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project and is
So in these pages the term `` technology '' is used to include any and all means which could amplify, project, or augment man's control over himself and over other men.
While it is hazardous to project the trend of history, it seems clear that a genuine community is painfully emerging in the Western world, particularly among the countries of Western Europe.
Prof. C. H. Dodd, 76, a Congregational minister and a leading authority on the New Testament, is general director of the project and chairman of the New Testament panel.
RCA Victor has an ambitious and useful project in a stereo series called `` Adventures In Music '', which is an instructional record library for elementary schools.
The Peace Corps should not pay the expenses of a wife or family, unless the wife is also accepted for full-time Peace Corps work on the same project.
The books and records with respect to each project shall be maintained for the duration of the project, or until the expiration of three years after final disbursement for the project has been made by the United States, whichever is later.
`` Junior Showmanship is an extremely worthy project and should be earnestly encouraged ''!!
Allow project to stand for about five minutes ( if wooden press mold is a good antique, do not leave clay in too long as the dampness may cause mold to crack ).
It is a big project, not to be taken lightly.
Considering that the current school-age potential is 23 million youths, the project and its message on hunting and shooting education have many more to reach.
In working out the practical legal conclusions President Waters was not thinking only of this pilot project, for it is planned to duplicate this program or system in other builder developments nationally.
In the present project the heating is by circulating hot water from Paragon boiler-burner units with summer-winter domestic hot water hookups.
For example, the officials of Poughkeepsie town ( township ) where the project is located think highly of it because it simplifies their snow clearing problem.
The continuity of the project is suggested by plans for an eventual third edition.
Critical evaluation of all data compiled is not a primary aim of this project.
The sighting procedure includes the use of a fixture for the transit to project a beam of light, which is darkened by crossed hairs, on the accelerometer mirror.
A new project planned is the use of Bio-Dynamic Starter.
The Philadelphia Transportation Co. is investigating the part its organization played in reviewing the project.
The second agreement permits the authority to sell a 520-acre tract west of Stage 1 Residential to Philadelphia Builders Eastwick Corp., a firm composed of 10 Philadelphia area builders, which is interested in developing part of the project.
But the simple truth is that higher education has never really been an official American Catholic project ; ;
He is generally and initially suspicious of any federal project, unless it happens to benefit his Gulf Coast constituents.

project and currently
A planned joint hydroelectric project with neighboring Togo is intended to reduce Benin's dependence on imported energy mostly from Ghana, which currently accounts for a significant proportion of the country's imports.
Andersson's next project was Mamma Mia !, a musical built around 24 of ABBA's songs, which has become a worldwide box-office blockbuster with versions in several languages currently being played in many countries, including the UK ( West End premiere in April 1999 ), Canada ( Toronto premiere in 2000 ), the USA ( Broadway premiere in 2001 ), and Sweden ( Swedish language premiere in 2005 ).
After decades of neglect and damage from wartime, Cambodia's rail network is currently being reconstructed as part of the Trans-Asian Railway project with modern trains replacing the current open-access system of " bamboo trains ", homemade bamboo mats powered by go-kart or water pump engines.
A major research project examining the geological sequestration of carbon dioxide is currently being performed at an oil field at Weyburn in south-eastern Saskatchewan.
The project is currently hosted by ibiblio.
Raymond is currently the admin of the project page for gpsd, a daemon that makes GPS data from a receiver available in JSON format.
Allan Loeb wrote currently the script for the New Line Cinema project.
The Highway 2000 project, which seeks ultimately to link Kingston with Montego Bay and the north coast, is currently undergoing a series of phases / legs.
However, according to Daltrey, this project may currently be stalled.
While the cost of supporting and hosting the project is high, OCW expanded in 2005 to include other universities as a part of the OpenCourseWare Consortium, which currently includes more than 250 academic institutions with content available in least six languages.
The project is currently available in four languages: Hebrew ( the largest collection ), English, French and Portuguese.
* Julian Koster of the band Neutral Milk Hotel played the singing saw, along with other instruments, in the band and currently plays the saw in his solo project, The Music Tapes.
The most significant private sector financed hydroelectric projects currently in operation are the Khimti Khola ( 60 MW ) and the Bhote Koshi Project ( 36 MW ). The project is still undergoing and has dependancy on India to take the further steps.
The Music City Center, a convention center project, has been approved for the downtown area and is currently under construction.
The ITER project is currently leading the effort to commercialize fusion power.
PTP is currently involved in a grant-funded project to bring free wireless Internet to an entire neighborhood in North Portland, along N. Mississippi Avenue.
OMA Beijing: In Asia, Koolhaas is working with his team on the office ’ s largest project to date, the 575, 000 m2 China Central Television Headquarters ( CCTV ) and Television Cultural Center ( TVCC ), currently under construction in Beijing and due for completion in 2008.
Kew also cooperates with the Missouri Botanical Garden in a related project called The Plant List, which, unlike the IPNI, provides information on which names are currently accepted.
Jonze is currently working on another project with the Beastie Boys for the release of their Santigold collaboration, " Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win.
Lately the Stiftsbibliothek has launched a project for the digitisation of the priceless manuscript collection, which currently ( December 2009 ) contains 355 documents that are available on the Codices Electronici Sangallenses webpage.
Ted Nelson is currently working on a new information structure, ZigZag, which is described on the Xanadu project website, which also hosts two versions of the Xanadu code.
It focuses on three areas: education ( with the largest educational project in Central Europe, the Prague Student Summit ), research ( at its Research Center ) and international outreach ( currently in Belarus and other countries ).
Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano are currently in a side project called The Damned Things with members of Fall Out Boy and Every Time I Die.
The Center for Ethical Solutions, an American bioethics think tank, is currently working on a project called " Solving the Organ Shortage ," in which it is studying the Iranian kidney procurement system in order to better inform the debate over solving the organ shortfall in the United States.

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