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projected and union
He represented Aberdeenshire in the Parliament of Scotland of 1669 and in the following assemblies, during his first session strongly opposing the projected union of the two legislatures.
But, after implementing welfare cuts and tax increases, it fell to a projected 2. 6 % of GDP in 1997, which put Sweden in a position to qualify for the European economic and monetary union.
He continued in office on the accession of Queen Anne ; he pronounced on 31 July 1702 the decree dissolving the Savoy Hospital, and presided over the commission which on 22 October following met at the Cockpit to discuss the terms of the projected union with Scotland but accomplished nothing.
In 1822, the Secretary of Colonial Office Lord Bathurst and his under-secretary Robert John Wilmot-Horton secretly submitted a bill to British House of Commons which projected the legislative union of the two Canadian provinces.
-church ( Marienkirche ) with a baroque tower and a modern interior decorating ( projected by Prof. Tresst )-museum of the " potash union "-a lot of public footpaths

projected and initially
Richard Nixon himself initially vetoed the Clean Water Act, citing its projected costs, though he was ultimately overridden by Congress.
To create the alien water tentacle or pseudopod, Cameron initially considered cel animation or a tentacle sculpted in clay and then animated via stop-motion techniques with water reflections projected onto it.
Steering also raised problems ; it was initially projected that the ship be steered by varying the speed of the motors on either side, but the Royal Navy decided that a rudder was essential.
The launch of a national TD-SCDMA network was initially projected by 2005 but only reached large scale commercial trials with 60, 000 users across eight cities in 2008.
In spite of the apparent success of the tollway opening, traffic counts and projected toll revenues were initially lower than projected, with an estimated 65, 000 motorists per day traveling along the tollway, generating $ 55, 000 – 65, 000 ( 1990, $ 87, 000 – 103, 000 in 2007 ) in daily toll revenues.
Renovations on the stage remained unfinished, the subscriptions for the season were not quite as substantial as initially reported, and housing for the actors was not available as projected and they were put up in hotels.
While initially one of the phantoms projected by the Lotharians to fight off the Green Martian attacks on Lothar, he assumes a corporeal form after Carthoris and Thuvia leave Lothar, and turns out to have been a real Lotharian from the distant past.
They point to the date of the coming peak, which was initially projected to occur by the year 1997, but the date was pushed back to 2000, then 2010, moved up to 2006 ( in 2004 ) and later ( 2005 ) back to 2010.
* Jonathan Bayliss's Gloucesterman series was initially conceived as a trilogy comprising Gloucesterbook, Gloucestertide, and the projected Gloucestermas.
A maximum exhibition length should initially be determined for each exhibited item based on its light sensitivity, anticipated light level, and its cumulative past and projected exhibition exposure.
However, holographic drives are projected to initially cost around US $ 15, 000, and a single disc around US $ 120 – 180, although prices are expected to fall steadily.
He wore number 81, unusual for a defensive back, because he was initially projected as a tight end.
An all-day scheme was initially projected to raise around £ 900 million for a central cordon only and £ 1. 5 billion for the dual cordon option.
The service, now called WALLY, was initially projected to start in 2007 but has encountered delays.
With a projected lifetime of 12 years, Astra 2D was expected to leave regular operational service towards the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013 and so the Astra 1N satellite, designed for operation at Astra 19. 2 ° E and launched in August 2011, was initially positioned at 28. 2 ° E to temporarily replace Astra 2D until the start of service of its long-term replacement, Astra 2F, which was launched in September 2012.
The citizens of Frankfurt, who had to finance the structure ( initially projected at a cost of two million marks ), were rather skeptical in the beginning.
Balzac's final plan ( 1845 ) of the Comédie Humaine is as follows ( projected works are not included ; dates are those of initial publication, whether or not the work was initially conceived as part of the Comédie Humaine ):

projected and great
To make Robert Paul's On a Runaway Motor Car through Piccadilly Circus ( 1899 ), the camera was turned very slowly, so that when the film was projected at the usual 16 frames per second, the scenery appeared to be passing at great speed.
: What the Romanticists brought to art was the primacy of values … Values are the source of emotions: a great deal of emotional intensity was projected in the work of the Romanticists and in the reactions of their audiences, as well as a great deal of color, imagination, originality, excitement, and all the other consequences of a value-oriented view of life.
The title song in particular is projected with great feeling.
Here, too, a difference will be made as to whether these divisions are made directly on the ecliptic, or on the celestial equator or some other great circle, before being projected on the ecliptic.
First lantern slide collections begin developing in the U. S. These 3. 25 " x 4. 0 " glass slides projected clearly with great detail.
The disc tube a great success and exceeded projected sales reaching number one twice in the lists of sales, its first single " the essence of your voice " reached number one in the Top 40.
It is projected that micro fluidic devices utilizing electroosmotic flow will have great application with medical research.
This allows the display to show the pilot exactly where the artificial horizon is, as well as the aircraft's projected path with great accuracy.
Note that the all straight lines are projected as great semicircles on the sphere.
Van Swieten's loyalty to Mozart at this time is also indicated by one of Mozart's letters of 1789, in which he reported that he had solicited subscriptions to a projected concert series ( as he had previously done with great success in the mid 1780s ) and found that — after two weeks — the Baron was still the only subscriber.
The prospect of the Champions League group stage brought great optimism to fans and management alike, especially because the projected income would practically eliminate all debts.
However, as fighting enemy tanks was part of the projected role of the cruiser tanks, they were the first to be upgraded to the heavier 6 pounder ( 57 mm ) gun when it became available, and a great deal of effort was put into developing cruiser tanks armed with the powerful 17 pounder QF ( 76 mm ) gun when it became available.
Canby and Farragut recognized that they would not be able to threaten Mobile, but possession of the lower bay would be of great enough use to the blockading fleet that the projected attack should not be canceled.
Many references to ancient and imperial Rome were planned, such as the building of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana as a cubic Colosseum, an obelisk to Guglielmo Marconi, and a projected but not built great arch, featured in the Fair posters.
The broad, white ruffle of her lace cap projected several inches beyond the front of the hood and waved back and forth like the single leaves of a great white poppy, as she nodded emphatically in her discourse.
Selected by the Mets in the first round ( 29th pick ) of the 1994 amateur draft, Payton hadn't fulfilled the great expectations he projected Georgia Tech when he was drafted in the first round with fellow All Americans and Teammates Nomar Garciaparra and Jason Varitek, due in large part to four surgeries while in the minor leagues.
He projected the three icons of Assam, Saint Shankardev, General Lachit Borphukan and the great statesman Gopinath Bordoloi as national heroes.
Came at a time where the need for additional half tracks turned out to be not as great as projected.
It has been noted that modern " architects projected to it their own wistful interpretations of how a great Gothic castle should look ".
The second-division Chicago Cubs had Lou Brock, a 25-year-old outfielder with great speed who was not living up to his projected potential.

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