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proposal and was
In 1961 the first important legislative victory of the Kennedy Administration came when the principle of national responsibility for local economic distress won out over a `` state's-responsibility '' proposal -- provision was made for payment for unemployment relief by nation-wide taxation rather than by a levy only on those states afflicted with manpower surplus.
Accordingly the request was granted, but the Elector himself, who had not been consulted by his mother, rejected the proposal and recalled his agent Schutz, whose impolitic handling of the affair had caused the Hanoverian interest to suffer and had made Oxford's dismissal more likely than ever.
But when this proposal was made to his Deacon Board, he met unanimous opposition.
Counsel for the Government invited Du Pont's views on this proposal before recommending a specific program, but stated that if the court desired, or if counsel for Du Pont thought further discussion would not be profitable, the Government was prepared to submit a plan within thirty days.
Thus was invented the single thread sewing machine, which Mr. Gibbs in partnership with Mr. Willcox decided to bring to Brown & Sharpe with the proposal that the small company undertake its manufacture.
When this proposal was made, Stalin spoke with stronger emotion than at any other time during the Conference.
Not through fear of disobeying orders, as Eichmann kept trying to explain, but through a peculiar giddiness that began in a half-acceptance of the vicious absurdities contained in the Nazi interpretation of history and grew with each of Hitler's victories into a permanent light-mindedness and sense of magical rightness that was able to respond to any proposal, and the more outrageous the better, `` Well, let's try it ''.
It was nothing that he said or did, but it seemed so natural to her that she should be working for him, looking forward to his eventual proposal.
Nobel's first love was in Russia with a girl named Alexandra, who rejected his proposal.
In 1909, Hans Geiger and Ernest Marsden, under the direction of physicist Ernest Rutherford, bombarded a sheet of gold foil with alpha rays — by then known to be positively charged helium atoms — and discovered that a small percentage of these particles were deflected through much larger angles than was predicted using Thomson's proposal.
This proposal, which was understandably appealing to Albert, had already been discussed by some of his relatives ; but it was necessary to proceed cautiously, and he assured Pope Adrian VI that he was anxious to reform the Order and punish the knights who had adopted Lutheran doctrines.
After his marriage proposal to her was rejected, he returned to Raleigh.
The most significant moderate proposal was the Fourteenth Amendment, also written by Trumbull.
Andrew, who was now with Saint Louis, interpreted David's message to the King, a real or pretended offer of alliance from the Mongol general Eljigidei, and a proposal of a joint attack upon the Islamic powers of Syria.
A dismissive allusion in the text to the " wealth of Hungary " has suggested the hypothesis that it was written after 1184, at the time when Bela III of Hungary had sent to the French court a statement of his income and had proposed marriage to Marie's sister Marguerite of France, but before 1186, when his proposal was accepted.
The first proposal for a tank was by the Austrian Oberleutenant Günther Burstyn who, in 1911, proposed a design for " motor artillery " ( Motorengeschütz ) with a turret, but his design never progressed beyond a German patent in 1912.
At the October 2006 Conservative Conference, she was Chief Dragon in a political version of the television programme Dragons ' Den, in which A-list candidates were invited to put forward a policy proposal, which was then torn apart by her team of Rachel Elnaugh, Oliver Letwin and Michael Brown.
Herodotus had no Athenian victories to record after the initial success, and the fact that Themistocles was able to carry his proposal to devote the surplus funds of the state to the building of so large a fleet seems to imply that the Athenians were themselves convinced that a supreme effort was necessary.
This proposal was rejected.

