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rationalistic and method
A worldview of free will leads to disciplines that are governed by simple laws that remain constant and are static and empirical in scientific method, while a worldview of determinism generates disciplines that are governed with generative systems and rationalistic in scientific method.

rationalistic and by
The story itself portrays the education of mankind, progressing from chaos through religious superstition to rationalistic enlightenment, by means of trial ( Tamino ) and error ( Papageno ), ultimately to make " the Earth a heavenly kingdom, and mortals like the gods ".
However, he soon again began to express rationalistic and skeptical views ; he expressed doubts whether biblical law was divinely sanctioned or whether it was simply written down by Moses.
In that year he produced a reply ( Beantwortung der Fragmente eines Ungenannten ) to the Wolfenbuttel Fragments ( see Reimarus ) and to KF Bahrdt's confession of faith, a step which was interpreted by the extreme rationalists as a revocation of his own rationalistic position.
Buddhist bioethics, in general, is characterised by a naturalistic outlook that leads to a rationalistic, pragmatic approach.
Tiruvalluvar, whose social and religious identity is only theorised by scholars presents a philosophy that is rationalistic, secular and universal.
The Spectator, which gradually became a prosperous property, was an outlet for his views, particularly on literary, religious and philosophical subjects, in opposition to the agnostic and rationalistic opinions then current in intellectual circles, as popularized by T. H. Huxley.
The Trinitarian Bible Society would fit in this division ; but " the Trinitarian Bible Society does not believe the Authorized Version to be a perfect translation, only that it is the best available translation in the English language ," and " the Society believes this text is superior to the texts used by the United Bible Societies and other Bible publishers, which texts have as their basis a relatively few seriously defective manuscripts from the 4th century and which have been compiled using 20th century rationalistic principles of scholarship.
Allison created an entire model of decision-making, which he called the " Organizational Process Model ," based on such issues as those covered by Tuchman, a model which directly countered game theory and other rationalistic means of explaining events.
Antias gave a rationalistic account about the discovery of the coffins with the books of king Numa, because he had the coffins uncovered by rain and not by excavation like in the older tradition.
He began by distinguishing between two views of human reason, a speculative / rationalistic / utopian and an empirical / evolutionary / institutional one, which was “ particularly conspicuous ” in their different assumptions about human nature.
Thus, Young England was inspired by the same reaction to individualistic and rationalistic Radicalism that engendered the Oxford Movement, the Evangelical movement, and the Social Toryism of Robert Peel and Lord Ashley.
Another shortcoming is his rationalistic attitude toward the narratives in Talmudic sources, which leads him to see in many of the Talmudic authors shrewd impostors who played on the credulity of their contemporaries by feigning miracles ( see his presentation of Eliezer ben Hyrcanus in his Allgemeine Geschischte, ii.
In addition, he defended French theologian Peter Abelard after the latter ’ s rationalistic Trinitarian interpretation had been condemned by the Council of Sens.
Nevin characterized his critics as pseudo-Protestants, urged ( with Dr. Charles Hodge, and against the Presbyterian General Assembly ) the validity of Roman Catholic baptism, and defended the doctrine of the " spiritual real presence " of Christ in the Lord's Supper, notably in The Mystical Presence: a Vindication of the Reformed or Calvinistic Doctrine of the Holy Eucharist ( 1846 ); to this the reply from the point of view of rationalistic puritanism was made by Charles Hodge in the Princeton Review of 1848.
This attitude of moderation was enabled in large measure by the rise of pietism, which stressed a more emotional, less rationalistic approach to the teachings of the Bible, thus disinclining scholars and pastors toward technicalities or polemics.

rationalistic and new
The novel was not only the presenter of the new, secular, rationalistic, private world of the middle class.
Ben Adret, while reluctant to interfere in the affairs of other congregations, was in perfect accord with Abba Mari as to the danger of the new rationalistic systems, and advised him to organize the conservative forces in defense of the Law.

