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# and radius
# A circle can be drawn with any center and any radius.
# the radius r
Sedna's orbit ( left ) is longer than 100 Tm, but other lengths are between 10 and 100 Tm: Comet Hale-Bopp's orbit ( lower, faint orange ); one light-day ( yellow spherical shell with yellow Vernal point arrow as radius ); the heliosphere's Heliosphere # Termination shock | termination shock ( blue shell ); and other arrows show positions of Voyager 1 ( red ) and Pioneer 10 ( green ).
# REDIRECT Bend radius
# REDIRECT radius of convergence
# The ligaments of the wrist proper which unite the ulna and radius with the carpus: the ulnar and radial collateral ligaments ; the palmar and dorsal radiocarpal ligaments ; and the palmar ulnocarpal ligament.
# If the injectivity radius of a compact n-dimensional Riemannian manifold is ≥ π then the average scalar curvature is at most n ( n-1 ).
# Use that line as the radius to draw an arc that defines the height of the rectangle
# The Bishop – Gromov inequality states that if a complete m-dimensional Riemannian manifold has non-negative Ricci curvature, then the volume of a ball is smaller or equal to the volume of a ball of the same radius in Euclidean m-space.
# If the water level in a cylinder of radius 2 m is rising at a rate of 3 m per second, what is the rate of increase of the volume of water?
# Conservation of momentum: Consisting of a form of the Navier – Stokes equations that describe hydrodynamical flow on the surface of a sphere under the assumption that vertical motion is much smaller than horizontal motion ( hydrostasis ) and that the fluid layer depth is small compared to the radius of the sphere
# REDIRECT Schwarzschild radius
# Repair fracture of radius ( bone )/ ulna
# Repair fracture of the distal part of radius
# REDIRECT atomic radius
# REDIRECT Van der Waals radius
# Random chords, selection method 2 The " random radius " method: Choose a radius of the circle, choose a point on the radius and construct the chord through this point and perpendicular to the radius.
# A nuclear target in which the ratio of radius of damage to target radius is equal to or greater than 5.
# Interception, where particles following a line of flow in the air stream come within one radius of a fibre and adhere to it.
# No illegal substances or alcohol or paraphernalia on the premises or within a one-block radius.

# and circle
# A circle of people.
# The object moves only on a circle.
# The object moves with constant angular velocity around the circle.
# " To describe a circle with any centre and distance.
# an indication that what is to be drawn is a circle
# the location of the center point of the circle
# Triad: Students are arranged so that each participant in the inner circle ( called a “ pilot ”) has two “ co-pilots ” sitting behind him / her on either side.
As reported by editor Ruth Berman ( issue # 1, Inside Star Trek, July 1968, pp. 15 – 16 ), " ardent rock hound and amateur lapidary " Roddenberry came up with the Vulcan philosophy after he presented Leonard Nimoy with a unique " hand-crafted piece of jewelry ," a " pendent " ( sic ) of polished yellow gold ( circle ) and florentined white gold ( triangle ), with a stone of brilliant white fabulite — an artificial gem " developed by the laser industry and used in space mechanisms for its optical qualities ," and thus well-suited as a gift for an actor in a science fiction show.
# The circle can be moved back in the line of the previous end if there is not room to play a 10 metre end.
# Five-pointed star is inscribed into a circle with a diameter ofof the flag height, the circle is tangent to the upper side of the square.
# U is a normal matrix with eigenvalues lying on the unit circle.
# After deviating from the original course by about 240 degrees ( about 2 / 3 of a complete circle ), back the engines 2 / 3 or full.
# REDIRECT nine-point circle.
# REDIRECT Circumscribed circle
# Full circle: Unexposed
# Half circle: Partly exposed
# REDIRECT Crop circle
# REDIRECT squaring the circle
# REDIRECT Circumscribed circle
An example of the reverse side of a typical credit card: Green circle # 1 labels the Magnetic stripe # Financial cards | Magnetic stripe
# While keeping both " numbers " intact, place the " 6 " over the " 9 ", with the circle parts of each number lining up.

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