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# and ratio
# The carbon-hydrogen ratio is high.
# They burn with a sooty yellow flame because of the high carbon-hydrogen ratio.
How Gerrymandering can influence electoral results on a Voting system # Nonproportional and semiproportional methods | non-proportional system. Example for a state with 3 equally sized districts, 15 voters and 2 parties: Plum ( squares ) and Orange ( circles ). In ( a ), creating 3 mixed-type districts yields a 3 – 0 win to Plum — a disproportional result considering the state-wide 9: 6 Plum majority. In ( b ), Orange wins the urban district while Plum wins the rural districts — the 2-1 result reflects the state-wide vote ratio. In ( c ), gerrymandering techniques ensure a 2-1 win to the state-wide minority Orange party.
# For a given orbit, the ratio of the cube of its semi-major axis to the square of its period is constant.
Jerrum, Valiant, and Vazirani showed that every # P-complete problem either has an FPRAS, or is essentially impossible to approximate ; if there is any polynomial-time algorithm which consistently produces an approximation of a # P-complete problem which is within a polynomial ratio in the size of the input of the exact answer, then that algorithm can be used to construct an FPRAS.
# The thrust to mass ratio of the ramjet, which is: A
# Ratios of vectors along a line ; i. e., for distinct collinear points the ratio of and is the same as that of and.
# REDIRECT Golden ratio
# The ratio of the channel noise at any point in a transmission system to an arbitrary level chosen as a reference.
# In asynchronous data transmission, the ratio of ( a ) the absolute value of the maximum measured difference between the actual and theoretical intervals separating any significant instant of modulation ( or demodulation ) from the significant instant of the start element immediately preceding it to ( b ) the unit interval.
# The ratio of power gain between the front and rear of a directional antenna.
# At a discontinuity or impedance mismatch, e. g. in a transmission line, the ratio of the incident power to the reflected power.
# The ratio of ( a ) the power of original modulating audio signal, i. e., from a modulated radio frequency carrier to ( b ) the residual audio power, i. e., noise-plus-distortion powers remaining after the original modulating audio signal is removed.
# redirect standing wave ratio
# Partition Coefficient ( K < sub > D </ sub >) ( chemistry )-The ratio of concentrations of a compound in two phases of a mixture of two immiscible solvents at equilibrium.
# Calculate the acceptance ratio.
# REDIRECT Monetae cudendae ratio
# The ratio of width to length of the flag is 1: 2.
# REDIRECT Signal-to-noise ratio
# REDIRECT Power-to-weight ratio
# The maternal mortality ratio, the number of maternal deaths per 100, 000 live births in same time period.
# The standardised mortality ratio ( SMR )- This represents a proportional comparison to the numbers of deaths that would have been expected if the population had been of a standard composition in terms of age, gender, etc.
# Redirect power-to-weight ratio

# and total
# A portion of the total perceptual field gradually becomes differentiated as the self.
# Cornerback Larry Brown – Super Bowl XXX – Brown became the first cornerback to be named Super Bowl MVP, recording two interceptions for a total of 77 return yards.
The port of Hamburg is the largest sea-harbour in Germany and ranks # 2 in Europe, # 7 worldwide ( 2004 ), in total container traffic.
# Île à Vache ( Island of Cows ) is a small and lush island located off southwestern de l ' Ile d ' Haiti with a total area is 52 km².
# A kernel where the total amount of kernel code, i. e. code executing in the privileged mode of the hardware, is very small.
( The list calculates appearances by issue only, not by individual articles or overall page count ; e. g. although Jacobs wrote three separate articles that appeared in issue # 172, his total is reckoned to have increased by one.
# Minimisation operator: Given a ( k + 1 )- ary total function:
Sosa wore the iconic # 21 with the Cubs in honor of his childhood idol Roberto Clemente Also in 1998, Sosa's 416 total bases were the most in a single season since Stan Musial's 429 in.
# Hydrocarbon generation and migration with the presence of: a ) numerous DHIs on seismic, including gas chimneys, flat spots, bright spots, phase changes and chemosynthetic reefs ; b ) gas sniffer anomalies, involving ethane / iso-butane in the southeast and propane / normal butane / total hydrocarbon in the north and northeast ; c ) UV fluorescence anomalies, especially over the wells and in the southeast ; and d ) 4 types of beach-stranded tar that correlate to the local source rock stratigraphy.
# Proportionate allocation uses a sampling fraction in each of the strata that is proportional to that of the total population.
# The sphere has the smallest total mean curvature among all convex solids with a given surface area.
# Absorption: oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide can diffuse into the epidermis in small amounts ; some animals use their skin as their sole respiration organ ( in humans, the cells comprising the outermost 0. 25 – 0. 40 mm of the skin are " almost exclusively supplied by external oxygen ", although the " contribution to total respiration is negligible ")
# The output is in nondecreasing order ( each element is no smaller than the previous element according to the desired total order );
# Since usability is related to the specific set of users, such a small sample size is unlikely to be representative of the total population so the data from such a small sample is more likely to reflect the sample group than the population they may represent
The National Science Foundation ( NSF ) has ranked Johns Hopkins # 1 among U. S. academic institutions in total science, medical and engineering research and development spending for 31 consecutive years.
# Kyivskyi Raion, is the largest by area, comprising 5437 hectares, or 52. 8 % of the city total situated in the north and north-west.
It earned a total of $ 51. 7 million over the four-day weekend and placed # 1 at the box office, a position it maintained for two weeks.
# The total usable power gain of a carrier terminal or two-wire repeater.
# The measured total noise per bandwidth unit at the input or output of a device when the signal is not present.
# Human welfare is best served by improving the quality and flow of desired services delivered, rather than by merely increasing the total dollar flow.
# The opportunity for anyone to live within a total environment of their choice, with mandatory adherence to the aesthetic and behavioral standards of same — " Privately owned, operated and controlled environments as an alternative to homogenized and polyglot ones.
# A total break results in the recovery of the signing key.
# Adams, L., Harboe Sorensen, R., Holmes Siedle, A. G., Ward, A. K. and Bull, R. ( 1991 ), " Measurement of SEU and total dose in geostationary orbit under normal and solar flare conditions ," IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, NS 38 ( 6 ), pp. 1686 – 92 ( Dec 1991 )

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