peace Corps work on the same project.
Considering the high cost of the F-108 system -- over $4 billion for the force that had been planned -- and the time period in which it would become operational, it was decided to stop further work on the project.
This project was started at a time when there was a critical need for a high-energy fuel to provide an extra margin of range for high performance aircraft, particularly our heavy bombers.
The books and records with respect to each project shall be maintained for the duration of the project, or until the expiration of three years after final disbursement for the project has been made by the United States, whichever is later.
A project for the Air Force has been completed in which the NAIR infrared detecting device was developed for area monitoring of noxious or dangerous gases.
Place mold or paper pattern on rolled clay and cut clay by holding knife in vertical position ( cut more pieces than required for project to make allowance for defects ; ;

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