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project and includes
The sighting procedure includes the use of a fixture for the transit to project a beam of light, which is darkened by crossed hairs, on the accelerometer mirror.
The Compact also includes a $ 146 million project to increase the productivity of approximately 250, 000 farm households through improved water supply, higher yields, higher-value crops, and a more competitive agricultural sector.
The AbiWord project includes a US English-only grammar checking plugin using Link Grammar.
The ArgoUML project now includes more than 19, 000 registered users and over 150 developers.
Usually includes product conception and development, production in general, innovation, project and product management.
The degree generally includes units covering physics, mathematics, computer science, project management and specific topics in electrical engineering.
Consider the same project, except this time the project plan includes pre-defined methods of quantifying the accomplishment of work.
A yarn's usefulness for a knitting project is judged by several factors, such as its loft ( its ability to trap air ), its resilience ( elasticity under tension ), its washability and colorfastness, its hand ( its feel, particularly softness vs. scratchiness ), its durability against abrasion, its resistance to pilling, its hairiness ( fuzziness ), its tendency to twist or untwist, its overall weight and drape, its blocking and felting qualities, its comfort ( breathability, moisture absorption, wicking properties ) and of course its look, which includes its color, sheen, smoothness and ornamental features.
While the cost of supporting and hosting the project is high, OCW expanded in 2005 to include other universities as a part of the OpenCourseWare Consortium, which currently includes more than 250 academic institutions with content available in least six languages.
The project includes US Verizon Communications, Chinese firms China Telecom, China Netcom and China Unicom, South Korea's Korea Telecom and Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom.
Traditionally, project management includes a number of elements: four to five process groups, and a control system.
Closing includes the formal acceptance of the project and the ending thereof.
The OpenRT project includes a highly optimized software core for ray tracing along with an OpenGL-like API in order to offer an alternative to the current rasterisation based approach for interactive 3D graphics.
The IPNI includes information from the Index Kewensis, a project which began in the nineteenth century to provide an " Index to the Names and Authorities of all known flowering plants and their countries ".
In project management, risk management includes the following activities:
The Tokyo Midtown project, which was completed in 2006, and includes the first Tokyo Ritz-Carlton Hotel, continued this trend.
Liam Howe has become a successful writer / producer and has written and produced the likes of Marina and the Diamonds, and Ellie Goulding, he is signed to Columbia records for his solo project which includes collaborations from Alan Vega, Neneh Cherry and Princess Superstar.
As a project of the Manchester City Council it includes in the decoration many portrayals of the city's coat of arms.
This includes document and project management, as well as using a wiki as a knowledge repository useful during times of employee turnover, retirement and so on.
: The 100 % rule states that the WBS includes 100 % of the work defined by the project scope and captures all deliverables – internal, external, interim – in terms of the work to be completed, including project management.
Project completed only in 130 days almost from scratch and this period includes decision of the project, research, design, development and production of four cars.
The McCormick Place on the Lake 1971 Collection includes photographs, drawings and project files documenting its construction.
; GNU inetutils: the GNU project network suite includes a TFTP client / server implementation

project and demolition
aspects of the project, fined the owners for many infractions of building codes, ordered the demolition of aspects exceeding the height standard for the city.
The team had received all required approvals and was awaiting site demolition ; however, the 2008 – 09 financial crisis ultimately led to the scrapping of the Trails Stadium project.
As part of the Heart of Slough project, construction work on a new bus station began in March 2010 following weeks of demolition work to half of the existing bus station and the removal of Compair House near the railway station ; it is expected to be completed by January 2011.
The Streatham Hub project involves the demolition of Streatham Ice Arena, Streatham Leisure Centre and the former Streatham Bus Garage, and their replacement with a new leisure centre and a Tesco store with 250 flats above it.
When asked about the project by Kafi Benz, a historic preservation leader at a public meeting in January 2007 in Sarasota, Duany stated that Sarasota would lose its international stature as an arts center if it allowed the demolition.
A large urban renewal project in the 1970s and 1980s resulted in the demolition of many commercial properties along Bladenburg Road.
* Memorial Building demolition project.
The State Historic Preservation Office did not want the old building torn down but after lengthy negotiations a consensus was reached by the project coordinator and shortly thereafter the City Council approved the demolition.
A rejuvenation project was started in Palenstein in 2006, providing for the renovation of some and demolition of other older buildings.
The Northgate Development project began in 2007 with the demolition of St. Martin's House on the city's ring road.
The project provided state-of-the-art public facilities and office accommodation for the Council as well as cosmetic rejuvenation, and involved the demolition and reconstruction of internal spaces while retaining and restoring the outer walls and windows.
This locally treasured building and entertainments venue is home to Millom Amateur Operatic Society ( MAOS ) and has been saved from demolition as part of redevelopment plans and is currently an on-going project run and managed by a registered charity and group of volunteers with hopes to re-instate the cinema facility within the building.
The largest project was the complete demolition and rebuilding of Runway 2L / 20R, which was completed in August 2010.
The project also saw the demolition of the exterior walls to below the original clerstory level, and, most notably, of the attic and upper ranges of the west elevation.
Another regeneration project was to have included the demolition of Foundry House, a former glove factory, however a local campaign led to this becoming a listed building and it will now be converted into a restaurant and offices and new shop and houses will be built on the surrounding site.
In 1983-84, WECB was scheduled for demolition without reconstruction, as part of the Mass Communications $ 1. 6M renovation project.
* The drug-making operation in the housing project in the film American Gangster was filmed in a now unoccupied ( deemed for demolition ) U. S. Military building on Governors Island.
Because traditional demolition would result in an unacceptable environmental impact, the building was scheduled for deconstruction and decontamination as part of the Lower Manhattan redevelopment project.
The project is expected to last approximately two years and will consist of a complete renovation of the landmark school structure, and a demolition and reconstruction of the remaining structures.
This project also required the demolition of the nearby hamlet of Charlton, many of whose residents were rehoused on Patchway Estate.
The former venue was unsuitable for the needs of a modern music venue and the building complex it resided in ( along with the Oasis Centre, located above it ) was scheduled for demolition as part of a project called Martineau Galleries.
Phase two of the project began in May, 2010, when demolition work commenced on the second and third floors, previously used by Burlington Northern for division offices.
The freeway construction required a half-block of right-of-way on the south side of Davison Avenue and the demolition of 69 homes to accommodate the of excavation along the project.
Wilder now oversaw a massive building project ( which somewhat ironically entailed the demolition of one of the hotels that many legislators had previously favored ) which was undertaken to correct this and make the legislative branch of state government more co-equal to the other two.

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