proposal and made
If the assembly broke the law, the only thing that might happen is that it would punish those who had made the proposal that it had agreed to.
A consumer proposal can only be made by a debtor with debts to a maximum of $ 250, 000 ( not including the mortgage on their principal residence ).
However, the data he used originated back to epoch B1875. 0, which was when Benjamin A. Gould first made the proposal to designate boundaries for the celestial sphere, a suggestion upon which Delporte would base his work.
# 50 % ( if proposal was made by the Commission ) or 67 % ( all other cases ) of the members states,
On 3 October 2011, Chelsea made a proposal to CPO shareholders to buy back the freehold to the land on which Stamford Bridge sits, stating that " buying back the freehold removes a potential hurdle should a suitable site become available in the future ".
This proposal was made as a way of explaining how the various lipid membranes are assembled in the cell, with these membranes being assembled through lipid flow from the sites of lipid synthesis.
G M Clemence ( 1948 ) made a detailed proposal of this type based on the results of H Spencer Jones ( 1939 ).
Clemence ( 1948 ) made it clear that his proposal was intended " for the convenience of astronomers and other scientists only " and that it was " logical to continue the use of mean solar time for civil purposes ".
They made this proposal based on the structural similarity that exists between the two macromolecules, that is, both protein and DNA are linear sequences of amino acids and nucleotides respectively.
A proposal to require an eight-hour work day was amended to require the eight-hour work day or the 40-hour work week ( an exception was made for countries where productivity was low ).
In 1638, a proposal was made to revive the use of robes for the wives of knights in ceremonies, but this did not occur.
Boldly abandoning ornament altogether, Mies made a dramatic modernist debut with his stunning competition proposal for the faceted all-glass Friedrichstraße skyscraper in 1921, followed by a taller curved version in 1922 named the Glass Skyscraper .< ref > Compare Arthur Lubow's " The Contextualizer ," New York Times.
However, the first proposal to use the clausal form of logic for representing computer programs was made by Cordell Green ( 1969 ).
Prior to this proposal, Goethe, de Saussure, Venetz, Jean de Charpentier, Karl Friedrich Schimper and others had made the glaciers of the Alps the subjects of special study, and Goethe, Charpentier as well as Schimper had even arrived at the conclusion that the erratic blocks of alpine rocks scattered over the slopes and summits of the Jura Mountains had been moved there by glaciers.
The navy was very adverse to any proposal of terms to be made with the Parliament before Parliament's readmission, insisting upon the absolute submission of the army to the authority of Parliament.
More a proposal than a plan, it was presented vaguely and made little impact in America.
The characteristics they shared with many Merovingian female saints may be mentioned: Regenulfa of Incourt, a 7th-century virgin in French-speaking Brabant of the ancestral line of the dukes of Brabant fled from a proposal of marriage to live isolated in the forest, where a curative spring sprang forth at her touch ; Ermelindis of Meldert, a 6th-century virgin related to Pepin I, inhabited several isolated villas ; Begga of Andenne, the mother of Pepin II, founded seven churches in Andenne during her widowhood ; the purely legendary " Oda of Amay " was drawn into the Carolingian line by spurious genealogy in her 13th-century vita, which made her the mother of Arnulf, Bishop of Metz, but she has been identified with the historical Saint Chrodoara ; finally, the widely-venerated Gertrude of Nivelles, sister of Begga in the Carolingian ancestry, was abbess of a nunnery established by her mother.
Initially, the Soviet Union's Joseph Stalin rejected Kim's requests for permission to invade the South, but in late 1949 the Communist victory in China and the development of Soviet nuclear weapons made him re-consider Kim's proposal.
A related and more controversial proposal often made is that he described how to do things in politics in a way which seemed neutral concerning who used the advice-tyrants or good rulers.
The proposal that proteins were linear chains of α-amino acids was made nearly simultaneously by two scientists at the same conference in 1902, the 74th meeting of the Society of German Scientists and Physicians, held in Karlsbad.

proposal and by
Here, then, is what Swift would have called a modest proposal by way of a beginning.
The senior policy officer may be moved to think hard about a problem by any of an infinite variety of stimuli: an idea in his own head, the suggestions of a colleague, a question from the Secretary or the President, a proposal by another department, a communication from a foreign government or an American ambassador abroad, the filing of an item for the agenda of the United Nations or of any other of dozens of international bodies, a news item read at the breakfast table, a question to the President or the Secretary at a news conference, a speech by a Senator or Congressman, an article in a periodical, a resolution from a national organization, a request for assistance from some private American interests abroad, et cetera, ad infinitum.
The breach created by the Selden patent doomed his proposal, but Hanch did not abandon his scheme.
The proposal would have to receive final legislative approval, by two-thirds majorities, before March 1 to be printed on the April 4 ballot, Roberts said.
When the shouting ended, the bill passed, 114 to 4, sending it to the Senate, where a similar proposal is being sponsored by Sen. George Parkhouse of Dallas.
This might be done to arouse those who have been squeezed out by the trims to exert pressure on the Legislature, so it would be more receptive to a tax proposal later in the year.
It is a proposal that justice now be served by means other than those that have ever preconditioned the search for it, or preconditioned more positive means for attaining it, in the past.
Then, in order to prevent Polk from dissipating his forces by implementing his proposal to allow some men to join a partisan group, Johnston ordered him to send Pillow and 5, 000 men to Fort Donelson.
Although the proposal seemed to have been approved, the plans of the British were thwarted by the uprising of Dost Muhammad's son Muhammad Akbar Khan, who defeated and annihilated the British-Indian garrison at Gandamak on its retreat from Kabul in January 1842.
To give a schematic scenario by way of illustration: two men have clashed in the assembly about a proposal put by one of them ; it passed, and now the two of them go to court with the loser in the assembly prosecuting both the law and its proposer.
The shift in Aalto's design approach from classicism to modernism is epitomised by the Viipuri Library ( 1927 – 35 ), which went through a transformation from an originally classical competition entry proposal to the completed high-modernist building.
Although Grothendieck himself never published his work in this area, the proposal became the inspiration for work by other mathematicians and the source of the theory of dessins d ' enfants.
In a secret detailed letter to the Soviet leadership of July 21, 1967, Sakharov explains the need to " take the Americans at their word " and accept their proposal " for a bilateral rejection by the USA and the Soviet Union of the development of antiballistic missile defense ", because otherwise an arms race in this new technology would increase the likelihood of nuclear war.

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