rationalistic and school
Though a son of the rationalistic era which produced two of its most intense partisans, Peter Beer and Herz Homberg in his native city, Frankel developed, partly through opposition to shallow rationalism and partly through the romantic environments of the ancient city of Prague, that love and sympathy for the past that made him the typical expounder of the historical school which was known as the " Breslau school.
Though he quotes Saadia Gaon's works frequently, he belongs not to the rationalistic school of the Mu ' tazili that Saadia followed but, like his somewhat younger contemporary Solomon ibn Gabirol ( 1021 – 1070 ), is an adherent of Neoplatonic mysticism.
Henke belonged to the rationalistic school.
Their school of theology, which grew more liberal and even rationalistic, forcefully debated the official Dutch Reformed state church and other Christian denominations.

rationalistic and including
Lixue was a philosophical position of a small group of twelfth-century neo-Confucianists ( including Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi, and Zhu Xi ); Feng's book took certain metaphysical notions from their thought and from taoism ( such as li and tao ), analysed and developed them in ways that owed much to the Western philosophical tradition, and produced a rationalistic neo-Confucian metaphysics.

rationalistic and ben
bar-Hiyya's philosophical works, are (" Meditation of the Soul "), an ethical work written from a rationalistic religious viewpoint, and an apologetic epistle addressed to Judah ben Barzilai al-Barzeloni.

rationalistic and ;
In Stunden der Andacht ( Hours of Devotion, 1809 – 1816 ; 27 editions in Zschokke's lifetime ), which was widely read, he expounded in a rationalistic spirit the fundamental principles of religion and morality.
His father, Jacques-François Deluc, was the author of some publications in refutation of Mandeville and other rationalistic writers, which are best known through Rousseau's humorous account of his ennui in reading them ; and he gave his son an excellent education, chiefly in mathematics and natural science.
In this context, however, we can also regard Hiwi, while flawed, as the very first critical biblical commentator ; zealous rationalistic views of Hiwi parallel those of Ibn al-Rawandi.
After his commentaries ( on Romans, the Gospel of John, the Sermon on the Mount and the Epistle to the Hebrews ) and several volumes of sermons, his best-known books are Stunden christlicher Andacht ( 1839 ; 8th ed., 1870 ), intended to take the place of J H D Zschokke's standard rationalistic work with the same title, and his reply to David Strauss's Life of Jesus ( Glaubwürdigkeit der evangelischen Geschichte, 1837 ).
Theories with an academic basis which support this thinking have been popular, in the sense of receiving much attention ; without ever being able to support claims of reliability acceptable to more rationalistic perspectives.

rationalistic and for
Thucydides largely eliminated divine causality in his account of the war between Athens and Sparta, establishing a rationalistic element which set a precedent for subsequent Western historical writings.
There is absolutely no rationalistic explanation for the Holocaust except for the fact that it was a Divine decree ... why it happened is above human comprehension – but it is definitely not because of punishment for sin.
His attitude towards the myths, which he claims to have preserved in their simple form ( hence probably his nickname, Old Ragwoman, or " collector of old wives ' tales ", an allusion to his fondness for trivial details ), is preferable to the rationalistic interpretation under which it had become the fashion to disguise them.
She is an interesting political theorist who highlights the corruption of human world from rationalistic feature ( as discussed in Ritzer's book ) in her reporting of the Eichmann trial for The New Yorker Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil.
John Shook has said, " Chauncey Wright also deserves considerable credit, for as both Peirce and James recall, it was Wright who demanded a phenomenalist and fallibilist empiricism as a vital alternative to rationalistic speculation.
According to Frawley, " Sitaram followed a strong rationalistic point of view that did not compromise the truth even for politeness sake.
Although Wang's rationalistic philosophy and criticism of so-called New Text Confucianism were largely ignored during his lifetime, the prominent official and later scholar Cai Yong ( 132 – 192 ) wrote of his admiration for Wang's written works.
However, since his father loved only his brother and not him, he developed a lack of feeling, which made the " sinful world " intolerable for his passions, and he consequently fixed himself to a rationalistic way of thinking.

rationalistic and preached
Some considered that the EPC were reacting in a rationalistic way from their previous free will ( Arminian ) theology, and that they preached the Bible according to the doctrine rather than the doctrine to the Bible.

rationalistic and works
It is thought that Saadia closely followed the rules of the Mutazilites-the rationalistic dogmatists of Islam-in the structure of the work, as well as, in part, basing his thesis and arguments on their works.
His works depict a rationalistic outlook, which views religious values as something that allow the powerful hypocrites to exploit the weak.
He was a rationalist, conveying the works of Maimonides and his approach to rationalistic Judaism.

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