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ratio and perimeter
Still, Burnaby's ratio of park land to residents is one of the highest in North America, and it maintains some agricultural land, particularly along the Fraser foreshore flats in the Big Bend neighbourhood along its southern perimeter.
Breeding sora density was significantly ( p < 0. 001 ) correlated ( r = 0. 62 ) with the perimeter: area ratio of northwestern Iowa marshes.
For a given closed curve, the isoperimetric quotient is defined as the ratio of its area and that of the circle having the same perimeter.
** proposes using the symbol π ( the Greek letter pi, as an abbreviation for perimeter ) to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.
An equidiagonal quadrilateral | equidiagonal kite ( geometry ) | kite that maximizes the ratio of perimeter to diameter, inscribed in a Reuleaux triangle
* Among all quadrilaterals, the shape that has the greatest ratio of its perimeter to its diameter is an equidiagonal kite that can be inscribed into a Reuleaux triangle.
Archimedes was also a famous mathematician who proved that the ratio of a circle's perimeter to its diameter is the same as the ratio of the circle's area to the square of the radius ( we nowadays call this ratio π ).
Federal Prison Camps ( FPCs ), the BOP minimum security facilities, a lack of or a limited amount of perimeter fencing, and a relatively low staff to inmate ratio.
The length is the ratio of the plate surface area to perimeter.
The area of a sector in terms of can be obtained by multiplying the total area by the ratio of to the total perimeter.
HD features include full perimeter steel frame ( there is debate as to whether the 9C1 Caprice uses a thicker frame than the civilian car ; GM replacement frame part numbers for the civilian auto and the 9C1 Caprice are the same ); oversized front and rear sway bars ; full-size spare tire ( in the case of the last-generation 1994-96 Caprice Classic police car ); high-output alternator ; lifetime-rated green silicone coolant hoses ; four-wheel disc brakes ; HD steel wheels and speed-rated tires ; quick-ratio power steering and transmission and power steering oil coolers ; certified digital speedometer ; stiffer body mounts and more of them ; true dual exhaust ; anti-stab steel plates in the front seat backs ; performance 3. 08 final drive ratio ( 3. 23 w / std.

ratio and height
The aspect ratio is the ratio of the width of a shape to its height when the width is larger than the height, i. e. the shape is positioned as a " landscape " rather than " portrait ".
** Photolithography: the aspect ratio of an etched, or deposited structure is the ratio of the height of its vertical side wall to its width.
where is the difference in density of particles separated by a height difference of, is Boltzmann's constant ( namely, the ratio of the universal gas constant,, to Avogadro's number, ), and is the absolute temperature.
It is sometimes called the feminine order because it is on the top level of the Colosseum and holding up the least weight, and also has the slenderest ratio of thickness to height.
The height of columns are calculated in terms of a ratio between the diameter of the shaft at its base and the height of the column.
The area, height and width of displays with identical diagonal measurements vary dependent on aspect ratio.
Digital television supports many different picture formats defined by the broadcast television systems which are a combination of size, aspect ratio ( width to height ratio ).
For any source material of specific composition, the main variables that affect the purity of products in continuous distillation are the reflux ratio and the number of theoretical equilibrium stages ( practically, the number of trays or the height of packing ).
A typical result is the 1: 3 ratio between the volume of a cone and a cylinder with the same height and base.
For example, when you measure the height of a mountain you really measure the ratio of its height to the length of a meter stick.
The Aspect ratio is the ratio of the width to the height ( for example, 4: 3, 5: 4, 16: 9 or 16: 10 ).
For the first several decades of television broadcasting, sets displayed images with a 4: 3 aspect ratio in which the width is 1. 33 times the height — similar to most theatrical films prior to 1960.
Although the aspect ratio was the height of a television screen, these formats might be twice as wide as a TV screen when televised.
To present a widescreen movie on such a television requires one of two techniques to accommodate this difference: One is " letterboxing ", which preserves the original theatrical aspect ratio, but is not as tall as a standard television screen, leaving black bars at the top and bottom of the screen ; the other more common technique is to " pan and scan ", filling the full height of the screen, but cropping it horizontally.
In the 1990s ( before Blu-ray Disc or HDTV ), when so-called " Sixteen-By-Nine " or " Widescreen " televisions offered a wider 16: 9 aspect ratio ( 1. 78 times the height instead of 1. 33 ), they allowed films made at 1. 66: 1 and 1. 85: 1 to fill most or all of the screen, with only small letterboxing or cropping required.
If the producers chose to reformat the entire show for the 16: 9 ratio, live-action footage would have to be recropped, widening the frame to the full width of the 35 mm negatives while reducing its height.

