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Page "learned" ¶ 862
from Brown Corpus
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public and interest
Its pretense to operate in the public interest is little more than a sham.
the need to protect the public interest in situations of prolonged labor-management stalemate ; ;
All research within the United States contracted for, sponsored, cosponsored, or authorized under authority of this Act, shall be provided for in such manner that all information, uses, products, processes, patents, and other developments resulting from such research developed by Government expenditure will ( with such exceptions and limitations, if any, as the Secretary may find to be necessary in the interest of national defense ) be available to the general public.
In the light of the facts at hand, however, New York Central intends to pursue the objective of helping to create a healthy two-system eastern railroad structure in the public interest ''.
That is, will it serve the long-range public interest??
Which will serve not only the best interest of the stockholders, but the interests of all the traveling public??
The judgment must therefore be reversed and the cause remanded to the District Court for a determination, after further hearing, of the equitable relief necessary and appropriate in the public interest to eliminate the effects of the acquisition offensive to the statute.
General Motors comprehensively contended that the Government plan would not be `` in the public interest '' as required by the mandate of this Court.
This broad delegation leaves within our discretion ( subject to the always-present criterion of the public interest ) both the determination of what degree of interference shall be considered excessive, and the methods by which such excessive interference shall be avoided.
Where the industry's product price has been kept below the `` profit-maximizing '' and `` entry-limiting '' prices due to fears of public reaction, the profit seeking producers have an interest in offering little real resistance to wage demands.
For expository purposes, this is best treated as a model which spells out the conditions under which an important industry affected with the public interest would find it profitable to raise wages even in the absence of union pressures for higher wages.
The industry of this model is so important that its wage and price policies are affected with a public interest.
The public interest is so dominant in such an issue that I cannot be so presumptuous as to attempt to settle it by an administrative order based upon conclusions reached in a summary action in one or two Superior Courts in the State.
In general, it appears that trustees and board members attempt to represent the public interest in their administration of educational policy, and this is made easier by the fact that the dominant values of the society are middle-class values, which are generally thought to be valid for the entire society.
Educational policies are formed by several groups who are officially or unofficially appointed to act in the public interest.
Another public interest group is the commission of laymen or educators which is appointed to study an educational problem and to make recommendations.
Both Commissions consisted of upper-middle- and upper-class people, who attempted to act in the public interest.
Like the other policy-making groups, these are middle class in their educational attitudes, and they attempt to act in the general public interest, as they see it.
A process of elimination which leaves the artist with nothing but the play of his materials themselves cannot sustain interest in either artist or public for very long.
If a substitute mechanism is needed for the control of a fictitious impersonal market, quite obviously some method must be devised for representing the public interest.
Realtors in attendance at the colloquium expressed interest, for example, in Connecticut's new housing law as setting standards of equity that they would like `` to have to obey '', but in support of which none had been willing to go on public record.
Lincoln successfully argued that the railroad company was not bound by its original charter in existence at the time of Barret's pledge ; the charter was amended in the public interest to provide a newer, superior, and less expensive route, and the corporation retained the right to demand Barret's payment.
Although the origins of the term are not referred to in the text, the title served ( along with the general hype created in Australia ) to revive public interest in the legend.
Bodyline, a fictionalised television miniseries based on the " Bodyline " Ashes series of 1932 – 33, screened in Australia in 1984, to significant public interest and critical acclaim.

public and groups
The decision maker who acts for the community as a whole must decide whether the objectives pursued and the methods used are appropriate to public policy regarding cultural groups.
The arguments advanced by those individuals and groups who oppose the system in force and who would drastically curtail or do away entirely with hospital care for the non-service-connected case, seem to be coldly impractical and out-of-step with the wishes of the general public.
On the one hand, the Public Health Service declared as recently as October 26 that present radiation levels resulting from the Soviet shots `` do not warrant undue public concern '' or any action to limit the intake of radioactive substances by individuals or large population groups anywhere in the Aj.
`` I would expect the proposed committee to hold public hearings '', Mr. Notte said, `` to obtain the views of the general public and religious, labor and special-interest groups affected by these laws ''.
For a number of years, Wesleyan has been drawing varied groups of political and business leaders into these informal discussions with members of the faculty and student body, attempting to explore and clarify aspects of their responsibility for public policy.
Ethnologists in these countries tended to focus on differentiating among local ethnolinguistic groups, documenting local folk culture, and representing the prehistory of what has become a nation through various forms of public education ( eg, museums of several kinds ).
A broad public discussion of environmental problems began in the mid-1980s, when the first " green " groups formed in opposition to Yerevan's intense industrial air pollution and to nuclear power generation in the wake of the 1986 reactor explosion at Chernobyl '.
Cuarón also directed the controversial public service announcement " I Am Autism " for Autism Speaks that was sharply criticized by disability rights groups for its negative portrayal of autism.
The Traditions recommend that members and groups remain anonymous in public media, altruistically help other alcoholics and include all who wish to stop drinking.
Several public interest groups, including the Coordinating Body of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin ( COICA ) and the Coalition for Amazonian Peoples and Their Environment ( Amazon Coalition ) objected.
Historians show that every real conspiracy has had at least four characteristic features: groups, not isolated individuals ; illegal or sinister aims, not ones that would benefit society as a whole ; orchestrated acts, not a series of spontaneous and haphazard ones ; and secret planning, not public discussion.
The Anti-Corn Law League brought together a coalition of liberal and radical groups in support of free trade under the leadership of Richard Cobden and John Bright, who opposed militarism and public expenditure.
Although never formally endorsed by CND nationally, INDEC candidates were generally put up by local CND groups as a means of raising the profile of this issue in public politics.
It would take three forms: mobilising public opinion, working within the Churches, and a ' dirty tricks ' operation against the peace groups.
Much of National CNDs historical archive is at the Modern Records Centre at the University of Warwick and the London School of Economics, although records of local and regional groups are spread throughout the country in public and private collections.
The goal consequently put pressure on the public genome program and spurred several groups to redouble their efforts to produce the full sequence.
Oral diseases are major public health problems due to their high incidence and prevalence across the globe with the disadvantaged affected more than other socio-economic groups.
The U. S. Agency for International Development ( USAID ) mission is focused on improving access of underserved populations to quality health care and combating HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis ; promoting economic growth through policy reform, support for CAFTA-DR implementation, and technical assistance to small producers and tourism groups ; environmental protection and policy reform initiatives ; improved access to quality primary, public education and assistance to at-risk youth ; a model rural electrification program ; and improving participation in democratic processes, while strengthening the judiciary and combating corruption across all sectors.
Lutz states that it is important to highlight doublespeak to the public because " language isn't the invention of human beings to lie, deceive, mislead, and manipulate " and the " purpose of language is to communicate the truth and to facilitate social groups getting together ".
Some groups allege that Diego Garcia and its territorial waters out to have been restricted from public access without permission of the BIOT Government since 1971.
On January 21, 2000, during demonstrations in Quito by indigenous groups, the military and police refused to enforce public order, beginning what became known as the 2000 Ecuadorean coup d ' état.

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