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railroad and president
If the railroads, for example, regularly slaughtered 25,000 passengers each year, the high priests of the cult would have cause to tremble for their personal safety, for such a holocaust would excite demands for the hanging of every railroad president in the United States.
Many of these were part of the corruption indulged in by Scott and the Pennsylvania's president, J. Edgar Thomson, which consisted of inside trading in companies that the railroad did business with, or payoffs made by contracting parties " as part of a quid pro quo ", as biographer David Nasaw writes.
He was to install a series of respected men such as John Adams Dix as president of the railroad.
In the 1870s railroad president Conrad Poppenhusen and his successor Austin Corbin acquired all the railroads and consolidated them into the LIRR.
Ogden was a good choice for the first president, but his railroad experience was most likely not the primary reason he was chosen ; Ogden was a clever man who had many political connections.
These were not the first presidents to come to Elko County: William McKinley visited in 1901 ; Herbert Hoover made his final campaign broadcast as president from a railroad car in Elko in 1932 ; President Roosevelt spoke in Carlin in 1938 during his whistle stop tour ; and Barack Obama visited while campaigning in 2008.
It was named after Charles E. Perkins, the president of a railroad.
Along the new railroad sprung up the new platted towns of Loveland and Berthoud, named respectively after the president and chief surveyor of the Colorado Central.
Wall Street financier Franklin Delano, uncle of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was president of the railroad at the time.
McClellan resigned his commission January 16, 1857, and, capitalizing on his experience with railroad assessment, became chief engineer and vice president of the Illinois Central Railroad and also president of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad in 1860.
The name was changed to Baldwin in honor of Dr. Abel Seymour Baldwin, the president of the Florida, Atlantic and Gulf Central Railroad, a railroad that ran from Lake City to Jacksonville.
During the early days, many famous residents have lived in the Grovetown area: Hayne, the literary figure ; Stewart Phinizy and James Tobin, cotton brokers ; Charles Phinizy, banker and railroad president ; Dr. H. H.
The Village of Golf supposedly received its name because there was a railroad siding at that location where the private car of the president of Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Rail Road ( The Milwaukee Road ) would be placed so that he could play golf at the private Glen View Club, just east of the siding.
Medaryville was one of the few towns along the new railroad that was not laid out by James Brooks, president of the line.
The town was named for Alden H. Speare, railroad director and president of the town company.
When the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway railroad was built through the area, a town company for Reading was organized with James Fagan as president of it.
The community was named for James Dudley Hawks, then president of the Detroit and Mackinac Railway, after the railroad established a station there in 1895.
Henry Hastings Sibley and railroad president E. F. Drake, the new city was incorporated in April 1871.
The president of the railroad was Charles E. Kearney ( although there is speculation that it was named after Kearney, Nebraska ).
Townsend was named by railroad officials, in honor of the wife of Charles Barstow Wright, president of the Northern Pacific ( 1875 – 1879 ).
The village is named after E. H. Harriman, former president of the Union Pacific railroad.
The most prominent were William K. Vanderbilt, grandson of railroad magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt ; Frederick G. Bourne, president of the Singer Sewing Machine Co., and Christopher Robert II, an eccentric heir to a sugar fortune.
The source of the new name was apparently taken in honor of one of its financial backers, Marsden J. Perry of New York, who eventually served as president of the railroad.

railroad and made
Hearst hopped into a private railroad car with Max Ihmsen and made an arduous personal canvass for delegates in the western and southern states, always wearing a frock coat, listening intently to local politicians, and generally making a good impression.
The statement was also made that undoubtedly the railroad had received some compensating benefit from the telegraphers, but that it was difficult to imagine what could balance a job for life.
Throughout his later career, he made use of his close connection to Thomson and Scott as he established businesses that supplied rails and bridges to the railroad, offering the two men a stake in his enterprises.
The city's significance as a shipping port made it a desirable prize as a means of controlling important river and railroad transportation routes.
The existence of the railroad made speculation about a Panamanian canal feasible.
They also hoped, after peace was made with Mexico, to run a railroad to the Gulf of California to give " access to the East Indian, Peruvian and Chilean trade.
Rice made his fortune in real estate, railroad development and cotton trading in the state of Texas.
The type of slide called a steel which gives the technique its name was probably originally made of steel, or the name may come from the legend that the first steel was a railroad track.
" I have never approved of the very public manner in which some of our western friends have conducted what they call the underground railroad, but which I think, by their open declarations, has been made most emphatically the upperground railroad.
They discovered a way across the Sierras that was gradual enough to be made suitable ( with much work ) for a railroad.
As Washington rode in the late financier's private railroad car, " Dixie ", he stopped and made speeches at many locations, where his companions later recounted that he had been warmly welcomed by both black and white citizens at each stop.
Fusees made specifically for railroad use can be distinguished from highway fusees by a sharp steel spike at one end, used to embed the fusee upright in a wooden railroad tie.
President Cleveland sent federal troops to Illinois to end the Pullman strike — workers at the Pullman Palace Car Company, which made railroad cars, had struck after wages were cut.
The wood is also made into railroad ties, mine timbers, house logs, posts and poles, flooring, pulp, and furniture.
( A physical connection between Omaha, Nebraska and the statutory Eastern terminus of the Pacific road at Council Bluffs, Iowa located immediately across the Missouri River was also not finally established until the opening of UPRR railroad bridge across the river on March 25, 1873, prior to which transfers were made by ferry operated by the Council Bluffs & Nebraska Ferry Company.
Her father was a railroad executive whose investments in streetcar lines and real estate made the family wealthy.
The presence of the railroad also made Roanoke attractive to manufacturers.
Under the administration of Díaz Ordaz's predecessor in 1958, labor leader Demetrio Vallejo attempted to organize independent railroad unions, which the Mexican government quickly ended, arresting Vallejo under a violation of Article 145 of the Penal Code that made “ social dissolution ” a crime.
* William Mahone, 19th century railroad builder, Confederate General ( hero of the Battle of the Crater ), and politician was the mayor of Petersburg, where he and his wife Otelia Butler Mahone made their home for many years.
George Bissell, a Yale University Chemistry professor, and Edwin L. Drake, a former railroad conductor, made the first successful use of a drilling rig on August 28, 1859 near Titusville, Pennsylvania.
Plant's railroad made it much easier to get goods in and out of the Tampa Bay area.

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