ratio and 1760
The colony's slaves, who outnumbered their white masters by a ratio of 20: 1 in 1800, mounted over a dozen major slave conspiracies ( the majority of which were organized by Coromantins ), and uprisings during the 18th century, including Tacky's revolt in 1760.

ratio and /
The fraction of exchange was determined as the ratio of the counts / minute observed in the carbon tetrachloride to the counts / minute calculated for the carbon tetrachloride fractions for equilibrium distribution of the activity between the chlorine and carbon tetrachloride, empirically determined correction being made for the difference in counting efficiency of Af in Af and Af.
The gallium / germanium ratio is higher than that for ordinary igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary matter as a result of selective volatilization of the components of the tektite.
By varying the formula, this curve may be moved forward or backward along the coordinates to produce any desired compression strength / density ratio.
" The small-angle formula can be used to convert such an angular measurement into a distance / size ratio.
The analytical figure of merit is known as the signal-to-noise ratio ( S / N or SNR ).
The female to male ratio in Ajmer was 950 / 1000.
Trans., 1830, 3, p. 1 ) is fulfilled in all systems which are symmetrical with respect to their diaphragm ( briefly named symmetrical or holosymmetrical objectives ), or which consist of two like, but different-sized, components, placed from the diaphragm in the ratio of their size, and presenting the same curvature to it ( hemisymmetrical objectives ); in these systems tan w ' / tan w
In transition regions, where this pressure dependent dissociation is incomplete, both the differential, constant pressure heat capacity and beta ( the volume / pressure differential ratio ) will greatly increase.
Another Cochrane review in 2009, of bipolar disorder, found the efficacy and risk / benefit ratio better for the traditional mood stabilizer lithium than for the antipsychotic Olanzapine as a first line maintenance treatment.
The market prices for privately held companies are typically viewed from a return on investment perspective ( such as 25 %), whilst publicly held and or exchange listed companies trade on a Price to earnings ratio ( P / E ) ( such as a P / E of 10, which equates to a 10 % ROI ).
Thus for an ion which traverses a 1 m flight path, across a time of 2000 ns, given an initial accelerating voltage of 5000 V and noting that one amu is 1 × 10 < sup >− 27 </ sup > kg, the mass-to-charge ratio ( more correctly the mass-to-ionisation value ratio ) becomes Z amu / charge.
* BB / K — Walk-to-strikeout ratio: number of bases on balls divided by number of strikeouts
* GO / AO — Ground ball fly ball ratio: number of ground ball outs divided by number of fly ball outs
* G / F — Ground ball fly ball ratio: ground balls allowed divided by fly balls allowed
* K / BB — Strikeout-to-walk ratio: number of strikeouts divided by number of base on balls
Variations in < sup > 53 </ sup > Cr /< sup > 52 </ sup > Cr and Mn / Cr ratios from several meteorites indicate an initial < sup > 53 </ sup > Mn /< sup > 55 </ sup > Mn ratio that suggests Mn-Cr isotopic composition must result from in-situ decay of < sup > 53 </ sup > Mn in differentiated planetary bodies.
where r = radius of gyration of cross-section which is equal to the square root of ( I / A ), K = ratio of the longest half sine wave to the actual column length, and KL
When U and V are two independent normally distributed random variables with expected value 0 and variance 1, then the ratio U / V has the standard Cauchy distribution.
The actual ratio of membership dues among the total amount is less than 1 / 11.
The idea, illustrated by Figures 1-3, is to compute the rate of change as the limiting value of the ratio of the differences Δy / Δx as Δx becomes infinitely small.
Thus a representation that compresses a 10MB file to 2MB has a compression ratio of 2 / 10
For example, uncompressed songs in CD format have a data rate of 16 bits / channel x 2 channels x 44. 1 kHz ≅ 1. 4 Mbit / s, whereas AAC files on an iPod are typically compressed to 128 kbit / s, yielding a compression ratio of 0. 09, for a data-rate savings of 0. 91, or 91 %.

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