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from Brown Corpus
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reader and will
The best gifts of the novelist will be wasted on the reader who is insulated against any surprises the novelist may have in store for him.
The goal will be to provide the reader with an integrated rationale to aid him in applying roleplaying techniques in this unique training area.
In the written language then can be underlined or italicized to guide the reader here, but much of the time the written language simply depends on the reader's alertness, and a careless reader will have to back up and reread.
Even a hasty reader will easily find in it numerous blind spots, errors of fact and argument, important exclusions, areas of ignorance and prejudice, undue emphases on trivia, examples of broad positions supported by flimsy evidence, and the like.
Much of its shock value derives from the fact that the first portion of the essay describes the plight of starving beggars in Ireland, so that the reader is unprepared for the surprise of Swift's solution when he states, " A young healthy child well nursed, is, at a year old, a most delicious nourishing and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled ; and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricassee, or a ragoust.
If the page's creator and reader are both assuming some platform-specific character encoding, and the server does not send any identifying information, then the reader will nonetheless see the page as the creator intended, but other readers on different platforms or with different native languages will not see the page as intended.
::" We have no idea how consciousness emerges from the physical activity of the brain and we do not know whether consciousness can emerge from non-biological systems, such as computers ... At this point the reader will expect to find a careful and precise definition of consciousness.
An interesting map will no doubt engage a reader.
In order to convey the message of the map, the creator must design it in a manner which will aid the reader in the overall understanding of its purpose.
Adams responded on May 18, 1998, with a comic strip called Pippy the Ziphead, " cramming as much artwork in as possible so no one will notice there's only one joke ... it's on the reader.
By now the reader will have guessed that this process can be iterated.
The reader will only need to reread to get a " gist " of the text to spark their memory.
Never commercial enterprises, most science fiction fanzines were ( and many still are ) available for " the usual ," meaning that a sample issue will be mailed on request ; to receive further issues, a reader sends a " letter of comment " ( LoC ) about the fanzine to the editor.
Very nearly every reader will agree, no doubt, that a more disciplined and less prodigal piece of work would have more nearly done justice to the subject-matter.
If the reader evaluates an expression but does not follow the correct order of operation, the reader will come forth with a different value.
The reader will arrive at the correct value for the expression if and only if each operation is carried out in the proper order.
He invites the reader to consider a case in which someone decides that each time she has a particular sensation she will place a sign S in a diary.
Nevertheless, theorems are usually expressed in natural language rather than in a completely symbolic form, with the intention that the reader will be able to produce a formal statement from the informal one.
After Griffith criticized Scott Adams ' comic Dilbert, Adams responded on May 18, 1998, with a comic strip called Pippy the Ziphead, " cramming as much artwork in as possible so no one will notice there's only one joke ... it's on the reader.

reader and find
The average reader of this magazine owns more than one gun ( we ran a survey to find out ) but he's always on the lookout for new and better arms.
In the East abbots, if in priests ' orders and with the consent of the bishop, were, as we have seen, permitted by the second Nicene council, AD 787, to confer the tonsure and admit to the order of reader ; but gradually abbots, in the West also, advanced higher claims, until we find them in AD 1489 permitted by Innocent IV to confer both the subdiaconate and diaconate.
Even though the author of the book states that Ruth " just happens " to find Boaz's field ( Ruth 2: 3 ), the reader may be led to accede to the notion that in Bible terms there is no mere chance, but that chance and God's providence amount to the same thing.
He says that he has acquired shida we-shidot, an ambiguous phrase that may refer to a harem ( shdh or " breasts "); he describes how he could not find a virtuous woman ; and he exhorts the reader to enjoy ( re ' a ) life with his wife.
Elsewhere the reader may find further discussion of design methods for practical FIR filter design.
The reader is required to find the value of 2 < sup > 2 </ sup > before going any further.
Shaoshi, the peak where Shaolin Temple is located on Mount Song, means " little hall " and thus the name of the peak becomes a play on words for the six gates or doors by which the reader may enter the little hall on Mount Song and find enlightenment.
' I cannot find words to convey to the reader the pain I felt in seeing those dear children taught to utter such words to amuse ears grown callous to their ghastly meaning .... How Mr. Gilbert could have stooped to write, or Sir Arthur Sullivan could have prostituted his noble art to set to music, such vile trash, it passes my skill to understand ".
It is in fact jarring to find the champion of American prose Realism, William Dean Howells, introducing Pastels in Prose ( 1890 ), a volume of French prose-poems translated by Stuart Merrill and containing a Paul Margueritte pantomime, The Death of Pierrot, with words of warm praise ( and even congratulations to each poet for failing “ to saddle his reader with a moral ”).
It is most commonly used to refer to a paragraph in an HTML page, allowing the reader to find where that particular idea or statistic was sourced.
Miller told Tormé to pick up every song by Mercer and study it and to become a voracious reader of anything he could find, because " all good lyric writers are great readers.
An important variation on the whodunit is the inverted detective story ( also referred to as a " howcatchem " or " howdunnit ") win which the guilty party and the crime are openly revealed to the reader / audience and the story follows the investigator's efforts to find out the truth while the criminal attempts to prevent it.
The speaker believes that the king's sole intended meaning of " despair " was that nobody could hope to equal his achievements, but the traveler seems to find another meaning — that the reader might " despair " to find that all beings are mortal, that king and peasant alike inevitably share oblivion in the sands of time.
Reading the Kuttner ( and Moore ) novel, readers are bound to find similarities in theme and in specific instances: some character names are common to both works, and they share the fantasy literary device of moving a present day, realistic character from the familiar world into a fantastical, alternate reality world, exposing the character to this shift as the reader experiences it.
Călinescu criticizes Întoarcerea din rai, describing its dialog sequences as " awkward ", its narrative as " void ", and its artistic interest as " non-existent ", proposing that the reader could however find it relevant as the " document of a mentality ".
Sometimes a note tells the reader in which zone ( s ) of the drawing to find the view or section.
Lastly, the reader must find out what problems the author is trying to solve.
Once that is done, Adler says that the reader should find and work to understand each proposition that the author advances, as well as the author's support for those propositions.
He has special rules that direct the reader to recognize the passages which demand an allegorical interpretation, and which help the initiated to find the correct and intended meaning.
The series aims to be portable and allow the reader to find what they are looking for quickly.
* Another elegant variation nuisance can happen with dates: e. g. replacing " 1947 [...] 1963 " by " 1947 [...] sixteen years later ", forcing the reader to ferret back through the text for the previous date, and then do arithmetic to find the date.

reader and helpful
Bud's knowledge of science and engineering is rudimentary, prompting many an explanation by Tom ( and thus helpful exposition for the reader ).
Reference counting can be used to let the reader perform removal so, even if the same thread performs both the update step ( step ( 2 ) above ) and the reclamation step ( step ( 4 ) above ), it is often helpful to think of them separately.
* Screen reader software, which can read out, using synthesized speech, either selected elements of what is being displayed on the monitor ( helpful for users with reading or learning difficulties ), or which can read out everything that is happening on the computer ( used by blind and vision impaired users ).
Travel writing is often associated with tourism, and includes works of an ephemeral nature such as guide books and reviews, with the intent being to educate the reader about the destination, provide helpful advice for those visiting the destination, and inspire readers to travel to the destination.
This is helpful because it gives the reader a clear outlook on the perspective of the reasoning of the person who did the original questioning.

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